Across the Desk

Across the Desk

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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When Deanna finds out that she has to do one more thing to graduate she is taken by surprise. She has to go to the one professor she had a crush on years before and see if he will take her on as a TA. Max looks up to see the one student he wanted in the five years he had been teaching standing there asking for a job. After his internal debate he accepts but he finds he has certain conditions. Everything around the two starts to fall apart as they grow together. The three book series is now complete.

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55 Chapters
  “Why do I have to do this again?” Deanna asked again with a sigh. She was in the small office of advisor for the school. She had set up this meeting in hopes of finding out she was graduating at the end of the semester, and now she was left with more questions. The cramped walls with books and loose papers in folders were scattered everywhere so much was crammed in the office that she was starting to become slightly claustrophobic. It felt like the air was being sucked out of the room as she looked at the man in front of her.“Ms. Watson, I know this is not what you expected, but the requirements for your major have changed. You have to do this one more thing to be able to walk with your class. I am sure that I sent you an email about this months ago.” Mr. Richerson stated as he pushed his glasses up his nose. “I am sure that if you go back, you wi
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 As he told her what he wanted her to do, she went to work on the other side of his desk from where he was sitting. She was looking at the papers, and one by one, she was reading through them and then placed a post-it note on each with her notes, which, when she passed the papers over to him, he looked over and glanced at the documents and then graded each. As he entered the grades into the computer that was on his desk and waited for the next paper, she handed him he was finding that this system was better for him. They might finish the major stack of documents in a matter of hours instead of his three to four days.He was smiling to himself as they worked. He was watching everything Deanna did close to the clicking of her pencil to the thoughtful notes she was writing on the notes. He was thinking of class she was in and her as a student. She had changed. She had matured quite a bit in the past few years. Sh
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 Max walked out of the building and to the parking lot that was near the building. He was trying to clear his mind from the day and what he had done to himself with the idea that he could have the tiny woman work for him. He should have just signed the papers for her and never thought twice about her again, but the look in her eyes as she stood there in the doorway. It had been part fear and part something else. It was the something else that had called out to him and made him forget everything else.The youngest detective on the force and then as case after case was solved by using some basic common sense and the ability to turn the interviews around, he was named one of the best in the state. Within a year after that, he had other states calling for help, as if he didn’t have enough to do in his own job. His ego, though, would not let him say no, and soon enough, he was one of the top in the country. O
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 Max was surprised with himself. This was not like him. As she didn’t struggle against him, he deepened the kiss slowly. It was like time was standing still. He knew it had been way too long since he had a woman in his life. As his lips moved to cover hers gently and with a need he didn’t quite understand his brain was screaming at him that she was a student, she was younger than him, she was out of his league, anything, and everything to try to pry himself off of her. However, the rest of him wasn’t listening to his brain, one iota.Deanna was surprised by the closeness of him at first. It was one thing for him to be a gentleman but another to set every nerve off she had in her body because he was so close to her. When his lips touched hers, she went blank. He was kissing her. Her dream man was kissing her. The was trying to think or to hold on to any thought, but she could only feel his lip
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 Max let the silence fall between them as he let the question hang in the air. He didn’t even understand it himself. He was so driven before that he didn’t understand the growing need he had to see her more. She was a former student and now someone he had chosen to be his assistant. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her like he was four years prior except this time he wouldn’t have that conflict because of everything was different now. She was older. Deanna really looked confused about the conversation.“Come, princess, I think we have a few things to talk about.” Max said as he picked up the receipt for the meal. He stood up and then went over to Deanna and helped her out of her chair. A hand at her back as they walked out to see the sunset playout in the sky. He looked down at the tiny woman by his side. As he saw people looking at the two of them and smiled at the pair he
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 The next morning Max knew that he was in trouble. The sight of her in one of his dress shirts when she woke up and came out of his bedroom made him feel slightly feverish. Her hair somewhat wild and displaced was beyond sexy to him. When she looked at him and then came back out with her pants on, but his shirt tied around her to make it fit better, he couldn’t breathe.“Do you want to go to your place or the office?” he asked when he could find his voice. He had to swallow a few times before words would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that after all his time working to build himself into what he was now, this little woman was just standing before him, and he couldn’t even speak.Max had grown up with an older brother that was the best at everything. His brother never had to try with people, he never had a lack of words, he also got the best of
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 Two hours in being in the office, she had two of the stacks moved and reorganized. The file boxes she had found in the nearly empty room three doors down had helped. She was going to put the papers he had that had no place on the floor in those boxes. As she was sorting them into sections to help his classes and his homework schedule to make everything easier for him later on. Deanna could hear the two voices in the hall as they were getting closer. One started to trail off, and another was getting louder. Max looked up and sighed.“Ready?” he asked softly. Deanna turned to him and asked him with a look. “It is one of those students.”“Wonderful,” Deanna said softly as she rolled her eyes. She went back to restacking the books on the bookshelf in a different way to be able to place more of them up there. When the girl breezed into the room and looke
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 Deanna was thinking as she sorted out the different files of papers Max had lying around in his office. She began to wonder what exactly he really wanted out of this possible relationship. He didn’t seem the type to mess around with a person without having a reason and plan behind it. Though he had basically eluded to the fact, he had not had any relationships in the past few years and zero ones with any students. He wanted something from her. It was there every time he looked at her. Every stolen kiss. He wanted something, and she didn’t know what.Deanna had no practical experience when it came to dealing with men. She had dated before, but after a few dates, they lost interest in her. She had started to believe she was just too boring to really date. Being driven to want to do good things to prepare for life after college had given her a label of being prudish. She really hadn’t found any
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 As the day progress, he finished his paperwork for the week with the detective job. Unless something major came up, he was left with giving his three lectures on Thursday and the last three on Friday, which he was planning on Deanna sitting in the classes to introduce herself to the class and also so she could learn the class over again. He was looking forward to hearing her analyze the new class from the old one. As a scientist, she would be on the one to compare the two and find though the assignments from the newer class were more detailed, and there was a paper required every week the class she took was more in-depth and more detailed.He had been thinking that there should be a follow up to this class and thought maybe he could work it in at some point, but again he was at a loss when it came to getting anything done with the school. If he was going to continue being a professor, he knew he had to make s
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  “Don’t you think that might be a tad too much?” Deanna asked as she looked up at him. “I mean, we have to work together, now I will be living in your house, and.”“And it is our house currently with you living here as well.” He cut her off. “No, I want you out of that place, and I will be helping you get out of there as quickly as possible.”“You know you are rushing things, right?” she laughed. “Most people don’t ask someone to move into to their house buy trying to cut the rent in half that they are paying.”“You can do other things around the house to make up for the lack of money. Hell, I really don’t want your money, but I figured you would be stubborn and require to pay something to make it fair.”
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