By:  A.K.Knight  Ongoing
Language: English
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Humans are forced to dwell behind walls and live in fear because of vicious werewolves on the loose. Red Maccale a human girl did something years ago that haunts her and that was saving a werewolf boy. She blames herself she was the one who allowed him to return and destroy her village killing a number of people. She lost both loved ones that day, her father, her brother, and the place she once called home. Red had grown into a beautiful young lady and the werewolves had become more deadly to humans. Red soon discovers the monster she had foolishly saved years ago was now the most feared beast of its kind and the new ruler which was very bad for all humans. Red blames herself even more allowing him to be what he is today. What happened when Red and the most feared beast again crossed paths? Will Red be the one needing to be saved this time or something utterly will happen that changes her mind about one werewolf?

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4 chapters
Chapter 1: Regrets
Have you ever made the biggest mistake of your life that grows with you as you grow older and haunts you every day of your life, stealing your smile, your happiness whenever you're in a good mood as if it as a mind of its own like it only wants to see you suffer reminding you non-stop of what you did? Well, I have. It all started many years ago when I was only 6. The memory is so clear that I still feel sometimes like I'm once again there standing at that same spot surrounded by fences staring at a blood-red-eyed boy who wasn't just an ordinary boy. He was a werewolf, a cruel creature that enjoys killing humans like me, by ripping our throats and leaving us for dead. I was so horrified when I saw him in his human form. It doesn't happen quite often for a human to see a werewolf within its human-like form. There always within their most cruel and scary form, but this one was hurt and too very young. He seemed 4 years older than me. His blood-red eyes which should be the most terrible t
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Chapter 2: Alarmed
Delaphine and I made our way to the front of the large crowd waiting for the meeting to begin."What horrible news will they give us now," I heard a female worried voice within the crowd."I don't know," someone answered her. "It must be about more hunters killed by werewolves."Delaphine right-hand held mine tightly I could feel how scared she was of what horrible news we were about to receive I could feel her hand trembling. I stared at her seeing her lips too began to tremble. I wished I could tell her that everything will be alright, but I didn't know if it was going to be so. Over the years werewolves seem to grow in numbers and have been killing an insanely amount of our kind. Everyone was very worried that one day they all will attack us over the wall and kill every one of us, causing our kinds to be extinct one day. They were too great in numbers.The loud chattering of the curious crowd became silent as we saw our leader Bazaar Wharr accompanied by 7 of his strongest werewolf
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Chapter 3: Bad idea
Of the false alarm last night I had managed to get some sleep, but not enough to make my body feel well rested. I woke up early before my mom. Through a tiny hole in the window, I could see that the place was barely bright outside which was still not safe for me to leave. I sat down until I could see light slowly appearing from outside."Where are you going?" my mom woke up seeing me leaving the room."I'm going to feed the chicken," I told her."No, no, please come back and lay down it's too early.""Mom..., it's okay, outside is now brightly lighten."My mom sat up still not wanting me to leave."Today is the partner's selection event and I want you to focus on getting your hair done and finding a good dress to wear," my mom told me."I already know what I want to wear," I told her.My mom gave me grave look knowing I was telling her a lie. The truth was I didn't care what I was going to wear in being peered with someone I doubt I'll ever love nor have any interest in."I'll be righ
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Chapter 4: Sadness, Agony & Loss
My bedroom door slammed behind me locking me within my room. I catch my breath sitting down on the side of my bed. I couldn't take my mind off the blooded eye beast, the leader of all the other werewolves and the powerful one everyone is now terrified of, who had killed his own kind for my safety. I recollected him ripping the grey wolf head off with his bare teeth just for me. But, but why did he do it? I couldn't understand. Was it because I saved him from being killed years ago? I just didn't comprehend it. My mind again went back to him watching me enter the gate as if he was making sure I went in safe. I was happy I was saved but deep down I couldn't believe how human the werewolf acted. All my life I've seen and experienced them as vicious dark-hearted creatures. What the dark werewolf did for me today I never would have expected from his kind. Werewolves were evil beasts. I'm not sure why he chooses to save me today, whether he was returning a favour related to years ago for me
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