Mated to Brianna

Mated to Brianna

By:  Marie Night  Completed
Language: English
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(Completed) Brianna goes to school, has friends, and has a boyfriend, but when her dad dies and leaves her and her brother to fend for themselves, things start to unravel. When they move to start over, her life isn't what she thought her life was, nothing she thought was the truth, is, and she has some major secrets to keep hidden from some of her best friends. When her mate finds her and awakens her to the world of the supernatural, things get even more complicated. Is she even human? Does she want a mate? Will the heartbreak, the love, and the sacrifices be worth what the Moon Goddess has in store for her? ***This book can be read as a stand-alone but it does contain a cross-over and spoilers from my first book "Timber Alpha". If you're planning on reading them both start there. **This 4 book series is COMPLETE – Reading order: 1-Timber Alpha (ch1-86), 2-Mated to Brianna, 3-Mylo (Timber Alpha ch89-172), 4-Alpha Heirs

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    Chapter 1
    UNKNOWN POV   It’s hard to say when the defining moment is as a child. The moment you sway to one side of a divided household, usually composed of so many small moments that you’re unaware you’ve even been swayed. For as long as I could remember my mother would tell us stories, and not bedtime stories, stories that she fully believed contained the truth. When I was younger, I found them entertaining, especially in the way she was theatrical and captivating when she delivered them. She spun the simplest details into a web of questions that drew me in, and her eyes would light up as she spoke of myths, legends, and prophecies.  As I got older, her tone would get more serious, they became less story and more warning in nature. The way she introduced us to our world gave us appreciation for other sp
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    Chapter 2
    BRIANNA'S POV There was a heaviness in every limb as I tried to move, as if something heavy like sand had pooled in every corner of me, making it hard to bend or lift myself where I was trying to go. The chill on the hardwood floor as my feet dragged along it only made it worse as I walked into the kitchen, sitting up to the small island, as I tried to wake myself up. Mornings themselves would be better received if I could just stay in the softness of my bed, it was safe there, comfortable, and no one intruded on the moments spent curled up in bed, it was the kind of peace I longed for all the time.  I couldn’t bring myself to turn the lights on, it was probably odd that I was sitting alone in the dark, but it was also odd that they weren’t turned on already, as I’m usually the last one up. As I tried to gather myself enough to function, the only window
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    Chapter 3
    *Trigger warning - mature content present going forwards* I knew that Ryan was expecting me to somehow snap back to normal today, a part of me missed his closeness, because when things were good, they were great, but I just couldn’t deal with it when it wasn’t. I was being hard enough on myself as it was, that any of his failed expectations of me seemed impossible to deal with.  I saw his black sports car pull up from my window, with his blonde hair perfectly positioned as usual, but to my surprise he was getting out and came to ring the doorbell. Usually he just sits out front and either texts me or honks to let me know he’s here, maybe this new caring side of him that surfaced the past few months would actually stick around.  I took in a deep breath as I grabbed my bag and prepared my ‘fake it till you make it’ face, before I opened the door. 
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    Chapter 4
    When I got out of the shower and ventured downstairs, Dez was already home and starting to prepare supper.  “How was school?” He asked as he pushed some vegetables my way to cut up.  “It was ok… not as daunting as I thought it would be, kept my mind busy anyways, how was work?” “Work was good, but how can it not be,” he smirked and flexed his arm.  “Hmm,” I smirked at him, “looking a little small bro.”  “Straight for the throat huh?” He laughed, “You should start coming back with me,” he peeked up at me from cooking. “Do you think I gained weight?” I blurted out, I don’t think that’s what he was implying, but it was still on my mind, and I knew he would b
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    Chapter 5
    We all had exams coming up over the next few days and decided we would get together at Ryan's to study, relax, order some takeout, and maybe watch a movie later. I told Dez not to wait up when Ryan came to pick me up that morning, but I knew he would, he always did. Ryan drove us all straight to his house after school, his parents were out of town for the weekend so I was thankful that Jane and Matt were here with us. We all spent a few hours studying and quizzing each other back and forth before the pizza arrived and prompted a well-needed break.   Ryan and Matt followed it up by playing some game on his Playstation, while Jane was telling me about this guy she's into at school and her plan to catch his attention before the winter formal. It didn't surprise me much to learn that he had a girlfriend already, Jane was one of those girls who thought t
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    Chapter 6
    I could feel my tears forming in my eyes, thinking he would do this again and it actually happening were so different. He assumed I didn’t know how to fight back when in reality I could have laid him out flat by now and left him a sobbing mess, but I didn’t want to be that person. "Get off me before I break your face Ryan," I spat through my teeth at him with a tensed jaw, I didn’t want this to escalate but he was taking things too far. He hadn’t noticed or didn’t care that I was giving clear signs I didn’t want him to touch me. “Before you what?” He grabbed my chin in one of his hands as his eyes darted back and forth over mine. I had never spoken to him like that, and he didn’t know what to do.  “I want to go home,” was all I said back to him.  “No one’s
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    Chapter 7
    The next morning was exhausting, the exam really drained me more than I thought it would, although it’s possible that this looming conversation with Ryan was the culprit.  When I turned the corner to the field Ryan was already sitting on the bleachers, running his hand through his blonde hair, which he never did. He was looking at the ground, and I felt guilty for a second for how rough he looked.  “Hey,” I squeaked out as I climbed up to him.  “You came!” He jumped up and pulled me into him.  “I said I would,” I pushed him back a bit and sat down, “what did you want to talk about?” “You know I’m sorry,” he started, “but I just don’t understand babe, like why you won’t have sex with me anymore, why yo
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    Chapter 8
    Dez ended up finding us a place fairly quickly, said he found a smaller city that needed another gym but they wanted someone in the space ASAP. We ended up moving just after Halloween, it was a full day of driving but as soon as we left I felt lighter. Dez looked happy, and I was glad that we could do this, we both needed a fresh start. Our new place was on the edge of the city, the houses were spaced out a bit more and it was surrounded by a beautiful tree line. The house itself was amazing, the driveway was large enough for two vehicles, and when you walked in the front there was a large entranceway with another set of doors that led into the house. There were stairs that led both up and down, where if you went up to the left you would find the living room, and if you went right there was a hallway that led you to the kitchen and dining room and then carried on to the bathroom and two bedrooms. The base
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    Chapter 9
    "I'm, I'm so sorry," I stuttered as I realized the thing I ran into was actually a person. I looked up to see a tall man in a suit with brown eyes so light in the middle it was almost golden. "It's fine," his voice was monotone as it ripped me from my embarrassing trance and he stepped to the side and kept walking completely unphased. I found their building not too far from where I was, the front was basically a giant window, which would be awesome for them in terms of advertising what they are, and drawing people in. Dez and Nathan seemed deep in conversation, I paused and debated going in at all, but I couldn't help wondering if all the men here were going to be this handsome. Nathan was no exception with his bright blue eyes, strong jawline, and dirty blonde hair that was short on the sides, but long enough to swoop slightly over on top.  
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    Chapter 10
    “I promised Dez,” I started as I put my hands in between us and gently pushed on his chest, backing him up. “Ugh,” he sighed, taking another step back and running his hands through his hair, “me too.”  I was glad for Dez’s interference at this moment because I don’t know what I’d be doing if he hadn’t said anything to us. It was different with Nathan, it seemed easier to feel attracted to him and he never got upset when I pulled away, he just accepted it.  We went back inside for a bit before Lilly, the only one of us who chose to stay sober, offered to drive some of us home. Lilly always looked serious and intimidating with how gorgeous she was, she truly looked like a model, flawless and edgy, you’d never know how sweet she was. She acted like she was the one who was intimidated by me, handing me comp
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