Devils Beside Me

Devils Beside Me

By:  Belle Cassy  Ongoing
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
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Arhexia was an ordinary woman, who only cares about her sister, but what if she would fortuitously run across with two varmint creatures, a half-human half-dragon CEO, and a Gangster Werewolf, who would fell in love with her at the same time.

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3 Chapters
Introduction “Sis, why am I ugly? Why am I different from you?” my younger sister, Xhin, interrogated, and I secretly put my hands behind my back and clenched them into a fist.I knew it was hard, and it was hard for me too. I caressed her head and painted an impostor smile on my lips, “You are not ugly, Xhin, you are beautiful just as I am, it’s just because you are sick, but I will find a way to cure you,” I explained to her and I was expecting that she would understand me, but what she did is to swiveled her eyes and turned away her head from me. It bitterly hurt me from the bottom of my heart. It was the first time that she did it to me.“You’re a liar!” she uttered which I never visualized to hear from her.Time stopped, and I couldn’t condone her absurd words, “Me? A liar?” … “Since when?”I glanced at my sister’s face and
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 "Where is your sister?" asked my mother as she hardly slammed the door. She was pretty as my sister, she was tall and sexy, very very sexy, you won't imagine her in her age when you see her, well, it's because she bought a lot of cosmetics and medicines to maintain her young and beautiful body, she even inject herself. "What kind of mother is she? Loving herself more than her children!"She heaved the blanket and grabbed me out of my bed, she held my shoulder and pressed it down. "Where is your sister?" she screeched."I don't know," I answered and she plunged her long fingernails on my shoulders, how I wished her nails got cut off, it would be my pleasure seeing her in such pain, "I know she always sneaking around to visit you, so where is she?! Don't f*cking lie to me, idiot!" "It hurts, mom," I grumbled when I could feel her fingernails sinking behind my back. She then let me go but she st
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 "Dirty human!" I whispered and I couldn't withstand this guy, I wanted to thew him from the sky, break his hands and feet until he could no longer walk and touch someone but this girl would probably be scared, so I just pushed the guy and whispered in his mind. "Runaway before I kill you," I said and of course, only the man could hear me. He got confused and looked at me, and he saw that my lips were not moving but he could hear my thoughts. It was the power of telepathy. That was something that no human could do, to one's mind. It was magical, and only dragons could do it."What are you waiting for? Run!" I screamed in his head, as loud as if it could burst out his mind, then glared at him, and he got alarmed, his body was not in balance as he ran away.“Are you okay?” I asked the woman, but she was speechless and then I heard the City Clock Tower Rang and I looked at it, I could see it from down
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