My Alpha

My Alpha

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Ash just wants to feel love, as an omega, he never feels true love. So what happens when he meets a pureblood Alpha.Alex, a name which sends shiver in everyone spin, he usually doesn't trust anyone because of his past, he also has a limited number of friends. But what happens when he meets most beautiful and innocent omega, will he take a risk again. Will he protect the omega at any cost.This story mostly focus on Alpha and Omega dynamic and how society threat the ones whom they find weak and worthless.

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Ash sighed as he tied on his apron, washed his hands, and headed to the counter. Working at Ohm place at 20 years old was something he never really wanted. However, in order to pay for his college classes, he needed the money and his brother who is an Alpha who just happens to own the cafe gave him the job a year ago. Ohm had taken over the cafe when he was 18 and Ash was 19. The owner before was getting pretty old and when he retired he handed over the Cafe to Ohm just like that. And of course, Ohm changed the name as well. And the funny part is owner is non other than their own Grandfather.    Ash story is quite funny when he presented as an omega at the age of thirteen was when everything started to go downhill. His parents would ever show him affection and only talk to him when he was told to do something and same goes to his grandfather. Ash wanted to make his parents proud of him and he did everything he was asked
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    It was now 8 p.m. and Ohm closed the cafe early. Usually, the cafe would stay open until midnight but Ohm wanted to close it early so he could get Ash mind off of Seth. Ohm and Ash both drove their cars to the beginning of the woods. Both of them parked their cars and got out. They both walked over to each other and then turned their bodies so they were facing the woods.   "So I think we should check out the well," Ohm said with a grin.   Ash's eyes went wide and he shook his head. "Ohm we can't. That side of the woods is private territory."   Ohm still had that smug look on his face. "Come on Ash don't be a baby."   Ash closed his eyes. O
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It was the day of the run and Ash was standing alongside the other omega's. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the alpha's looking at the group along with some betas. Ash couldn't help his shaky hands as he waited for the event holder to start speaking. The run was held at the woods, the same one Ash and Ohm were on the other night. However, they couldn't get too far because this was the only day Alex territory was fenced off so no one could run into that part of the woods.   The run went like this: The omega's line up horizontally facing the woods. When they hear a gunshot, they race off into the woods turning into their wolf form. They would find a hiding spot and wait until they hear the last gunshot. When the second gunshot is heard, the betas will race off into the woods. Finally, when the last gunshot is heard it's time for the alphas to run into the woods. Alpha's would usually go for omega's while betas usually
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When Alex is sure that Ash is fully asleep, Alex closes his eyes and concentrates on the sound. He hears the growling get closer and Alex knows what he must do. He shifts back into his wolf form and starts to walk towards the cave entrance. When he gets there he sees the same wolf that had tackled Ash to the ground in the first place. The next thing that the other alpha wolf does surprise Alex. Seth turns into his human self. Seeing Seth shift back to his human side, Alex does the same.   "Where is he? Ash is mine." Seth growled as his claws came out and he showed his white canines.   "He's not yours and he never will be. Now leave." Alex growled back.   Seth laughed. "I know he's here. I can smell his delicious scent."   Alex grow and took a
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  The car ride was silent. They were now driving towards Alex place and Ash couldn't help but overthink like he usually did. What happens now? Are they fully mated now? Is Alex his Alpha? What if he's not good enough to be Alex mate and Alex gets tired of him. There were so many doubts running through his mind which only made him feel more insecure about himself. Ash didn't even know what to do, he's never been in a relationship before and now he's somebody's mate? Everything just happened way too fast. He knew he would have to tell his siblings soon if the texts he keeps getting on his phone form Kara and Ohm didn't stop. That's another thing that he had a question about. Would Alex let him go see his siblings? Would he still be able to work at the Cafe? Ash could feel a headache coming on and he squeezed his eyes shut. This was all too much and he didn't know how to deal with that.   Ash's eyes flung open when
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    When Ash woke up, he saw sunlight bursting through the windows and creeping through the blinds behind his closed eyelids. Ash groaned and slowly opened his eyes. When he looked around he saw that he wasn't in his bedroom anymore and when he felt a strong arm wrapped around his waist he started to freak out. He slowly turned his head and when he saw it was just Alex, the memories of last night came flooding to him. Ash sighed and closed his eyes once more. The next thing he felt was a kiss to his neck and when he opened up his eyes he saw Alex looking straight at him.   "Good morning gorgeous," Alex whispered.   "Morning," Ash replied.   Minutes passed with them laying in silence until Alex decided to get
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Stepping into the club made Ash nervous. He hated big crowds and he wasn't really the clubbing type. The scents of different alphas weren't helping him relax either. Not only that but his siblings are going to meet his new alpha and Ash just hoped Kara didn't say or do anything stupid. He also hoped that Ohm couldn't embarrass him by telling him stories about when they were kids. That was not a fun time. Ash was interrupted by his thoughts when he felt a hand intertwine with his. Ash looked to his left and saw Alex smiling at him while lifting up Ash's hand and kissing the back of it.   "Let me know if you see your siblings," Alex said and Ash nodded.   Walking towards the bar, Ash felt many eyes on him. He held on Alex's hand like is life depended on it. Alex looked over at Ash and how distressed his omega was and pulled him into a hug. Ash buried his head i
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Alex looked over to where Ash was looking and saw four people. One was a long black hair female with good style look him older who clearly was an alpha. And arm was wrapped around her by a man who is clearly his mate and he is also Alpha. Next to them was a boy who's a like a teenager's kid and was also an Alpha. He as holding hands with a pretty lady with brown shaggy hair and glasses. She was a beta. He saw the four of them make their way towards a table. Alex looked over at Ash and grabbed his hand gently as he led them to the table his siblings were at with their drinks in their free hands.   When they got to the table, every head at that table turned their way. He heard both Simon, Jessica and  Ohm gasp when they saw Alex with his hand connected with Ash. Ohm got up and pulled his brother into a hug. Soon everyone gave him a hug and they were now sitting down.  
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One minute they were talking and the next Alex wolf was tugging at him and whining. Ash was in trouble. "Bunny." Alex gasped and stood up from the table.   "Alex, what's wrong?" Ohm asked.   "Ash in trouble," Alex said and ran off towards the restroom with Ohm right on his heels.   When Alex opened the restroom door what he heard made him see red and also feel sick.   " stop."   "Stop lying. You're a slut. It's what omega is. You like this don't deny it."   "Please...Stop."   Alex heard enough. When he rounded the corner, he saw Ash pressed up against th
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They were almost towards the house when the scent got strong and filled the car. Alex looked over at Ash who glanced over at Alex with wide eyes before turning his head to look out the window in embarrassment. A scent this strong could only mean one thing. Ash was about to go into heat.   "Ash.," Alex said as they pulled up to the house.   "I know okay?" Ash said a little bitterly.   Alex sighed and got out of the car. He walked around and when he opened Ash door, he reached in, unbuckled Ash, and scooped him into his arms causing a small yelp from the omega. Alex laughed and started to head for the door.   "Alex I can walk," Ash said rolling his eyes.   "I'm sure you can darling," Alex replie
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