Silver Claws

Silver Claws

By:  J. Crown  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Perhaps you would be the only one in the world to call someone such as him- the predator of human beings- a human being. To you, is a tiger who consumes a deer also a dear?"

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2 chapters
"What's wrong with you?" My eyes groggily opened from the repetitive dream, or rather- memory. Echoes of their laughter bounced around my skull, despite their words having aged ten years. 'What's wrong with me'- it was the chant constantly whispering in the back of my mind. A bitter chuckle made me sit up in bed, the filtered light through my window curtains telling me I had woken up early, again. Checking the small clock on my nightstand, I wallowed in the solidary taste the memories inflicted upon my tongue, my eyes following each little tic tic tic of the second hand. What ever happened to 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'? Sliding off my bed, I made the thoughtless decision to take a shower before school. School- Just the word made the hot water of the shower become drilling bullets, my fingers rising to my scalp and digging into my skin as undignified fear seized my throat. No matter what I told myself, I couldn’t tame my feeli
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After my parents had a long talk with me regarding my curfew, I dragged my tired body upstairs to my room and tore off my soaked clothes, my head throbbing. I crawled into bed and rubbed my tense neck, a tired sigh rolling off my tongue. Each time I closed my eyes my back tensed and my body coiled in paranoia, but as the night dragged on I slowly relaxed into my soft blankets- my heavy body sinking into a deep sleep. White- was there ever this much white anywhere else? My eyes blinked stiffly as I looked around the empty room before they settled on the dead flowers which sat on a nightstand. I took a wilting petal in my hands and smelled it- the vacant scent of roses still perfuming the soft petal. Dust seemed to permeate from every corner of the room and a strange greenish hue encased everything as the lights hummed statically. A cold draft dried my eyes as a vent above me started to fan over me and I pulled my blankets further up around me. What was I doing here again
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