Tragedy of the African Cinderella (BlackBook 3)

Tragedy of the African Cinderella (BlackBook 3)

By:  Zagzahzlau  Completed
Language: English
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Out of side don't mean out of mind.Nora lives a typical Cinderella existence; two stepsisters and a stepmother who despise the sight of her.Ace Woods, an epitome of extravagance, capriciousness, insolence, and disrespect finds himself in an unfamiliar continent of the world doing what he knows best; get his parent's attention.But an enchanted night,An awful event which occurred at twelve am, scars a memory for as long as you can navigate into THE TRAGEDY OF THE AFRICAN CINDERELLA

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32 chapters
Welcome to unedited Black book 3 of the Woods series. I'm happy to see some of you have decided to keep rolling into my books with me. This book can be read independently. You can read it without adventuring into 'Married to a stripper'. I'll be extremely happy if those who haven't checked that book out do so. I hope you enjoy my works. Love you guys much much. Your humble author Zagzahzlau. ~••~   The Sunday night was frigid against unarmed skin in Buea--the city of legendary hospitality-- located in the southwest region of Cameroon.  The morning's once busy roads were converted into night ghostly highways as inhabitants of the small city had sheltered their bodies beneath the coziness of their homes and heads rested upon the tenderness of their pillows, preparing for the activities of the day to come.  Only the
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Chapter 1
The buzzing of his phone against the mangrove polished bedside table just adjacent his head resulted in an abrupt snap to its direction.  Ace reached for his phone after releasing a groan of annoyance as he wondered on who could possibly have the effrontery to disturb his morning sleep. "Hello," he said, with a hoarse voice seeping through cracked lips. With his eyes shut, he awaited to hear a voice from the other end other than ruffles from what seemed to be an aluminum foil and then the shattering of a what...a cup? "Hellooooo?" he reiterated. His patience was wearing thin. It was no fun amusing with someone's sleep but the person on the other end found it rather interesting. Ace decided to do what he should've done a long time ago- view the caller ID- when suddenly, the familiarity of a tiny voice got him sober. "Ace?" The ever so shy voice called. "Nate, what's going on?"  Nathan, preferably Nate, was the
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Chapter 2
Nora was all set for the night routine; with her once navy blue now whirling white bucket in hand, she exited home to the public tap. Now, the water she had fetched the previous day had magically vacated the 200-liters rubber barrel she had managed to fill up to the brim, how that happened? She couldn't tell. Yet, something at the back of her mind told her, or rather, pictured out just how the water had been used. With the existence of a malicious stepmother and daughters in her life, she had to expect worst; utilizing water unnecessarily and, or doing things which will result in her using water more than necessary, was their daily aim. The vicinity of the tap came to view, but unlike other days, it looked different: it was dried out of littering humans. The time the clock displayed to her before leaving home was past eight, which was the conventional time to see a crowd decorating the tap's concrete surroundings. Nora took it upon herself to walk clo
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Chapter 3
Ace wouldn't stop ruffling his hair as he impatiently paced from one end to another. His brand new costly tee had begun to soak up with sweat as he did with fear. He knew not what to think, was she really dead?  Mike earlier said she was and Nelson confirmed. He, on the other hand, was too scared to even look at the gruesome sight. One thing he avoided in his existence was to take away human life, well, he couldn't entirely say he took away the young girl's life as it was, he wasn't the one on the steering wheel yet, he was involved. "G, will you just chillax and stop pacing, it's getting me more nervous than I already am," Mike urged. "Fuck off me Micheal, you and your reckless driving is the reason we are in this goddamn mess." Mike, Capello and two other guys—TJ and Nelson—he hadn't quite made acquaintances with, had come to his hotel room earlier for a little warm-up after which Mike h
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Chapter 4
The railway looked rusty and all grown with ankle length bahama grass, elephant ear stalks and fescues. The gravels on it and those which lined the borders were course and pointy enough to penetrate the soles of one's shoe. It was rather unfortunate that Nora was standing on them bare feet. She was in the middle of nowhere, standing on an abandoned railway. All alone. Nora struggled to take step ahead but the piercing effect of the sharp gravels won't let her. She lifted a foot to examine her soles and as expected, they were cracked and bleeding as if she had been walking on them for ages. Had she? She could go no further ahead but if she persisted there, she might never find help. Nora ignored the aching whacks traveling all the way from her feet to her gut and set on moving forward. She as well ignored the tremendously huge bushes on either side of her which seemed to contain a variety of living organisms in i
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Chapter 5
Nine thirty in the morning and Ace was still asleep, not even the loud honks, blasting street music from Papa promo's to and fro parade, and the chit-chats from random street passers-by could do a thing to wake him up. But one thing did. His phone had begun chiming incessantly and disrespectfully at the corner of his head. He tried for the first two minutes to ignore it to no avail. It kept ringing non-stop. Ace knew there was just one person on the whole planet earth to bug him that way and he was going to give her a piece of him for intruding his beauty sleep. "What in the heckarooni is yo' problem El?" "You, dumbass." Eloise, his baby sister is definitely the kind of person you won't want to trade even for a buck. She was a pain in the neck--in his neck, reason why he never regretted doing certain things to her during their childhood like cutting off her hair in her sleep and adding some chili in her cereals when she wasn't looking. "I'm sl
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Chapter 6
'You definitely not a fraction of my type anyway' She never really thought she would be even a madman's fraction of a type of woman talkless of a filthy rich and gorgeous boy of his caliber. All she wanted was to portray her gratitude. The ten thousand note he offered her. An unforeseen act she must admit. She didn't want him to see her as desperate, unfortunately, her appearance flipped the coin against her. She wasn't going to use the money, she decided. She would keep it until when she laid eyes on him again--by a stroke of luck--and return the money to him. She picked up her bucket to keep on her journey back home until it was cut short by a vibrating stinging sensation on the sole of her feet. Nora acting on reflex got her bucket tripping off of her head and breaking into three irreparable parts. A sharp gravel had punctured her. She winced and clenched her teeth in pain at the sight of crimson oozing out of a gravel stuc
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Chapter 7
He had just written his last continuous assessment paper and had just dashed out of class into the populated university territory with some friends and other students. To tell the truth, it's been hell to him for the past one week and three days struggling to dump into his head some unreasonable pile of notes and handouts equivalent to the volume of an Oxford dictionary. The worst part of the whole show was he had neither of them complete. "I swear, those lecturers need some hot beating," Mike said, "I couldn't even fill half of my answer sheet, I mean...where do they fetch those questions from?" "Notes of course," he shrugged, then opened the driver's seat to fling his backpack at the back of his car. "Yo! From the way you talk, bro it's like your paper's going to be the marking guide," Capello jutted in. "Why I no shidon corner you eh?" He regretted. 'Why did I not seat by your side?' "Far from possible," he simply said. He did what he could do but made sure to have given his
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Chapter 8
So comfortable. Nora switched her position to the left side, snuggling her body a little deeper into the lavender-scented sheets. Could she be in paradise? If so, now she understood why her mum didn't want to take her. She wanted to enjoy it all alone. Suddenly, from somewhere, an incessant beeping sound resonated but stopped abruptly. Too late the alarm had already shattered a reasonable portion of her world leaving her with just the comfort she laid on. Nora fought the blur out of her eyes to see before her nothing familiar besides the sun's rays bathing a luxurious room, the rest were expensive furniture littered in a spacious room: above her was a white elegant dream catcher-like crown molded ceiling donning a beautiful chandelier. On her very left was a fancy bedside lamp, inches away was a perfectly carved full body mirror that reflected a rounded glass table with three fancy vanished chairs. Then a door too that probably led to the bathroom. On her very right was the double
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Chapter 9
'I think this is the right time to cut it.' 'He might wake up.''You can drop him in the middle of the road like a bean bag, I swear he wouldn't bulge. It's now or never Eloïse.' 'You're right, it's time for revenge.' "Bloody hell!" Ace jutted out of bed sweating profusely. He touched the first thing which came to his mind--his hair. Such a dream should never occur. He thought. "Nightmare?" he heard the velvety familiar voice behind him. Eloïse was standing before the full-length mirror in a pair of white shorts and a body cleaving pink tank top adjusting her curls. "Jesus, What the fu--" "Uh uh, no cursing. Mum's words." She twitched her index finger in a 'no' gesture. Ace rubbed his eyes in aghast, could he be double dreaming? "Where you from? How and when did you reach here?" His door flung open, "Is he awake? Oh, son, how I missed you so. How have you been?" his mum rushed towards him with showers of kisses. "Mum, stop, stop. I'm ok, I'm fine," he shrunk. "You woke up
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