The Hybrid's Mate

The Hybrid's Mate

By:  Morgan Dawson  Completed
Language: English
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Bronwen James has a complicated life. She lives in a small Massachusetts town with her Dad and her older brother, Alec. Her Dad is quiet notorious around town, but not for any reason that's good. He's known as the town drunk who killed his wife. Bronwen is known around school as the chunky, nerdy girl with the weird name and drunk murderer for a father. Life is hell. Add in an intense, long time crush on a guy who only pays attention to her when he's telling her what's wrong with her body. Things change when she meets the new kids at school. A dangerously sexy bad boy and his overly friendly sister. There is something strange about the pair, but she can't place what is off about them. But when her new friend offers to give her a makeover, to make her the kind of girl no guy can resist, how far is she willing to take it? Bronwen wants to get the boy, but she's beginning to wonder which boy she wants. The sexy bad boy or her brother's best friend? When she becomes the vampire's project, how far will they take it? Will she trade in her average life to become a vampire herself?

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94 chapters
Chapter 1
Bronwen   I sit in the back yard of our dilapidated house, staring at the chipping paint and sagging porch. The house had the bones to be beautiful, a real classic like all the other Victorian-style homes lining the streets. But what those pretty houses had that this one lacked, was someone to put in the effort to maintain its charm. All this house had was a mean drunk who would rather punch holes in the wall than reinforce the warped floorboards. The wind blows hard, rattling the small structure that I am hiding in. This is what is left of an old treehouse my dad built for us years
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Chapter 2
Bronwen   I go to school on Monday, dreading it even more than usual. Only a few more months until I graduate and I am counting down the days. Then I'm going to get as far away from this New England town as I can. I walk through the double doors, my steps laden with unease. I make it to my locker without any remarks being made towards me which feels like an accomplishment of sorts. I feel hopeful like I might actually survive the day. No such luck. “Oh look. It
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Chapter 3
After the last bell of the day rings, I go to my locker to drop off my textbooks before I go to meet my new friend, Morana. My last three classes of the day have the guy from the library in them. Today must be the first day that he has been in attendance because trust me, I would have noticed if he had been there any of the other days. Today in class, I tried my hardest to keep from staring at him. Thankfully, he never even seemed to notice. Maci and her friends kept grappling for his attention like the desperate leeches that they are, so I doubt he even got a chance to look around the room. Not that he would notice me even if he had gotten the chance. Read more
Chapter 4
Andras   I am still where she left me, looking around her room, at the pictures that she was clearly embarrassed for me to see. I could tell just how uncomfortable it made her, having me in here. I witnessed the underwear debacle. I can read every emotion on her face; she is such an open book. I heard when her heart rate accelerated. I felt her body temperature rising and smelled the anxiety rising in her. I am honestly really happy that she was embarrassed to have me in here. It gave me the impression that she didn't have boys in her room often, which I took a perverse pleasure in.<
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Chapter 5
Bronwen   What he is really asking me is why don't I have any self-respect. I ask myself this each time I let Noah touch me. Yeah, I feel shame each time that Noah kisses me. He treats me like shit all of the time and worst of all, he has a girlfriend that he is cheating on. A girlfriend that I am helping him to cheat on. I am like a high school version of a homewrecker. “When I was thirteen, I asked him if he would be my first kiss. He flat-out rejected me. I know that he probably thought he was being gentle about it or maybe he knew he wasn't, I don't know but it was kind of harsh.
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Chapter 6
Bronwen I am ready the next morning when Morana and Andras pull up at two minutes after seven. I grab my bag and walk towards the car. Morana gets out of the passenger's seat, letting it down to access the back seats. I expect her to let me crawl back there, but before I can move, she is plopping into the space and lifting the seat back into place. “I can ride in the back,” I tell her. “Nope.” She gives me a grin. “Get in,” Andras says sternly. Read more
Chapter 7
The three of us walked through the mall with me tucked in between the two of them. Every store that Morana wants to go in, Andras says no. That it is not my style. I can see the frustration literally building up inside of her. Finally, he walks over to a store that has a more diverse selection of clothes. Every store that Morana went to was filled with mostly pink clothes. This one that Andras lead us to has some really cute outfits in darker colors. It is more of a grunge-type store. "This is the store you should be shopping at for Bronwen." “I do like this store,” I tell her, trying to keep the peace. It's different from the other stores, that if I'm being honest, were a bit too, um, preppy for my taste. Read more
Chapter 8
Bronwen   We pull up outside of Noah's apartment and I am more than happy to see that his car isn't here yet. Thank God for small favors! I notice that Alec's old truck is, so I figure it's safe to head on up. I start trying to gather all the bags in my hand, not wanting to keep them waiting by having to make more than one trip up the stairs. Andras nudges me out of the way, taking all the bags in his hands, even the ones that I was holding. “I can get them-” I protest but he shakes his head. Read more
Chapter 9
Bronwen   The next day is Friday and Alec gave me a ride to school this morning, just as he picked me up from school yesterday afternoon, because of Morana and Andras's 'family thing'. Last night I spent the whole night hiding in my temporary room, avoiding Noah and to a lesser degree Alec. He had used the opportunity of having me stuck in the car yesterday to interrogate me about Andras, our relationship, and the clothes. He wanted to know what I had given Andras in return for the clothes. The prostitution insinuations are really starting to piss me off. Big time. <
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Chapter 10
Bronwen   I watch the moon high above the tree line as he drives out of town on a road that is only trees for as far as the eye can see. He doesn't hold my hand anymore but he talks to me. Asks me questions, as if he is really interested in getting to know me. First date questions. Even though I know this isn't a date. Finally, when it feels like we have driven forever through trees and darkness, I ask him. “Um, where exactly are we going?” “I'm showing you
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