Hello Love, Goodbye Billionaire

Hello Love, Goodbye Billionaire

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"Leave this country and don't ever come back!" Being the sole survivor of her family's tragic car accident, a mysterious man gave Stephanie Ruan a chance to flee for her life. Eight years later, Stephanie Ruan returned to the country as the director of an internationally renowned publishing firm. Upon knowing that her family's car accident is related to the prestigious Zhong Family, her best bet is to get close to Javier Zhong to find out the truth and avenge her family members. "I want to be your fiancé." With her new identity and strong character, she fearlessly plotted against the most powerful and ruthless man in the country, Javier Zhong. Unlike other women whose biggest dream is to marry him, Stephanie Ruan spat out those words with much unwillingness. Of course, to scheme against such a dangerous man, there would be risks and sacrifices involved. She could either be killed by him or... unexpectedly fall deeply in love with him? Whichever the result is, Stephanie Ruan knows that once she enters this game, there is no turning back!

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    46 chapters
    Chapter 1 - A Fearless Lady
    In Country C, Shang Capital Seated inside the first-class cabin of a renowned international airplane, Stephanie Ruan looked at the city through the window, with deep emotions in her eyes. Up until today, her family's car accident which had happened 8 years ago remained vivid in her mind. Just like the members of the public, she too wanted to believe that the tragic incident which had killed her parents and sibling was unintentional. However, she remembered very clearly the words of a young man who seemed to be reporting to someone over the phone that day. "I've confirmed it, the Ruan family members are all dead." The cold voice sent shivers down her spine. Though Stephanie Ruan did not dare to open her eyes back then, that particular voice would be etched on her memory forever. The young man deliberately threw the phone towards her, which had accurately landed a few centimetres away from her face, just like how he had expected it to be
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    Chapter 2 - No Turning Back!
    What?? Is she intending to throw herself into the lion's den and investigate this incident on her own?!  To be up against the other members of the Zhong family is already a huge challenge.  But... it is entirely another matter on its own to deal with Javier Zhong directly!  With perfect facial features and a muscular build, he is known to be the most powerful and ruthless person in the Zhong Family.  If people are already so afraid of his family members, it is almost unimaginable how much more fear they would carry for him!Furthermore, he has a very low tolerance for women and all of them are advised to stay at least three meters away from him.  Mia Xue widened her eyes and looked at her boss in shock. She really did not dare to imagine the consequences of her boss' decision.  If Javier Zhong knows about what she is planning to do, she would definitely be skinned alive!!"Director Ruan... It
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    Chapter 3 - Get Lost!
    Over on the other side, there is a strange silence in the room. Without having to look at Javier Zhong's cold and unfriendly expression, Isaac Wen could already feel the low pressure from him. In fact, he closed his eyes and prepared to embrace what is to come as his body started to break into a cold sweat! Clearly, Isaac Wen knows that if the young master were to throw a temper right now, no one could control him at all! And at the end of the day, the person who would have the toughest time could only be him... "..." It did not take very long for everyone in the room to realise that the temperature has already dropped to its freezing point! Even Mr Robertson could not help but question himself if he had made the right decision to bring both parties together. However, from a business standpoint, he had no choice as this is the most effective way to negotiate for the best terms in the contract. Of course, as a ru
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    Chapter 4 - Business Relationship
    Judging by their closeness, Mr Robertson is satisfied that he has 'accurately' guessed their relationship.However, as soon as Javier Zhong heard what she said, he gritted his teeth in anger!He did not know Stephanie Ruan's motive for coming close to him but yet at the same time, it is not ideal to create a big scene in front of his new business partner."Certainly, we will be there."Well, isn't it just attending an event? How difficult could it be??In the worst-case scenario, if she refuses to come, he would just get Isaac Wen to tie her up and drag her to the event with him.After all, a promise has already been made and he is one who never breaks his promises.When Stephanie Ruan heard his quick and decisive reply, she could not help but let out a light smirk.To be able to reach this stage of development with Javier Zhong could already be considered as 'mission accomplished' for her."That's great, I will see you
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    Chapter 5 - An Unexpected Kiss
    Snapping out of his thoughts, he squinted his eyes at Stephanie Ruan.In Javier Zhong's opinion, this woman in front of him is obviously not trustable at all!Who knows what's the real reason for her coming so close to him?But if she could be trusted to handle this difficult business deal and yet at the same time be able to help him please his grandmother for the time being, then he does not see why he shouldn't make full use of her?After all, she is the one who came knocking on his door first!"State your terms and conditions." Javier Zhong threw out these few cold words.He had learned since young that the number one business rule is to wait for the other party to state their conditions first so that he would not lose out unnecessarily.However, Stephanie Ruan is also well-educated on this rule. But someone has to start first, right?So with this thought, she decided to play the game differently. "Relax, I'm not after any o
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    Chapter 6 - Why Are You Here?
    To be more accurate, it was just a peck on their lips that lasted for about one second.But this is more than enough to send Stephanie Ruan flying into a rage!Horrified by his actions, Stephanie Ruan raised her voice at him in disbelief. "Javier Zhong!! How dare you!!""!!!..."The minute she finished her sentence, the car became dangerously silent, with both Isaac Wen and the driver drowning in fear.Though they did not manage to witness the incident, they could vaguely guess what had happened just by looking at their body language.And this is the first time they have encountered someone calling their young master by his full name and also looking to start a fight with him!Such a bold lady! But does she know that she is playing with fire?!"..."Frankly speaking, it is indirectly the driver's fault for unintentionally causing the 'kiss' to happen. But their boss is actually getting scolded for it instead!What
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    Chapter 7 - Don't Be Afraid
    It's no wonder why the boy would have such a huge reaction especially after seeing Javier Zhong's ferocious eyes staring straight at him.Is he even a human at all?! Who treats such a young child like this??With a frightened child in front of her, she could not be bothered with Javier Zhong any longer and gave her full attention to the young boy instead.She cuddled him in her arms and soothe him, "It's okay, Ethan. Don't be afraid... Auntie is here..."Stephanie Ruan then shifted his attention to a fancy ice cream truck nearby. "Wow, what is that, Ethan?? Take a look at it!" "Do you want to have some ice cream?""Let's go get one for you, alright?"With that, she ignored Javier Zhong and brought the boy over to the ice-cream truck."..."Meanwhile, Javier Zhong stood at the same spot and watched Stephanie Ruan from afar with a complicated gaze.He had deliberately ordered the driver to make a u-turn just t
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    Chapter 8 - Missing Her Already?
    Grandma Zhong looked into Stephanie Ruan's pure eyes and nodded her head with satisfaction. "Stephanie... That's a nice name.""I am Javier's grandmother. You can call me Grandma Zhong.""!!..."Startled, Stephanie Ruan briefly glanced at Javier Zhong before meeting Grandma Zhong's eyes again.Never would she have imagined herself to be meeting his grandmother so quickly... And what's more, in such an unexpected situation!At the same time, Javier Zhong wore his usual indifferent look on the outside but is actually very surprised to hear his grandmother's words.People have to know that she does not just let anyone call her by the name of 'Grandma Zhong'.She must have taken a liking to Stephanie Ruan!"Grandma Zhong, it's nice to meet you." With a sincere smile and a slight nod, Stephanie Ruan greeted her politely.Having been in the business industry long enough, Grandma Zhong has already met all kinds of people. As su
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    Chapter 9 - A Surprise
    With that, she gave him a slight smirk and returned to her original position."!!..."Stalking her?! Missing her??!!Did she seriously say that??!!..."Crazy woman." Javier Zhong muttered under his breath in disbelief.This lady is truly capable of making his heart boil each time she speaks!Although he refused to entertain her right now, he has already made a mental note to count these 'debts' with her in the near future!Amidst their conversation, Isaac Wen, who almost burst out laughing, quickly regained his composure after noticing Javier Zhong's piercing gaze through the rear-view mirror.To be fair, nobody could blame Isaac Wen for having such a huge reaction!I mean, throughout his many years of working closely with Javier Zhong, no one has ever dared to speak to his boss in such a manner before!Indeed, it was truly an eye-opening scene!And of course, Stephanie Ruan did not pursue the matter any fu
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    Chapter 10 - I'll Listen To You
    Similar to the exterior of the house, the interior followed a classic and luxurious French design, well-lighted with several huge chandeliers.It is easily notable that only the finest materials are used.Soon, what greeted them are two grand and elegantly curved staircases that leads to the second floor of the mansion."!!..."Wow!! This place is basically like a palace!Stephanie Ruan quickly recognised the expensive paintings that are hanging on both sides of the wall.Each painting could easily be sold at the auction for at least ten million yuan (about 1.5 million US dollars)!And there are at least 20 paintings here in just this area alone!...As they entered the main living room, the originally lively atmosphere had become totally silent within a split second!In the eyes of Stephanie Ruan, it is pretty obvious that the two of them are not welcomed at all.Meanwhile, the Zhong family members are ast
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