Gilinka Mafia series The bodyguard

Gilinka Mafia series The bodyguard

By:  Dimpho Ntoi  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Gilinka Mafia family is a highly respected gang in Los Angeles and is well known in many countries. It is run operated by the Pakhan, Viktor Gilinka who is also Marina Gilinka's father. The daughter of the Mafia boss shares her experiences of having to grow up in the family. The bodyguard is one of those experiences.

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    5 chapters
    Losing Lydia
    Marina's POVGrowing up in the Glinka family was something difficult to adapt too. I often wondered what life would have been if my father was not a Pakhan. Maybe I would not have to walk with a bodyguard everywhere I went. That used to be exciting when I was still in the eighth grade, but now I am in the twelveth grade and I want to start dating like other normal girls my age. I used to have a normal life before, my father was not always this strict. Protective,yes! But not strict, well not to me. I did have a bodyguard but he did not follow me everywhere and if he did he made sure I couldn't see him. He's name was Simon and he had an enormous belly. You'd swear he swallowed a whole pig and kept it there. Miss Lopez, my Spanish teacher used to ask me a lot about Simon. The kind of music he likes, what he eats, where he goes when he's not working. I think she had a crush on him. She was just too proud to admit it and I was too scared to ask. Meddling in adult problem's, was not t
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    Working for two
    Present day"Marina what are you doing, it's getting late. I don't want your teachers to make another meeting." Viktor shouted. Marina ran down the stairs, she wore a full school uniform. A red skirt, white t-shirt, red tie as well as a white blazer that made her look mature and formal. Her black curled hair neatly pinned on one side. "I said I'm coming." Viktor instructed Robert, who was Marina's fourth bodyguard to keep an even closer eye on his daughter. Why was he the fourth? Well it's simple. Viktor was a mafia boss, he had many enemies and they wanted by all means to destroy him even if it meant abducting Marina and killing her slowly in front of him. All of Marina's guards died protecting her,leaving their loves behind. Viktor watched as the private car leave with Marina. He raised his hand to try and wave his daughter goodbye, but she turned her glance away from him. The man slid his hand back into his trouser pocket. He went to his office, then began to type on his compute
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    The death of another bodyguard
    Present day Marina’s Pov I arrived home late from school. It was not soccer practise that made it that way. I found my father standing in the kitchen with a man, they seemed serious. Maybe they are discussing a plan to rob a bank. I thought to myself.I couldn’t see the man he was standing with, as he was facing in another direction. It was probably one of my father’s brigade or thief. I didn’t even want to know. I dragged my school bag on the tiles. My father turned shot a glance at me, he shaked the man’s hand. Then walked towards my direction, with his worried look. “Why do you have blood on your mouth, did you get into another fight?” He asked. I rolled my eyes with irritation. I hated his constant over protection. I punched a kid in school, so what? “It’s nothing. I will be fine.” I said. “Where is Diego?” Diego was well the longest one bodyguard I had so far. He managed to survive two months, without getting shot. That’s a record. My bodyguard’s don’t last that long. Cons
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    Who is he?
    Marina's POV He acts like everything is fine. But I know that it's not. Diego was the closest thing to family. He loves him, he loves us. I could see the pain in his eyes when he l told him what happened to Diego, that they when I was in a fight. I could tell tell he was worried. When he received the news that the guards died, he was frustrated. But he wanted to be strong for me just as he was trying to be strong when Lydia died. I wish my father was more open to me. He pushed Lydia and I away whenever he was in pain. I love him, but I no longer bother to ask him anything about his feelings. He probably doesn't want to be asked anything. The call must be important. He has been outside for more than a minute, and he never stays on the phone for more than a minute. Call me crazy, stalker. But the truth is it is important to know what he does and where he goes. He's the only parent I have left now and somehow I feel like keeping an eye out. Why I feel this way,I wish I could tell you. I
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    Finding Lydia's killer
    Meanwhile Marina arrives home. She hears voices, they are coming from Viktors office. She goes on to peek since there are no guards around. “Are you sure about this?” Viktor asks. “I am sure boss. I saw him go there, more than three times now.” says a man’s voice. “I want you to keep following him. Tomorrow you will start working at the warehouse with him. I want to know what he does and says.” “Usif is many thing’s, but dumb isn’t one of those. He’ll know that I am after him.” “Do you have any other suggestion Kent?” “I think tapping his phone will be much more effective and safer.” “Fine. Do it!” “Thanks boss.” Marina hid behind the large vase that is on the left corner of the office. Kent leaves the room. Viktor also leaves, but he doesnt lock his door. Marina anxiously wanted to enter the office but decided to go to her room instead. She took out a book and began to read. Sunday approached. Viktor wore his perfectly tailoured jacket, then went to knock at Marina’s door.
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