Who Killed Andy?

Who Killed Andy?

By:  Magarinos   Ongoing
Language: English
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story with an intriguing mystery. It would be possible to be born a love in the middle of a tragedy

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5 Chapters
Part 1| Puerto Vallarta
John Martínez walked quietly through the streets of Puerto Vallarta. A tourist town on the peaceful coast of Mexico, this beautiful city is known for its lush beaches and the lust of nightlife. The man walked through the darkness of the night while everyone went out to have fun in the meeting points of the city, he wandered alone somewhat sad and thoughtful. Martinez is a businessman, who has great purchasing power, and just over a week ago he had divorced his wife, Emy. With the end of the relationship the woman left, taking the couple’s two small children with her. The man could not overcome the end of the marriage, staying at home literally was torture to his head. Every day since the breakup he goes for a walk at night, little did John know that that night would change his life forever. During long hours on the street, John was far away from his apartment, he was in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in his city. The place was made up of dark and gloomy alleys, and it was i
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Part 2 | Stranger
After the man escaped the commander returned to the scene of the crime, she had an expression of disappointment on her face. - What did they get? - She meant clues, evidence and anything that could lead her straight to the culprits. - Apparently, it was a revenge of the drug traffickers. It seems that the husband of the victim handed over the boss of the business in jail, and who suffered the consequences, was the poor wife, Andy. - A colleague of the police officer explained the case. - Oh that’s great. - Petter says in a dismal sigh. - We’re dealing with female killers. I want this boss in my hand. - She said with cold eyes, as if she were a ferocious animal ready to attack. - Understood. Oh, just one more thing. We found this. - The man delivers a plastic package to the woman, and inside the package there was a cell phone. - I’ll send it to forensics tomorrow. That’ll be useful. - The woman turns her back and enters the police car. While the case was being analyzed and the p
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Part 3 | Hanging out with the killer
- What do you say we finish this at home? - Petter suggested to the redheaded man in front of him. - Commander, I’d love to, but we’re upset, we drink a lot and.... - The woman put her finger in John’s mouth making him shut up. - Shh! Don’t say anything, just agree. I’m just offering you a glass of wine in my house, is there something wrong with that? - The woman said provocative, almost like a whisper in Martinez’s ear. - Okay. I think I can accept it. - He let himself be carried away by the woman’s proposal. The two finish their last drink at the bar and head to Petter’s car. During the way to her house the silence was predominant between them, but as soon as the car stopped in front of the house, the two entered through the access door to the room the silence that before took over, gave space for cracks of intense kisses and full of lust and desire.- I’m sorry, but I think I’m going to blame it on drinking and I hope you do too. - John pulls the woman closer, putting his hand
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Part 4 | Guilty or innocent?
After the overwhelming phone call from the police trust expert, the commander called in some co-workers, excluding John from her list. The locked doors she meticulously planned a plan to capture the infiltrator. It hurt like a stab in his chest, tearing his whole soul apart, but it was right, it was justice that needed to be done. After long hours of meeting the staff began to disperse around the police station, while the woman took her things and went towards the door, passing the redhead. - Hey baby, did something happen? You look down. - He worried. - Tired alone. Meet me in half an hour at my house, I want you to relax me. - She faked an excitement. The redhead agrees with the idea despite feeling a tense mood between them. When the clock set, John was already at Petter’s house, he rang the bell and waited for her to open the door. - Hi. - He said half backwards. -Between. - The brunette remained firm. The man enters the house, unaware that he was being lured into a trap. Bu
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Part 5 | New opportunity
- Now we have reached a point that I wanted. - The expert returns the image the moment the black car picks up the criminals and runs away. - Look at this man. - He points to a guy who was hooded. - No, that’s impossible. - The Commander was mesmerized by the scene she sees. - Gutiérrez. The victim’s husband. He escaped a little over two weeks from the security penitentiary in Puerto Vallarta. I think we have a culprit, don’t you, Commander Petter? - But in return for what he would kill his own companion? - Petter tried to put the pieces together. - Because it was her or him. And of course he wouldn’t want the drug kingpin to kill him, so he killed his wife to get rid of it. - He explained. - I can only thank you and congratulate you for the excellent work, without you we would condemn an innocent person. I’m going to issue a search warrant and seizure, I want the world police if I need them behind them, and I want these worms behind bars today. - She ordered with fury. - And Joh
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