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Her breath faltered and, her big baby brown eyes watered at the consequences of the dreaded incident. Cupping, her small visage in his big palms, he shushed her. "He's alright, little one. I wouldn't have let anything happen to Shaurya, now had I?" He spoke softly as talking to a scared little child she was for him. There was no denying it. She didn't say anything. She couldn't, the incident displayed in her mind like a broken recorder. He stepped forward again, trying to ease away her pain, bending down, he touched her chin with his long callous fingers, tugging upwards. Her breath came out shallow and long at his proximity. His touch burnt her. "P-please stay back," she beseeched not meeting his eyes at all. "That, cannot be done, my little bambolina," his voice was a mere whisper yet with a tone of command in it was there.

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Full summary. Awdhesh. Radhika. Uzair. Will forcing your love on someone you think you are in love with would make them fall in love with you in return? Would that be okay to force someone to love you with the same intensity you love them with? Could stubbornly adhering to a purpose you think is right will make it morally right. Will it? Would that be morally right to crave someone's presence till they have become yours completely? Would your obsession with someone make you cross all the moral limits to just have your urges satisfied by getting them in your clutches? Could a person turn into an obstinacy? Because there seemed to be a person who could. This is a story about a girl: Radhika, who lost her parents in an unforeseen tragic accident leaving behind a very small toddler brother upon her. Trying to keep herself sane for the sake of her brother, she intended to live for him somehow, and anyhow. Until a very a few months later, her life took a toll yet again on he
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Prologue. He was a strange man, indeed. Our eyes met in silent gestures. "Shall we?" Leaning slightly downwards, he held out his open palm for me to take his. "You need to change that bandage too." And, his indolent grin was back on his face. Leaving no trace of depression on his face which he was showing plainly not a long moment ago. Blinking, I found myself placing my hand in his as we started to head back into the house. At that very moment, I realised six things of my own which were surreal: 1: Uzair was a very unexpected male with a very deep inside- concealed benevolent nature. (Which he didn't like to show at all to anyone.) 2: The world we were living in was very dangerous, maybe that was what got my parents killed. (Or perhaps it was actually a planned accident of which I wasn't still aware.) 3: I still did not know; how perilous a person Uzair was! (Or maybe he exactly wasn't what he liked to show himself to be to everyone else. 4: Everyone has a monster or a demo
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01— After three dreadful months.
01— After three dreadful months. “Life is never hard under the protective shades of our parents. The struggle starts when we decide to move out from that shade.” — Saumya Tripathi “If only you were here,” staring at the clear sky with little stars twinkling almost brightly, I muttered. “There is nothing the same with you both leaving us,” the welled up tears in my eyes felt too heavy to carry. “Life has been so hard without you both.” It happened inexplicably. One movement we were fervently emitting family: just the four of us: no worries, no stress, no pain, no grief. Nothing. Just pure elation and extreme euphoria skirting around our household. Patently, yet another plausible pronounced merry family. LIFE- it gives you chances, a lot of them of that sort, to amend your mistakes. Mistakes that you would have made in the past whether you did them purposely or unintentionally. But at some point, it did happen. Whatever, they are a part of life without them we learn nothing. We ca
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02— Forcing me against my will.
02—Forcing me against my will. “Forcing someone to love you can only make them detest you more.” —Saumya Tripathi “Ssh…slowly.” There was something on my cheek that kept on touching it. My psyche invaded without halting with hazy thoughts in my mind before I could even open my eyes. The thoughts were merely hazy and twirled groggily inside— in my head which I tried to get hold of with my crumbled memories. But I could not succeed. “Shhh…you are safe, little one.” When my mind came back to its senses, I felt something rough strolling gently in a circular motion on my left cheek which was rather sore. The touch was gentle and smooth. However, my cheek seemed to be itching. I so wanted to itch and get relief, nonetheless, I stayed, unmoved and confused about almost everything. “Keep still. Otherwise, you are going to hurt yourself.” Albeit, I tried to open up my eyes but it was of no use, my upper eyelids felt too heavy for me to open them. I tried getting up as well but, it fe
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03— Tears of anxiety and anguish.
03— Tears of anxiety and anguish. “Words mean nothing until and unless it is felt.” — Saumya Tripathi “Doesn't everything feel strange?” With a lump in the throat and a tight feeling in the chest which seeped into the veins, I exhaled with difficulty. He left without even sparing a single glance in my way. That was the only question which was resounding in my psyche, all together as if everything was normal for him. Minutes ambled by. . . Standing there, alone in the foreign room with just my little brother along with me, and no- one else: just us, I stood stunned and, most probably confused and dumbfounded. I wasn't able to proceed regarding what had happened. But the heavy questions remained in my mind, hovering over me, disturbing me with more questions which I didn't have any answers to, unsteadily revolting me to no end. Why would he want us here? What would he get while abducting us? Why was he forcing us to stay with him? Who was he, anyway? With the heart in my mout
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04— Unexpected.
04— Unexpected. “No doubt the future is unexpected. But the present stays in our hands. Decide wisely because every action is reflected by what you chose.” — Saumya Tripathi The future has always been unexpected. Yes certainly. No- one knows what could happen next. Nor anyone will. What the prospect beholds, still would be surprising to all the humans. If anyone had known, there never would have been anything done wrong with anyone. Never— with anyone in any situation. Wouldn't it have made life so easy if that was the case? My throat suddenly felt tight and constricted. Breathing came out small and shallow. I was scared. Who wouldn't be? My knees began to shake slightly, and I was afraid— afraid because I thought I was going to fall. I curled up against my fingers into tight fists to make them cease trembling too. I was trembling, visibly. He began to walk towards me, I could perfectly hear his heavy shoes across the room, hitting the marbled base under his very weight, loud a
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05— Miserable.
05— Miserable.“Healing is never easy. It is the most painful and hurtful path. Yet it is essential for the growth of humans in mental, physical and psychological states. Trust the process.” — Saumya Tripathi Although sleeping, my brain was already replaying the disconcerted scenes that I'd suffered yesterday night. Everything came hiking back in a hurried rush. I was stuck somewhere in a state of sleepiness and drowsiness.I was so confused when I woke up. My thoughts were hazy and everything looked different. I wasn't even in the state of consciousness, fully. I blinked rapidly the cloudiness of sleep from my eyes to see; to make out my surroundings. Regardless of my hazy thoughts and confused slumber, I tried to remember but nothing came to mind. I felt tired and groggy but eventually, I sat up unsteadily still pondering over the situation. Promptly, my breath hitched up when I let my eyes wander around all over the enormously— huge and spacious room. Why was I here? This was no
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06— A word with my Saviour.
06— A word with my Saviour.“And in the end we all need a friend who would listen to what we have to say.”—Saumya Tripathi“Wouldn't life be simpler for once?” Ebbing away the feeling of apprehension, I chanted, and chanted repeatedly, drowning myself in my own belief that I would go. I will go, implicitly."I'll soon be away from here. I just have to be patient and wait for the right movement to flip and escape." I contemplated inwardly.Reconciling, I enthused and sighed constantly for a few seconds before it was cut short. "Don't be so imaginative about your never happening escape plan, my little dove. It will not work nor will I let it happen since I'll be making sure of it," he piqued at me incredulously as though reading my psyche's talk.In spite of jumping at his all so sudden tone, the first time my temper flared and I glared up, defiantly at him.Persistence and determination were what cannot be snatched away from anyone. Not away from me. Both of them were in my genes.
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07— Two days afterwards.
07— Two days afterwards.“Sometimes we feel so little yet say so much.”—Saumya Tripathi “Life is an unexpected rollercoaster ride,” the thought invaded my mind as I stared into nothingness. Sometimes in life, we anticipate those things which are not in our hands; perhaps it is human nature that always moves but gets less. However, life is so uncanny: strange and difficult to understand or to even explain that no one could be sure of anything regardless of what they say. If one were to explain life they would have never been able to. Befuddled perhaps but things can never be predicted about what could happen next, likely in the very next movement. The truth is— the things we anticipate the most never seem to come true and the things we would have never imagined even in our own dreams— happen in reality.Such as myself; I could have never expected such a ferocious day where my parents might die in such an unpredictable car accident. It was a moment of uncertainty that had struck us ha
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08— Escaping from the doomed place.
08— Escaping from the doomed place.“And sometimes we feel so deeply yet say nothing.”—Saumya TripathiHuddled up against the side of the bed with my brother asleep soundly, I hefted up a sign.This short time literally felt like the longest hour of my life. Waiting for fifteen minutes perhaps but it felt as if hours had gone by yet the fifteen minutes had not arrived. I mused to myself, woefully.I was optimistic as well as agitated and scared out of my wits and above all, I somewhat felt—satisfied in the hope of returning home. My home. Where the remnant memories of my parents lingered in the air of my abode, however. Blinking from my trance, I stared ahead of me at the gigantic window where a gust of air was flowing making the curtains give a swaying twist. It seemed almost exquisite and tranquil. The room was muffled and the lights were off, it gave the lighting to peep into the room from outside the window where the curtains didn't cover up the windows. It must have felt so peac
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