The Streets meet The Mafia

The Streets meet The Mafia

By:  Lady Tamia  Completed
Language: English
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The streets were his home, a cardboard box was the only roof he had over his head, an old jacket he found in the trash was his only blanket and for his meals. He stole and made sure that he was the first to get to one of the restaurants' trash every night to make sure that he had something to eat. His life changed when he stole from a mafia boss, whom everyone was scared of, he was known for being ruthless and killed without mercy especially those who betrayed and stole from him. He was a Russian man with a thick accent and a very powerful aura, that made many shivers at his presence without him having said a word. But when he met him, he gave him a job instead of killing him like everyone thought he would, his job was to be his right-hand man. He was the one who did all the killings and dealing with his rivals. He gave him the name White tiger, one that was born once in every generation, he gave him this name because he said that he had the courage, was smart and cunning. The man was very handsome, tall with broad shoulders and he looked very big for his age. His eyes though were distant, cold, and deadly. One could not look at them longer than a second. His name was Antonio Rodrigues, The White Tiger.

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    It had just rained during the day, and the night was cold. In the streets of J. City Antonio laid by the side of the road, on a cold tar covered with thin cardboard, the jacket he had done nothing to block the cold, he shivered as sleep was far from coming; he was cold and hungry. Both these facts made it difficult for one to fall asleep, after sitting there for hours in a fetal position blowing air on his hands to get them to warn with no success. He stood up and walked around to warm himself up. The streets were quiet at this time of night, only one car would pass occasionally, the street lights in the alleyway he was walking in kept flickering like the bulb was about to meet its end as well. After walking for a few minutes half jogging trying to get his blood running and be a bit warm, he heard a noise up ahead. He slowed down his jogging and tiptoed forward. He poked his head out to see what was going on right around the corner, a black SUV with the plate written
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    Chapter 1
    Antonio sat there for a while thinking, he knew that logo very well; it was a logo of the mafia boss’s hotel, Lux; the hotel was one of the most prestigious ones in the city, only rich people can afford to enter there, middle-class people could not afford to spend even a night here and the likes of him could not even walk passed the entrance of the hotel. Yuri the mafia boss’s penthouse was there, and the place was a fortress with state-of-the-art security. He thought of returning the money but the problem was that he could only get as far as across the street from the entrance of the hotel. But then again, he knew what would happen to him should he return the money; he stole from a man no one dared to steal from and he knew what he was capable of. He had seen how his men killed people on the streets and have heard a lot of things about Yuri. So, either way, he was as good as dead. Then he thought of how he has been struggling on the streets for years now, he thought of the
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    Chapter 2
    “Where the fuck is my money Jacob?” asked Yuri standing by the window looking out into the night, his right-hand man Jacob and his third went to collect this evening. But something happened along the way and they lost the money including important documents. They had no valid explanation of where the money went or who took it. His second was standing by the door with his head bowed, the walking stick he carries was visibly shaking, he was afraid for his life, no one made such mistakes with Yuri’s money and live till the next day. “Boss we left the car to deal with that man and when we went back the money was gone, we did not see who took it and we asked around but no one saw anything, but I promise we will resume the search in the morning and we will find the money. Someone must have seen or heard something.” Jacob explained to his boss, he still had hope that he will understand, he knew the person Yuri was yet he still had hope that maybe this time, he will give him a chanc
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    Chapter 3
    Antonio I have been living at Lux hotel for more than a week now, I have extended my stay when the Russian’s people did not show to collect the money or kill me and I have been living my best life. Getting this money has forwarded me the opportunity to live my dream even if it is only for a short while but it is worth it. I am not proud of stealing this money but anyone who has was homeless will tell you that it is a jungle out there. The survival of the fittest and is not for the weak. The people I met when the streets first became my home lost the race and died for one reason or another. Even the man that treated me like a son when the man who made me did not even know if am alive of dead also died a few years back. I do not know what happened to him, but I know that he was sick, on the day he died though he was fine, he woke up early like he usually did when he was okay and went looking for food for us. He came back with a lot of food and
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    Chapter 4
    Antonio I see the look of envy in the people’s eyes whenever I pass, the way they look at the clothes I am wearing, and the car I ride in. The envy in their eyes I know all too well, I used to be like them and wished I was like those people who had everything in life, those who dressed well, rode in luxury cars, ate nice food every day. At least the way I saw them back then they looked like they had everything in life but I couldn’t be more wrong. These people had their own demons that they deal with every day and then put on a mask for the world outside when they go out. Same with me, they envy me thinking that I have it all figured out but they couldn’t be more wrong. The clothes I am wearing are my mask that is covering the years of dirt accumulated from the street. The suits, the car, and even the money they wished they had are not mine. I didn’t work hard for it as they do theirs; I stole it and if they knew how my life is, they would re
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    Chapter 5
    Antonio DJ and I worked till the early hours of the morning. The more he explained about the investments he was making with the money the more I understood, his banker came around three in the morning and took the money then gave us both black cards. With some of the money, we bought an accounting firm that was going bankrupt, and we invested the other in different companies. The banker left at around five in the morning; he was happy to be working with DJ again and told him a lot about how his wife spent all the money over the years. He told him she was selling the company now since she could no longer maintain it, I could see that DJ wanted it back, so I spoke to the banker aside and told him to buy the company when its value is low enough. I asked him not to tell DJ until everything was done, and the company is under his name again. We went to bed after that, and I was exhausted. A loud sound that shook the building woke us up, I jump out
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    Chapter 6
    Yuri I adjusted my tie when we got to the car; I have asked one of my men to run a check on those guys at the hotel. No one stays under my roof without me knowing who they are and the person who let them stay still needs to answer for that. I could have been killed because of their stupidity and I can’t have that from the people that work for me. Now my brothers have arrived, and it’s time I get my hand dirty and find this case myself. I am also admiring the person who stole it; I mean one, no one steals from me and he did that. Two no one ever hides from me for this long so that means he is crafty; three no one had ever made me feel the need to bring my Russian brothers here, but he did. Therefore, I feel like this person is more than what meets the eye, right now we are going back to basics, tracing my men’s steps from that night to see if we missed anything. As much as I want to kill him for what he did, I want to meet him more and get to
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    Chapter 7
    Yuri The drive back to the hotel is silent, I can see Boris keep stealing glances at me through the rearview mirror. He has questions I can see but I will say nothing until he does; they frustrate me sometimes. They don’t have the balls to stand up to me or even ask questions. I get I am not an approachable man but I have killed no one for asking questions. Well, except those I don’t like. “Boss,” he calls out and I look at him. His grip on the steering wheel tightens, how ridiculous! “I just want to know if we are giving up on finding the case.” I would like to believe that my people know me better than that, especially Boris who has been working for me for years now. And yet, he still asks the most stupid questions ever! The kid must do better than this. I don’t answer Boris because that shit he asked doesn’t deserve an answer; we drive past downtown and I see the beautiful hole Michail put in the middle of downtown J City. I smirked lookin
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    Chapter 8
    Antonio My shoulder hurts like a bitch, that damn Russian! But fuck am alive. I am still alive and he wants me to work for him. I don’t know why and I don’t think I want to ask. Or he might just be another bullet in me. DJ helps me clean my wound, he is quiet as he busied himself with the task at hand. “Say something.” His silence is bothering me now, DJ is never this quiet. “I am just trying to process the fact that we are still alive and now working for the Mafia.” He tells me and I am baffled. I think his logic is screwed. “How are you not happy that we are still alive? Or did you prefer us dead?” I asked not able to grasp the logic behind what he said. “No, but we are now targeting only he knows the man seems to like you. I saw the way he was looking at you like it fascinated him.” He tells me but I disagree. There is no way the guy who just put a hole in my shoulder with a bullet likes me. “Well, if he likes me as you say which I disagre
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    Chapter 9
    Antonio On the drive back the girl was shaking like a leaf and I just stared out the window watching the buildings go by. One day she will understand that I had no choice, that this life does not differ from the jungle, and that, humans will always choose themselves over anything else. “You killed him.” She says with a shaky voice and I glanced at her. “So?” I asked then looked back at the window. “You killed my father!” she said this time louder, but I did not look at her, I did not need to see the state she was in to understand how she was feeling or what I did. I know, I lost my soul in the process too. “Again, I ask, so?” I asked her, I know she does not have an answer to that and I was not expecting one. I just need her to shut the hell up! “I told you I…” I cut her shot before she says something stupid that will force me to kill her too. “Shut the fuck up! Annoying bitch, what makes you think I care about your father or you?” I know tho
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