The Possessive Choice Mate

The Possessive Choice Mate

By:  JK Bartolome  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mark is one of the powerful werewolf in the history but something triggers him to become distant and hated the world. It is when his mate and sister died at the same time. He curses the moon for the life he has to suffer. But then one day, just like a miracle he met his second chance mate. He promise to himself to protect her at all cost, however, there's one more problem. His mate ex-mate is trying to win her back. What will his mate gonna do? can their love conquers all? will she choose him over her past?

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24 Chapters
The Broken Soul
“Alpha, Mario left the pack with your sister.” Kayden reported. “What? Why would he do that? Call everyone. Follow him. We need to get my sister back.” I said. Melissa is only twelve years old. I can’t let them take her away even he claimed that they are mate. Mario and I are best friend. We grew up together. Everyone thought that he will be my Beta but I chose Kayden instead. Kayden possess the character of being a beta. I can’t make decisions base of our friendship only. One day I found out that he talks some of the pack members and asked them to support him to become Alpha. I thought that I can make him my third in command. He is good at training people and he is a great tracker. I talk to him and asked why he wanted to challenge me as an Alpha? He knows he can’t win. He told me that he’s tired being the third in command. He has every right to challe
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Letting Angel Go
I look at the area, trying to find something out of place or something that might or should not be here. I need to focus on guarding this place today. I will not let any harm comes to my little Angel. I’m in my own world when someone tap me on the shoulder. “Hey Marky!” she said her endearment to me. Just like how my deceased sister used to call me. “Congratulation Angel. Finally, you become the Moon crescent pack Luna. I’m so proud of you.” I said.  I smiled to her. After being with me for two years, she now finds her new life here in the Moon Crescent pack. The pack who she hates before. Everyone here seems to love her more and more. Who doesn’t? Slade Angel is the most she-wolf in this world. She possesses the wolf that was created in the world of the Moon Goddess. I think it’s the right decision that I send her here for a m
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Stallion Mark
THREE YEARS LATER “Don’t let those rogues escape! Catch them all. They will not leave my territory alive.” I ordered. There been so much rogues reports this past few days. I’ve been stress so much catching them. It’s been ten years since my sister and mate was killed by my best friend Mario. He turns out to be power crazy and wanted to be the Alpha of this pack. He works together with the rogues that wanted to kill only. I didn’t expect that he will turn that way. I didn’t expect him to kill his own mate, my twelve years old sister. I didn’t expect that one of the rogues who follows him is my mate. I didn’t expect that he will kill my mate too. He became power hungry and I just didn’t make it on time to save them. I thought I already kill him but after seven years he came back to start a war again. That time, I make
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The Rogue Girl
“Mark, I think we need to get back to the pack. We shouldn’t be in this kind of area. We can spot rogues living here. It’s a human land.” Kayden says. We’ve been here for I think six hours now. After Angel left angrily to me, I decided to go here and have some drink. I never been in here but I hear from the other friend of mine that there’s a bar near the territory where I can cool off. I can see a lot of humans here and teenager to be exact. Few girls tried to approach me but I disregard them. I’m not here for sex. I just want to cool off and think and drink. “Kayden, you should relax and sit down. I have been sensing rogues around but I don’t feel killing them now. They might be in here or living in this area.” I informed him. He became alert all of the sudden. He moves and look around the bar. “What is it?&rdquo
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It’s been two years since I left Full Moon pack. I heard that rogues can stay here in Levis town, so I decided to stay here. I met Allie and she help me to cope up with human way of living. We work as waitress to a bar at night.I was fourteen when my parents died. I am the only child, that’s why I don’t have anyone to take care of me. Our Alpha took me and I become the pack maid for five years until I met my mate. I told everything will be fine then but it turns out that my mate is already engage to the Alpha’s daughter. He rejected me. I can’t believe that he chose the power over his true mate.I was in deep thoughts when I remember my favorite dog outside. It’s time to give him food. This dog is so close to me. I found him almost dying because of lack of foods. I found him five days ago and I decided to take care of him. He is Happy, he makes me happy. I’m busy giving him food and patting him when I fell
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Wolf Fang Pack
Allie’s mate didn’t pick us up. Instead, a guy name Greg shows up. She thought that her mate will pick us up but she gets mad when he didn’t. “Allie, he might be busy. He’s the beta, he has a lot of responsibilities too.” I said, trying to console her. “But he didn’t tell me that he will not pick us up. I’m his mate. He should priorities me too.” Allie says. I look at Greg and see him staring at me. I look at him, apologizing about what Allie’s said. “You need to be more understanding. When we become part of Wolf Fang, you will be the Beta Female. You will also have jobs to do.” I said. “Oh shit! I forgot about that.” “Ahmmmm. Excuse me?” Greg said uncomfortably. “Yes?” I answered. “Beta Kayden is bu
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Wendy's Past
I didn’t know that the Wen, Kayden’s talking about is Wendy. I’m shocked when I saw her outside. Though I hide it through scolding Kayden’s mate. My mind still running about the coincidence. I told Kayden before I left that she will stay in the guess room next to mine. He looks shock but didn’t question my decision. I don’t even know why I did that. Yesterday, I must admit. I am thinking to go back there and ask Wendy to join my pack. How nice to know that I don’t need to do that. ‘You’re interested in her.” Stallion says. It’s not a question but a statement. ‘That’s too early to say Stallion.’ I replied. I heard a knock on my door before Kayden enters my office. “Alpha.” Kayden greeted. “Do you have news about Angel
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Decision & Ceremony
Since I left Alpha Marks’ office, I came to a decision to accept my mate’s rejection. I know it’s stupid of me to wait this long. Part of me want him to realize that I’m the right girl for him and he leave that girl who stole him from me. I’ve known Arthur since birth. We are so close together. All I dream when I turn to eighteen and shift to my wolf that he is the one made for me. That he is my real mate. Those dreams come true but just like a dream when I woke up the next day, it all gone. Arthur choses the power over love. He chose to become the new Alpha of Full Moon pack and reject his true mate and his best friend. I walk through the open window of my room. I’ve been wanting to do this. I want to move forward and let go. “I Wendy, former member of Full Moon pack, accepted Arthur rejection. May you live in happiness Arthur. I’m letting you go.” I said. My wolf ho
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“Wait? Is he my mate now?” “Who? Who’s your mate now?” I turn around to meet those beautiful gray eyes again. “You, you’re my mate now?” I said. “I see. That’s why we feel that sparks.” He moves forward. Looking at me like I’m his prey. “May I ask you something, did you accept your mate’s rejection before the ceremony?” Alpha Mark asks as he continue moving forward. I step back until my back hit the tree. Shit! “Yes.” I breathed out. “The Moon Goddess pairs us now as new mates. That means you are mine now.” He said and corner me with his arms resting on the tress. His eyes are now glowing, I can feel his wolf reaching to my wolf too. They are trying to dominate us and take their claim on us. Mine? I am his
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I didn’t get much sleep last night. I think all the things happened to me yesterday. I am now the chosen Luna of Wolf Fang pack and Mark is now my mate!!! For Moon Goddess sake! I didn’t imagine that these things might happened to me. ‘Maybe this is our destiny, Wendy.’ Lucy said. ‘But do you think that we can do it? I mean, can we be a Luna of a big pack like this?’ ‘You worry too much. We’re from a beta family before. We have a strong blood line before our parents died. It just happened that our previous Alpha didn’t help us to enhance our strength and made us lower that omega.’ Lucy is right. I was born in Beta bloodline. My dad and his dad were the previous beta of Full Moon pack, but Alpha Nicolas never trained us to become beta too. He also replaced my dad with Arthur’s father as the new beta. Read more Protection Status