Fated to the Enemy

Fated to the Enemy

By:  Solange Daye  Completed
Language: English
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Lyra's life has been turned upside down when she learns that her father has groomed her for her whole life, never planning to let her find her true mate. His plans to force her into an unwanted mate bond cause her to run. She runs into the arms of a man that she assumes is her true mate. Once under her protection everything that she knows about the world around her is false. Lyra cannot even be sure of what she is anymore and what the future will hold for her, her mates, or her future children. Her survival is imperative to not only the werewolf race but other supernatural races as well. But can she survive every obstacle that is thrown at her and fulfill her destiny?

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    Chapter 1
    LYRA Quietly humming to myself, I separate the broccoli from the chicken on my plate, trying to drown out the conversation my dad is having with my older brother, Chase. Father always chooses dinner time to bring up pack politics, trying to educate Chase before he takes over the pack in a few years. “Nothing is more boring than pack politics,” my wolf River says in my mind. I let out a loud snort gathering my father’s attention. He clears his throat just as I pop a piece of broccoli into my mouth. “Lyra,” he says breaking me from my inner thoughts. I quickly chew the broccoli in my mouth and spread an innocent grin across my face. “Yes, Father?” “Were you even paying attention to the conversation?” “Ummmm…” I stutter as blush creeps across my face. Frustration spreads across his face. “I was saying that tomorrow Alpha Andrew visits to discuss the treaty between our two packs. I do not trust his intentions. Once you come home from school, Cain will be your personal bodyguard until
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    Chapter 2
    ANDREW The trip to the Silver Wolf Pack is a short one but I cannot help but be irritated at the circumstances. I let my Beta drive so I could be alone with my thoughts. It has been three months since I challenged my uncle for his position of Alpha. I had the support of the pack behind me. My uncle had never found his mate and declining in his old age. His senile decisions were making things dangerous for the pack. Had the old man just relinquished power to me there would not have been any need for a challenge, and he could still be alive. Now all of his allies were questioning my loyalty to them. They see me as young and reckless. The Silver Wolf Pack is the last of the allies I have to meet with and will certainly be the most difficult. Alpha Jason and my uncle were extremely close, so now I am the enemy. As we cross the boarder into Silver Wolf territory my wolf, Brax, begins to howl loudly in my head. “Dude. What is your issue?” I demand silently. “Mate. Our mate is close.” Brax
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    Chapter 3
    LYRA“The absolute nerve of all of them!” I growl aloud to myself as I pace back and forth in my bedroom.River sits quietly in the back of my mind while I throw my temper tantrum. “You know you are talking out loud. Anyone can hear you.”“I do not care who hears me,” I scream at my bedroom door. “I have done nothing for myself. Nothing in 17 years but be the perfect daughter. They groomed me for this.” I turn to the door and yell louder. “They groomed me for this. Made sure that when the time came I would never find my true mate and settle for Cain.”Shaking with anger I walk over to my bed and flop on my back. I will myself not to cry. “If you cry you will appear soft,” River says quietly. “If I cry I will appear human.” I respond with more venom than I mean to. “My future has been stolen from me.” Hot tears burn my cheeks. I do not know if I am cryin
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    Chapter 4
    LYRAThe hard wood floor of my bedroom feels cold under my feet as I pace back and forth. I go over my plan to sneak out over and over again. In order to get to the border by midnight I need to leave around 11:30 pm. Everyone in the pack house should be sleeping by then. I cross my fingers as I look at the clock. The soft glow of the clock at my bedside tells me it is 11:00 pm, I inhale a deep breath, thirty more minutes. A rapid knock at my door stuns me into silence. Dashing across the room I hop into bed and pull the covers up around my neck. “Come in,” I say in my sleepiest voice.My door swings open and my father storms into my room. His dark eyes dart suspiciously around my room, as if he is expecting someone to be there with me. The look of anger on his face is terrifying. “We believe you are in danger,” he says simply. “Your door will be locked, and guards will be placed outside until Cain marks you as his mate.” Without anot
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    Chapter 5
    ANDREWAs Lyra’s blood mingles with mine I can feel my pull to her becoming stronger. The invisible bond that connects us is pulled tight in this moment and I want to do nothing more than wrap my arms around her and kiss her. Brax is pacing back and forth in my brain begging me to touch her, but I know that a man forcing himself on her is not what she needs in this moment.She has given up her family and her pack all in one night. I can tell by her face that she is visibly shaken.“Come on,” I say as I place my arm around her shoulder. “Let’s find you some clothes that are not covered in drool and a bed.” At the word ‘bed’ Lyra’s eyes rush to meet mine and her cheeks turn a deep shade of pink, and I cannot help the sly grin that crosses my lips. “A bed of your own, Little Wolf.”Quickly, Lyra looks down at her feet. “I knew what you meant.”I steer her in the direction of
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    Chapter 6
    ANDREWI reluctantly crawl off of Lyra, but not before brushing a small kiss across her lips. She looks shocked at the action, and I suddenly realize that it was probably her first kiss. Guilt consumes my brain about everything that I did to her earlier. If the rumors of her father’s treatment were true this morning was probably full of firsts for her. “She did not seem to mind,” Brax chimed in. “I can still smell her arousal from here.”I look back at the beautiful creature laying in my bed. Her brown eyes are wide and swirling with gold as she watches me from across the room. Messy golden locks frame her face like a halo. Her full breast are straining against her pajama top, and I lick my lips at the thought of taking each of her nipples into my mouth. Her legs are still slightly spread, begging me to place my body back between them. I have to turn away or I know I will not ever leave this room.I walk into my closet and p
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    Chapter 7
    LYRAI lay on the bed for a few moments after Andrew leaves the room. My heart is racing, and I can hardly breathe. “What did we just do?” I whisper to River.River is panting so loudly in my head I can hardly think. “I do not know but I think we should do it again.”“River, we have saved ourselves for our mate,” I scold her.“You heard him claim us when Cain wrapped his arm around our shoulder. He knows we are mate,” River explains excitedly.“We cannot be positive until we turn 18, now can we.”River pouts in my head, “Why not just ask him?”I gasp in shock. “We cannot just ask someone if they are our mate!”“Why not?”“It is… it is not proper,” I tell her.River laughs loudly in my head, “I think we are a bit past proper. Plus, if we ask him can mark us now and then Cain won’t be able t
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    Chapter 8
    ANDREW“Will you mark me?” Lyra’s brown eyes stare deeply into mine. “So Cain never can.”I am at a loss for words. Her browns eyes swirl to gold, letting me know that her wolf is pushing forward with her. Surely she cannot be serious, to be marked before your eigthteenth birthday is frowned upon in the werewolf community. “I do not think you know what you are asking,” is the only thing I can think to say.“I do know. I need to be safe from my father and Cain. This is the only way to keep me safe.” She pleads with me desperately. “If you mark me then he cannot. I will not mark you in return. I just…” she trails off quietly. “No. No. I do not think you do know what you are asking,” I search my brain for the most delicate way to explain this to her. “Marking… and… mating… tend to take place at the same time. Uh… and I do not think, no, I k
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    Chapter 9
    LYRAMy growling stomach wakes me from my sleep. Moon light is filtering in through the dark curtains barely illuminating the room. Looking to my right I see Andrew curled up beside me resting peacefully. I reach out to quietly trace his jaw line with my fingers. He moans quietly in his sleep as the feeling of electricity pulses between us. I gently touch the bit of skin where he left his mark, it is tender to the touch but tingles as I trace my fingers along it. “We can finally be safe,” I say silently to River.“We will always be safe with mate.” River yawns and lays back down in the back of my mind to sleep.I lay and stare at the ceiling for what seems like forever trying to ignore the sounds my stomach is making, but sleep is unable to find me. Finally my stomach rumbles so loudly that I am sure it will wake Andrew. I cannot remember the last time that I have eaten, and I am starving. I creep from Andrew’s bed and slowl
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    Chapter 10
    ANDREWIf I would have found anyone else sitting on my office desk with crackers in one hand and my grandfather’s journal in the other, I would probably have executed them on the spot.  But seeing Lyra sitting on my desk with her feet kicking back and forth to the rhythm she is humming softens my heart.  Moonlight catches her golden curls and make them glow against her olive skin, and her full lips pout slightly as she hums and reads the book.  I cannot take my eyes off of her in this moment, she is the most beautiful creature in the world.I frown when she looks up and catches me staring at her, her cheeks flush with embarrassment but there is nothing for her to be embarrassed about.  She stumbles over an apology as if she were afraid that I would punish her for being in my office. But I am not even concerned about where she is at the moment, I do not even hear her words. “You sing beautifully.” I am so consumed by he
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