Permission To Love You

Permission To Love You

By:  Younince  Ongoing
Language: English
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(A Romantic Novel Rated 16+) "What are you doing? Leave my face alone" Kelly held his wrist trying to pull his hands away. Then, Mr. Brunnie pulled Kelly's face closer to his. His fingers were brushing through Kelly's hair. She felt warmth from his constant brushing through her hair. The warmth calmed her down, his touch had an effect on her mind. Her mind felt at peace at once. Kelly just stared at him. She loved the way he toyed with her hair. 'He is drunk after all, he isn't in his right state of mind' Kelly calmed herself. As Mr. Brunnie kept brushing his fingers through her hair. He lowered his face. Mr. Brunnie just couldn't take his sight away from such beauty. He is drunk but his desires are wildly alive. 'Kiss her, don't kiss her, kiss her, don't kiss her' Mr. Brunnie's thoughts were against each other. Kelly didn't have an idea of what Mr. Brunnie had in mind to do to her. Something suddenly parted Kelly's lips slowly, it glided down her mouth and toyed with her tongue. His lips are so soft, softer than anything Kelly had ever known. Soft like biting into cotton candy, no, soft like a first snowball. It's sweet, so effortlessly sweet. Her lipgloss made Mr. Brunnie's lips stick to her lips, she could feel the soft lips and the way they kept sliding and moving around her lips. Her heartbeat resonated with the rhythm of the kiss ***************

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15 Chapters
The deal
Kelly kept sauntering from one end of her room to the other. She had been roaming to and fro her room so haphazardly. She wasn't certain of how she felt but she was perplexed, very confused. Kelly had never been in a state of confusion for this long. If it is a dream she is having, she hopes someone wakes her up from her shuteye. It could only be a dream, Kelly nipped her cheek."Ouch!!!" She exclaimed "That stings," she said to herself as if she had just been nipped by someone other than herself.Earlier today, Kelly got summoned by the executive chairman of the company she works in, and what she got called for astonished her. It took her off balance. She had perpetually assumed that she was imperceptible to anyone in the company. Kelly began working in the company about a month after her father died. When she was informed that the chairman seeks her attention she was somehow nervous. She felt she did something improper or maybe she was going to get fired from working in the com
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Day went sore
Kelly heard the horn of the car just when she was done with her makeup. Earlier that evening, Mrs. Kim had assigned a makeup artist for her. Kelly took no importance in bringing a makeup artist to her house since she rarely use makeup. She took a final glance at the image standing right before her in the mirror."You look perfect for today. Muah!!!" Kelly praised herself She shut the door behind her, the door to her house, and headed towards the car waiting for her. The car was packed on the street in front of Kelly's house. Her thoughts got filled with fantasy as she walked down the pathway leading to the street from her house."It's gonna be a perfect day for me," Kelly said to herself and smiled weirdly.Her thoughts about a perfect day got ruined by a stone lying on the way. She stepped on the stone and her stiletto made her almost tip over. Her heels bend making an awful sound."Maybe it's not going to be a good day after all" Kelly concluded as she bent over to caress her hurt
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I didn't know
"I don't think she knows who he is," one of the guests said to another"Is that not Mr. Brunnie, every lady's crush? Why did he get hit by that lady?" a fair lady asked her friend"No one has ever done that to Mr. Brunnie before, how come she has so many guts to hit him? Who is she?" Another guest commentedThe glass cup with Mrs. Kim fell off as she beholds the sight of Kelly hitting Mr. Brunnie's groin. Two attendants came to the spot to take care of the mess"What has come over her? That bitch" Mrs. Kim cursed under her breathBouncers in black suits and a guy in a blue suit came rushing to Mr. Brunnie to rescue him. "Are you okay Brunnie?" the guy in a blue suit asked "hey, stop anyone taking videos and pictures of this incident" he said to one of the bouncers, who in turn carried out the commandBrunnie?? Kelly got shocked, It was Brunnie. She just fucked things up. Of course, she knew it's been a long time since she had seen Mr. Brunnie but Kelly thought she could still recogni
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You are lying
'It's a kiss! Damn that promiscuous man is kissing you, Kelly, don't be bewitched by the lips that he has kissed every lady he sees' Kelly's mind cautioned herKelly jerked away from him and Mr. Brunnie licked his lips like he ate something sweet. "Why did we stop?" Mr. Brunnie asked tenderly like he lost something precious to him. He enjoyed every bit of the kiss and wanted more."You're taking advantage of me" Kelly retorted"How?" Asked Mr. Brunnie"You......" Kelly hasn't completed her words that Mr. Brunnie threw up over Kelly's clothes. "Argh!!!!" Kelly shouted in disgust "can't you stay without causing trouble for me" Kelly stood up from beside Mr. Brunnie and walked up to the buzz Scott told her to press when she needs help. With the sight that her clothes were soaked up with Mr. Brunnie's vomit, she pushed the buzz so heavily, and Kelly kept pushing it numerous times.The door opened all of a sudden, and maids and bouncers flogged in including Scott. "What's the problem?
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what's your name?
"Well, I'm done talking to you" Kelly answered. She turned the knob of the door handle and left"So childish," Mr. Brunnie said and sat heavily on the sofa. Kelly walked down the street and couldn't find a cab to transport her as she had been walking for over twenty-five minutes. Mr. Brunnie's mansion is located some miles from the main street that connects other streets and towns. His house is located in a Government Reserved Area meant for the rich people in France. As Kelly walked down the street, she noticed houses with luxury exteriors. She hasn't seen such buildings in her life including Mr. Brunnie's mansion too "Such a weird location for weird people," Kelly said furiously as she sat down on one of the raised bricks surrounding the garden along the street. Just then, a black SUV was coming in her direction. The car is heading from where Kelly was coming from. Kelly swung her fleshly hands in front moving it in an up and down direction, she is trying to stop the car. Seeing
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At the bar (1)
The morning sun brightened up the great City of France. It's Monday morning, which means another day of work for Kelly. After the incidents that happened the previous week which stressed Kelly up, Kelly was able to get rest on weekend. She lazied around and took a great sleep during those two days of the week.The thoughts that she would meet Mrs. Kim at work and the issue of the deal made her naseat. She couldn't imagine she would have to continue with the deal.Kelly hit the snooze button on her alarm clock lying on her bedside drawer. She stood up from her bed feeling so lazy and unmotivated. Kelly took off her nighties and hung them where she always kept them. She sluggishly worked into the bathroom. Kelly is found of bathing without her bathing rope or towel. She doesn't feel anything so special about it. After all, it's her room and she isn't sharing it with another. Within 20 minutes Kelly was done with her bathing. She dressed up looking so gorgeous. She made sure she paid at
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At the bar (2)
Mr. Brunnie stayed low profile so as not to be noticed by Kelly. He also kept an eye on her observing her movements."Can I have two Long Island Ice Tea?" a man ordered. He came with someone that looks like his lover. Wealthy people always come to the bar, and the man standing near Kelly is no exception. His dressing is an indicator that he is wealthy."Long Island Ice Tea?" Kelly thought "what drink is that? let me have a try" When the lover left, Kelly ordered the Long Island Ice Tea"Long Island Ice Tea, please" Kelly orderedThe barman served Kelly the drink and some ice cubes too. Kelly took two ice cubes and dipped them into the drink allowing the cubes to sink into the drink. The cubes like they were determined to prevent themselves from drowning rose above the height of the drink in the cup. Kelly took her first sip of the drink"WOW!!! it tastes good" Kelly reactedShe drank the whole drink in the cup and ordered more. Kelly finished the second cup of the Ice Tea she ordered.
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it rained emotions
It began as a whispering in the air. The day had been beautiful and the sky was like a dome of plasma blue. The clouds had looked like airy anvils drifting under the gleaming disc of the sun. Kelly quickened her pace as the clouds began to gather in the sky. When Kelly left work for home, the sky had been postcard-perfect, but it was changing. The beautiful cocktail-blue shade was beginning to darken into gravel-grey. Large pillows of cloud were forming, blotting out the old-gold color of the sun.Kelly got the first splatter of rain when she was halfway to the bus terminal. There was no bus at the terminal and no bus was coming or going from the bus terminal, which means Kelly had to wait a little longer for the bus. She took shelter under the shield built at the terminal, hoping that she could see out the shower. Droplets of moisture began to drip from the shield and they were sprinkling onto the floor like a gardener’s hose. Then, the rainfall became more intense. "I should have c
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Flash back
But as the car moved away from the lane and suddenly jerked back to its lane, it caused Kelly to almost fall off from Mr. Brunnie as she was wrestling with him. Mr. Brunnie immediately held a part of her body to prevent her from falling. But unfortunately, the part of Kelly's body that Mr. Brunnie held was Kelly's left thigh. Mr. Brunnie's head now lies under Kelly's bust and he could vividly see the pounds of flesh below Kelly's neck as the two buttons above Kelly's shirt weren't buttoned. "What's this again?" Kelly thought to herself. She could feel Mr. Brunnie's head under her bust. She retreated from wrestling with Mr. Brunnie and resumed her seat. She covered her face with her palms. She was so embarrassed that she felt the ground should open up and swallow her. She peeped between her palms to see Mr. Brunnie's reaction. It will be more embarrassing if she finds a smirk on his face.Mr. Brunnie's eyes gaze were centered on the headrest of the car seat in front of him. He placed t
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Scott made his way to the waiting room after the doctor told them they couldn't go in with Mr. Brunnie. Kelly followed after Scott and they both sat on the linked metal seats. "What could have happened to him?" Kelly thought. They were talking and even had disagreement before he went unconscious, and before he went unconscious, Kelly didn't notice anything wrong with him. Infact, he was okay and healthy. Kelly was so fearful that she felt her heartbeat pace faster. She hopes he won't die, but what if he dies? No, impossible! He can't die like that. Or maybe her hands are truly dirty and unsanitized. She shouldn't have stroked his lips with her filthy hands. Kelly looked at her hands once more, they aren't looking dirty. So what would have made Mr. Brunnie unconscious?. Kelly turned her neck to Scott. But to her amazement, instead of him to be worried, he was busy on his phone. Only God knows what he is so engross with on his phone. His attitude made Kelly feel like the incident that
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