The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince

The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince

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He is an Alpha Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid Prince She thought she was an ordinary Werewolf-Witch Both made without consent She is running for her life He is searching for someone important What will they do when their paths cross? Will he be able to protect her?? Or will she be a victim of her past??? * This story is the third instalment of my 'Royal Family' series, this series is best read in order. ** Warning this story may trigger some readers as it contains mature and physical abuse, rape, some violence and mature scenes. Please read at own discretion!

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I would like to introduce you to RYKER, his wolf CHRISTOPHER and his vampire JACK he is an Alpha Werewolf-Vampire hybrid, he is the eldest son of Princess Scarlett and former Alpha Wade of the Blue Moon Pack, no one knows this but his mother, father, grandparents and Theodore's mate Tina the Alpha's daughter. Being the son of an Alpha makes his wolf Christopher an Alpha and therefore makes him stronger than a normal werewolf. His vampire Jack is not very strong but is the source of Ryker's hybrid gift of sight. He is on a journey to find his mother, who was taken by someone that was meant to protect her. Ryker has been having dreams of his mother and a mystery female. Little does he know he is dream-sharing with his future mate, who is travelling with his mother. I would like to introduce you to ISABELLA and her wolf ZOEY she is a Werewolf-Witch. She was only sixteen when she ran away from her pack, her mother was the only one protecting her but she became sick and after she died her
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PHOENIX POV I walk onto the training field and yell,"I AM HERE! WHERE ARE YOU? COME ON YOU WANTED TO FACE ME SO COME OUT AND FACE ME!""I wasn't sure if you would turn up... I was actually hoping you wouldn't so that I would be able to have some more fun with your beautiful mate...""YOU WILL LEAVE HER ALONE! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH TO HER!""You don't need to yell. I can hear you perfectly well."I watch as he steps out of the woods and onto the field. "Why are you doing this? What did Scarlett do to you?""Scarlett didn't do anything to me... Her father did but I fell in love with her, so what better way to get back at the King than to take away his eldest daughter.."I know he has given me something as I feel even weaker than when I was using silver while training with Zachary but I still must fight him... That's when I see her our Butterfly so beautiful, I'm distracted and then on the ground. I see her run, then feel her over me and then there is this wonderful taste in my mouth. I
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RYKER POV "Do you think he is getting help from someone in the castle?""It can't just be in the castle because unless he is working with my cousins then Prince Nathaniel doesn't trust anyone and he never tells anyone where or when he is going somewhere especially if it is to do with Princess Scarlett."I have a feeling I know how he is staying that one step in front, my father explained to me, Jayce, Opal and River that because Mother is a hybrid she has a special gift. Now no one outside the immediate Royal family knows about it. Father had told us that our mother could see glimpses of the future, some things she could change but some things she couldn't. She probably doesn't have a choice but to share them with him.I stop talking as we get to Theodore's training office but instead of Theodore like I was expecting we come face to face with my cousin Victoria. "Hey, cuzz! Are you doing the theory today?""Yep! Theodore is out on assignment.""So what are we looking at today?""We a
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SCARLETT POVI have been dreaming of Ryker and a mystery female for the past two months; I haven't told H about it, as I know he will do everything he can to make sure Ryker doesn't find me. It started as all my visions do and that is pieces at a time; I have been slowly seeing more and more. The mystery female is very important, especially to Ryker, but she is in a lot of danger, a danger that has been following her around since she has been on the run.It is finally catching up with her and if it does, she will not survive and I will lose Ryker as well. I hope I have been careful enough as I have been sneaking out of the house to search for this mystery female; I know it is here in this open clan that I find her. I just don't know when or where in the clan she is. All I know for sure is that I have to help her.I woke up with a start after H and Wrath finally allowed me to sleep from H's pleasure and Wrath's slightly rougher fun. I am always extremely sore after one of those continu
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SCARLETT She wakes up with a start and moves away from me. She goes to say something, but I put my finger to my lips and whisper, "They are nearby. Do you know how to cover your scent?" "No, I am an Omega. I don't have that ability." "Scar, we can help her with that, but we still won't be able to get away from them. They are now too close... What do we do?" "I can cover your scent, but it won't help us. They are too close and will still catch us..." "I.. I... I think I can hide us if you cover our scent but you will have to keep extremely still as I have never used this on more than just me, so I don't know if it will actually work.." "My life and yours are in your hands..." I move in next to her and let Ruth and Cara cover her in a small amount of our scent to cover hers and then make us disappear. I give her a nod and then hear her whisper chant. "YOU SEE US NOT, FOR WE ARE BUT A SHADOW" I can't seem to help but chant along with her adding my princess's voice, I don't move
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ALPHA GIOVANNI Once I have finished with the female, I cover her with her blankets and hear her sigh from the amount of pleasure I provided her as she drifts back off to sleep. I then head to my office to inform Alpha Santiago of the situation with Isabella. Once in my office, I sit at my desk and pick up the phone, and he answers on the third ring"Alpha Santiago here”“Santiago it's Giovanni”"What can I do for you?”“The Omega Isabella’s mother just died, so she is now available for you but she has done a runner, I have my best fighting tracker following her and for nothing but some extra fun would you like to go hunting with me for her once they get close?”"That is extremely tempting... Yes, I will take you up on that invitation. The hunt will make her submission to me so much better once I get it from her.”“Okay, I will call and let you know
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WRATH / H I lengthen my fangs and listen to her scream as I sink them into her neck; I don't mask the pain like I would when I drink from her normally, as this is part of her punishment for lying and for leaving the house without permission. She knows the rules. I also thrust my hips forward, entering her hard and fast, knowing that she is not quite ready for me.I don't retract my fangs, using them as an anchor. I continue to thrust hard as I slowly move her hands so they are together and I can hold them in one hand, I then run my free hand down the other side of her neck, over her breast, down onto her hip where I give it a hard squeeze and smile against her skin as she whimpers again.I then move my hand along her thigh, pulling it up at the same time so she ends up wrapping her leg around my waist, this allows me to take a small step closer to her so I can make my thrusts harder, faster and deeper. I make her scream as I release inside her. I then remo
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SERAPHINA POVI smell and then see as Ryker approaches the training field. I continue my sparring session just waiting for him to make up his mind on whether he is going to just watch, join me or talk to me once I am finished. Once he decides to make his way down to me, I watch him approach, complete the sparring set I was doing and then grab my towel and head over to him as I ask."Ryker? What brings you here?" he leans in, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek "Hi Grandmother, I was looking for you.." "Really... What can I help you with?" "I have been having this dream about a female..." "Really... Ryker, is she anyone we know?" "Grandmother!!! I think it is my mother, and I was actually hoping you would tell me about her and what she looked like. Father will only tell me she looked beautiful and that Opal and River look a little like her." Read more
RYKER POVI leave Grandmother's office and pass Grandfather, "Your highness!" I bow slightly. Even though he is my family, he is still my King and therefore requires respect. "Grandfather, I think Grandmother will be needing you in her office... Please apologize to her for me. I didn't mean to upset her in any way!" "I know and will, but I can guarantee that she will not want your apology for whatever has upset her.""Thank you, Grandfather." I bow my head slightly again and continue on my way to my room to grab my duffel bag, which I was halfway through packing before I got into that argument with my father. I know now that I will have to apologize to my father for my outburst about him not wanting or caring about finding my mother, especially now that Grandmother explained what she did, b
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ISABELLA POVOnce I woke up from the drain of the spell I used to hide us, I have never had to use so much energy before; I heard the other female join her voice to mine and I don't think it would have worked as well as it did if she hadn't done so. Scarlett introduced herself, then H, and then I introduced myself. H was a little reluctant to allow me, but eventually, he caved and allowed me to travel with them.I, however, didn't miss the fresh bruises on her neck, arms, and legs. I wouldn't be surprised if she also had them over the rest of her body. From where they were placed, she was in some sort of fight. Scarlett informed me that they would swap between travelling by foot and by car. This time we travel for a week on foot before we settled into a house H had arranged for us at the MoonBlood vampire clan in a different territory.Scarlett and I were getting along really well and anyone watching Scarlett with H would definitely think that they were mate
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