Alpha Raven

Alpha Raven

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****NEW CHAPTERS EVERY WEEK**** A human has been found near the borders of Blue Orchid Pack, the largest one in the state of Rysterbia. The Blue Orchid pack is mysterious and ruthless. Their Alpha, Azraiel Michaelson is said to be an angry man with mystical powers at his disposal, but when a human enters his life without warning, all his powers seem useless to him. He is a Trueblood...the rarest of werewolves in the world...and yet so powerless in front of circumstances. What will happen when the path of the strongest Alpha collides with a human? ******* Charlotte is scared when she finds herself in a hospital, but the handsome man in front of her confuses her even more. Where is she? What happened to her? And....the biggest question....Who is HE? With a past that she neither understands nor likes and threats looming over her head, she has no idea what the future holds for her. Will she be alive tomorrow? Umm....Can't say. Will she stay here? Don't know. Will everything remain the same if she stays? Well...NO FREAKING IDEA. *******

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124 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 | The Unconscious Human
Matt was in his office completing the paperwork when Theo mindlinked him. " Matt, I can smell human scent from the northern border. You need to come here, fast." Matt quickly pushed the files aside and hurried down the corridor of packhouse. This is not good. Definitely not good. Werewolves are predators, wild creatures. They are hidden from the world under the shadows of forests and magic. Each pack territory is located far away from human land in the depths of never-ending forests and so was the Blue Orchid pack. With over 4000 werewolves the pack easily was the biggest and most dangerous one in Rysterbia. The territory stretched over acres of land far away from the human towns and was covered by magic to protect them from other supernaturals. Therefore, M
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CHAPTER 2 | Her Strange Aura
Alpha Azraiel Michaelson was attending an important meeting when he received a phone call from his pack. Since his beta Matt knows well enough to not disturb him at such times, he figured something bad had happened. Imagining the worse, the Alpha left the meeting to attend the phone call. "What?" His low voice shatters the silence in the corridors. "Sorry to disturb you Alpha. We found a human girl lying unconscious near our north border. She is bitten. We carried her back to the pack and Dr. Humphrey is looking at her." Beta Matt spoke all in one go. He didn't want to anger his Alpha by wasting his time. There was silence for quite a long time. Azraiel was taken aback by this news. A human...reached near his borders.....alive. How...? This has never happened before. This was a pote
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CHAPTER 3 | Mate
Azraiel left the King's Castle right after the meeting. The King's Castle is located at the far end of the dark and dangerous forest of Rysterbia. It is being used as an administrative building to conduct various tasks related to packs all around the world. Earlier, it was occupied by the Alpha King and his family. But after a tragic accident that killed the entire royal lineage, the castle has been turned into an administrative building with an exception to the residential wing of the castle. Some ministers of the king believed that someone from the royal family is still alive and would come forward soon to claim the throne. It has been 23 years since the accident and till date, no one has come forward as royalty.The meeting Azraiel just left was conducted to discuss important pack business with the head coordinator. The head coordinator was a post on which a person was appointed by el
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CHAPTER 4 | His Hope
Matt was sitting quietly on the bench outside the human's room. He was confused as hell. He expected his Alpha to be angry or worried or anything but not calm. It was like he didn't hear the news properly or it didn't register in his brain that a stranger was on the pack lands. A few years back, some werewolves from a neighboring pack stopped by our pack borders without the Alpha's permission. The Alpha was furious and increased the security on all borders. This is why his calm demeanor right now was so damn out of his character. Matt had no idea what was going in his Alpha's head. He had been expecting some kind of yelling, instructions to Kira for the security of the pack, and a fully-fledged team to find the identity of the human. It was the standard procedure and the most likely action to be taken by the Alpha. Yet, the Alpha had done none of the above. Something about this human ha
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CHAPTER 5 | Welcome, Luna
Matt was impatiently waiting for his Alpha outside his office. Yes, he was 15 minutes early but he was starting to get a headache from all the imaginary scenarios cooking in his head. He started walking anxiously in front of the office. What has the Alpha decided? Will he allow a human to stay in our pack and then die while shifting?His Alpha was unpredictable. Matt became the Beta two years ago when the former Beta died. This wasn't his birthright. He originally belonged to the family of Gamma, but the positions in his pack were decided on the basis of abilities and not birth. He competed for the position and he won. Theo, on the other hand, belonged to the family of Betas but lost the competition for the position of Beta. However, he won the one meant for the position of Gamma. Matt had to put his 200% in every task so that his position doesn't get questioned. Although he has proven h
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CHAPTER 6 | Addressing the Pack
Azraiel has just finished his meeting with Kira. He knew she was not satisfied with the information but it was necessary to do so. He didn't tell her about his human. It's not that he didn't trust her, but he couldn't take any risk with her safety. He just asked Kira to increase the security and discussed their other plans regarding the training of the wolves. His wolf has been constantly scratching at him to do something, anything. His mate was lying unconscious and there was nothing he could do. He thought about asking a witch for help but he knew better than to trust their species with such information. He decided to take shower before the pack meeting. He knew his pack members would be confused as hell but they would obey him. He took a shower and left for the packhouse. A few wolves were already gathered in the hall. Azraiel could feel their anticipation
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CHAPTER 7 | Hello..there!
Azraiel dragged the chair near her bed. She really looked like a broken angel. He took her hand in his and started tracing small circles at the back of her hand. His wolf immediately relaxed at the touch of his mate. Although there was a lot on his mind, the thought of holding her in his arms made him forget all his worries at that moment.Azraiel sighed audibly. He had no idea how he would manage this. His wolf was already so excited, would he be able to control himself and stay away from his mate? How would she react to the news of being surrounded by werewolves? Will she leave him after learning that he is a werewolf? Will his wolf allow her to leave? All these questions flashed in a bright neon color in his mind. The scariest one was his mate's reaction to him being a werewolf. He didn't know why she smelled like a supernatural but he couldn't sense a wolf in her. Even now, holding her hand, all he cou
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CHAPTER 8 | Charlotte
Charlotte.Her name is Charlotte.Azraiel couldn't help but repeat her name over & over again in his head. His wolf purred at the prospect of marking this beautiful woman. He knew that he was staring and she knew that, but he just couldn't help it. Sensing that his mate was getting uncomfortable with his stare, he averted his eyes from her.Azraiel had no idea how to start the conversation. He had been to many grand conferences and meetings of both werewolf and human world and considered himself good at making conversations if not great. But right now sitting in front of his injured mate, he was a hell lot confused as to what to ask first. Should he start with how are you? But he knew she was injured. Maybe do you remember anything? Or should he just leave her to rest for a while?
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CHAPTER 9 | Coral Woods
Azraiel has just finished his internal rant about the well being of his mate. He even rehearsed the lines he would say while revealing his supernatural self to Charlotte. Thinking about what she must be doing right now, he decided to ask his beta to check up on her.Azraiel furrowed his brows when he couldn't get through Matt. It is odd, he thought. Matt almost never blocked him out. Shrugging his shoulders he released a breath and decided to go to the medical wing himself.Azraiel smelled him before he saw him. The air around the medical wing smelled like his beta. He continued to walk until he reached his mate's room. He peeped inside her room from the glass panel in the door. There he was, his beta Matt sitting quite rigidly beside Charlotte's bed. Both of them were quiet, just staring at each other intensely.Al
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CHAPTER 10 | Richard and The Rouges
Azraiel rubbed his palms over his face and leaned back on the chair. He knew this would have happened, yet the tears streaming on her face were making it unbearable for him to just sit there and not hold her, comfort her.The existence of supernatural beings has been unknown to the human world. For them, supernaturals are nothing more than fantasy and fiction but the harsh truth is that in their history, every human that has learned of their existence has done nothing but harm them for their own selfish motives. Hence, in order to protect themselves, the werewolf king had long ago decided to conceal their identities and locations with the help of geographical barriers and magic. This is the very reason that the Blue Orchid pack is located in the depths of Rysterbian forest protected by several layers of magic. Whatever Charlotte just described to him was
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