My Next Life As A Wicked Dame (ENGLISH)

My Next Life As A Wicked Dame (ENGLISH)

By:  Sam Velasquez  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nina Facelo is your average type of girl, she's not beautiful and she's not ugly either. In other word, she’s plain and simple. She loves to read, watch Rom-Com movies, loves to bake, and eat, and a certified k-pop fan with strange hobbies. Even though she’s been always called a weirdo, loner, and a nerd she doesn't care. She has the best sets of friends, even if it's just two. On the way to a nearby bookstore. She bought a book with a titled Illuminating Darkness, a Romance-Fantasy novel. A famous novel that her friends keep blabbering about. But an unexpected faith occurred she was about to go home; she saw an old woman who's in trouble. The old woman was being harassed by thieves! They keep pulling the old woman's handbag, and when she saw this, she became a so-called hero and tried saving the old woman without minding the consequences. And right before her eyes, she was stab! It happened so fast that in a blink of an eye she was clutching her stomach watching the blood flowing from her tummy, like a fountain until everything starts to fade. She thought she was going to die. But suddenly, she woke up in a different body. The body of Lady Marina, daughter of the powerhouse Edwards. What in the world just happen?!

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3 Chapters
Prologue."Lady Marina?" a soft voice echoed from a distant room.Hmmm…A soft feminine voice echoed in my ears, it was truly lovely and soft like clouds. The voice was like a lullaby instead of waking me up, it makes my eye lids heavier than ever.What is it? The sun hasn’t rise yet., right? And beside it's the weekend, isn't it? I don’t have classes today! for Pete’s sake! So please, let me sleep a little longer. I didn’t realize that it was already dawn when I finished the novel I read last night. All I need is one thing; it is called peace and quiet.Instead of opening my heavy eye lids, I just ignore the voice buried my face into this soft pillows as it was because it's too early."Lady Marina!?" someone from the other side of the room called out again.What the heck!? It’s too early and someone is bothering me again. Don't they know the saying, "Wake up the drunk, but not the one who’s sleeping or else you would taste eternal rest."Cringed. I know that, but hey! Who cares?In
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Chapter One
Chapter One.Nina's POVOkay. I’m in the body of Lady Marina Edwards, the possible antagonist of the novel Illuminating Darkness. No need to panic, okay? Nina Facelo don't panic, take a deep breath, and relax. You're better than this!So, let's get our facts straight. We haven't read the book yet, but we already have a small idea of ​​what the scenarios and story flow are. Courtesy to our dearest spoiler friends, Mary, and Janna.I actually felt genuinely happy with the spoilers I heard. I’ve never thought that me – who hates spoilers, would actually thank them for spoiling.I hate spoilers and I hate spoiling. The suspense and thrill of the story would vanish just like a bubble. I don’t want to ruin their reading experience. But who would ever think that I would thank them to death?Spoilers are also useful, somehow.Now, I should start planning my moves and goal. I need to summarize all the information I learned from Mary and Janna. It would greatly help me avoid unwanted attention
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two. Nina's POV. Time is short when you are happy, time is long when you are sad, and time is too slow for those who wait. But in my case, time is swift when you’re in the zone. Two weeks had passed since I woke up as Lady Marina. Now, I am in the library, trying to research all information about this world, the world that I would probably live in for a while. According to Rita, my personal maid servant (which I’m correct). This is Lady Marina's private library; the whole Red Rose Manor have four libraries. One for me, one for my mother, one for father, and lastly, the Edwards ’Central Library. With that two weeks’ time. I've learned many things. Lady Marina is an only daughter and she's seventeen. I am currently living at the Red Rose Manor, Edwards ’family manor at the nobles’ district in the royal capital. The Edwards ’real territory is on the eastern region side of the Avalor Kingdom, and Lady Marina is studying at Avalon Academy of Magic. Avalon Academy of Magic, a
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