Trapped Between Kings

Trapped Between Kings

By:  C.C.  Ongoing
Language: English
Rainal ValentinaMate: Rainal Valentina
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“She loves you,” they said at the same time. Neither one spoke after, each deep in thoughts on how to approach the subject. He didn’t want to give her up, but it was evident that she felt the same way towards his rival, though she might not have realized it yet. He saw it in the manner she spoke to him – how her voice rose to a slightly higher pitch and how her lashes fluttered prettily as he charmed her. He wanted her for himself, but he also wanted her to be happy. Unless she opened up to them, he’d remain in doubt of who could make her happier. One thing for sure, he hoped it was him. And perhaps a small part of him, was alright if she chose… them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The story follows the tribulations of Emma Dheros, a young single mother, contending with the adversities of normal human life and the supernatural forces fighting for her and against each other.

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53 chapters
    Trapped Between Kings © 2021, Caine Casann The author asserts the moral rights to be identified as the sole author of this Work and the control over modifications to and destruction of this work. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Any opinion expressed regarding any matter whatsoever are those of the characters and should not be confused or interpreted as the author's.   -------------------
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    Today we are apart. Soon, you’ll be here with us. You don’t know that. Don’t give up on what we have. We haven’t given up on you. It might take years… I know. But I’ll rather spend years searching. You might never find me. I have hope. I know I will. Why? You are my soul… mate.     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S NOTE:   The Work contains mature and sensitive content including, but not limited to: vulgar language, sex, and violence. Please be infor
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Chapter 01 Another Day At Uni
              “Good morning, Ms. Dheros!” Mrs. Williams greeted, sarcasm lacing her voice as soon as Emma closed the door. All eyes were on Emma, and her rose-colored cheeks immediately betrayed her. For the third time that week, she was the center of attention on her first morning class.   “Late again, are we?” said the professor. “Do see me after class.”   “Yes, Ma’am,” Emma replied then went to her seat, which was at the back of the class, ignoring the looks that her classmates gave her. The professor continued her lecture of standards and other boring topics that had her almost snoozing.   When class was over, Emma waited for everyone to leave before walking over to the professor’s desk, who was erasing the writings on the board, all of which already on Emma’s memory.   “Have a seat, Ms. Dheros,” she said firmly. She turned an
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Chapter 02 Cortisol Induced Imagination
    Aidan uncrossed his legs, watching out the window with his chin resting on a fist as the plane landed. It was that time of the year again when he could finally come home and spend quality time with his family and for himself. After being all over the world for the rest of the year, he could get at least a week off to unwind and simultaneously check on their operations in person.   He stood and dusted off invisible dirt from his coat. The flight attendant smiled at him, showing off perfect white teeth between dark red lips. Tall, slender, and the ever-attractive combination of blonde hair and blue eyes. And a good fuck.   What was better to do within a fifteen-hour flight other than ease tension with a few glasses of vintage wine and a stunning, submissive woman. Aidan gave her a last look-over as she handed him a card, clipped between long well-manicured fingers.   “Sheila,” he whispered, lo
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Chapter 03 Not Everyone Is Out To Get Some
    “Tough day?” her supervisor asked as he leaned on one side of the office table.   With her forehead resting on the smooth metal surface of the table, she tilted her head from side to side. Emma took a deep breath as she straightened her back.   “I can do this,” she said as she opened her eyes to stare at the same problem on the computer screen that she had been trying to figure out for the last two hours.   “Still don’t tally?”   Tilting her head up at him, she watched him drink his usual instant coffee from an unusually large mug that was a little chipped at the handle, it could nick the skin. After working under him for about a week, she just assumed that he already knew how to hold it without getting a cut.   The man had large dark circles under his eyes, thick framed glasses, and although he was wearing the proper dress code from head to foot, a
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Chapter 04 A Hardwired Need And Birthright Claim
    Aidan watched her disappear from sight, his mouth salivating from her fragrance as he fought to keep his beast in check. After decades of waiting, after having given up on waiting her out and finding her, she finally showed up in the least likely places in a form that wouldn’t make him look twice.   He had always pictured her to be this beautiful woman, this goddess, who would captivate his eyes the moment he saw her - a stunning, feminine, sexy female who would grace his bed for forever – a perfect match for him, a match made in heaven. At the first confirmation of his beast, he denied it in his mind. She couldn’t possibly be the woman for him! And yet her scent excited his blood, stirred his beast awake and with it, a deep primal need to sink his canines into her soft tender flesh as he buried himself deep inside her. Let everyone know that she is his, mind, body, and soul.   She is his … but of all the fishes
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Chapter 05 Mr. Alpha Stalks A Human (Part I)
    Aidan watched her leave the school building, exhaustion visible on her face. She looked like she hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep and wasn’t eating right. Her backpack seemed heavy, and as she waited with other students for the passing cars to clear the road before they could cross, she brought the back of her hand to her mouth to partially cover a yawn.   She was twenty years of age, and yet she looked like she was already thirty. Slightly taller than most of the girls around her, and noticeably bigger, Emma stood out from the crowd. Aidan stared at her, scanning every bit of her for as much as he could behind the safety of the car’s tinted window. There was nothing special about her – not in the way she looked nor in the way she carried herself, which was severely lacking in energy. And the more he watched her, his confusion grew as to why Henry was invested in her to intend to mate with her.   Henry seriously wa
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Chapter 05 Mr. Alpha Stalks A Human (Part II)
    Aidan ran to the alleyway and what he saw infuriated both his beast and him. A gang of four, all dressed in dirty baggy rags, of which two were blocking her way, and the other two were behind her, trapped his mate. One of them spoke, who he assumed was their leader.   “Come on, girl … we can’t just let you past, now can we … boys?” The speaker and his gang laughed, and her reply was a squeak.   “I don’t want any trouble,” said Emma. “Please … just let me pass.”   “You hear that, boys?” the same person said. “She knows how to say please.”   The putrid smell of the alleyway that was no different from the gangsters’ carried with it her lovely scent, which had a note of murkiness from the fear that oozed out of her pores. One of the men behind her dared touch her hair and she jerked her head to avoid him.   They began to close in on her
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Chapter 06 A Dead Man's Tale Of Regret
    Niquel sat on his leather office chair, overlooking the nightscape of the city, its lights like a carpet of stars reflecting the cloudy night sky. Its residents still wide awake, the never-ending stream of people that looked like a colony of ants from his vantage point, and perhaps they were – laboring all day and night to feed themselves until they reached the end of their short-lived lives. Sometimes he wondered if he would be doing the same had he not been granted more than a thousand times their lifespan – what he would do with his time, knowing full well that tomorrow or any second of today might be the last of him or those he cared about.   He crossed his legs as he watched them all below, through a glass wall that reflected his lonely self, and the dim lights above him. It wasn’t always like this – just him and the city by the end of the day. He used to have a place he could return to, and she’d be there waiting for him and g
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Chapter 07 Visiting A Man Long Gone But Remembered
    Vanessa flipped pancakes on two pans so they could eat sooner. The milky aroma made Emma hungrier. She must’ve added more eggs and butter – yum!   “So … he didn’t ask for your number or anything else?” she asked as Emma nursed Gladdy while walking around the small apartment, her arms getting sore. Her baby had been gaining weight and she couldn’t be any less happy.   Since Emma came home a little late last night, Van was late for work and her nasty boss didn’t stop nagging her for it the entire time of her shift – the customers could hear him and gave her sympathetic looks but at least she received more tips.   “Well?” Van asked as she flipped her long blonde hair, and Emma rolled her eyes at her.   She owed her friend an explanation and so she told her the truth - about the man who saved her, how he saved her, and that she lied to him about her name and where s
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