I love you but no one know

I love you but no one know

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She was a mute with sophisticated past. Betrayed by her stepmother and sister, she was married to him at the age of nineteen. The flamboyant married was no love but s massive conspiracy. Then, out of business interest, he had to leave her for someone else, but end up in a trap. It wasn't till then did he realized where Hus true love lied. Was he making bigger mistake falling love with someone as broken as her?

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    9 chapters
    Chapter 01 A Pregnant Mute
    In the night. A man picked up the suit on the ground and quickly strode toward his room. Although they have been married for two years, Amelia Jackson and Kane Lavelle had never been sleeping on the same bed. When Amelia open her eyes again, it was already the next morning. And today was her 27- week pregnancy. Somehow, Amelia recalled that day when she came back from the hospital and handed the text report to Kane. When he saw the word "Positive.", his face immediately darkened. He just said indifferently, "I don't want it." At that moment, it seemed that Amelia was regretting why she had chosen to marry a man who didn't love her at all. When she had mixed feelings, she was disturbed by the voice of the nanny outside. "Ms. Amelia, it's time for breakfast." When Amelia went downstairs, Kane was already sitting at the table. He was wearing a formal suit. The sleeve of it white shirt were rolled up. And he was reading a newspaper. A Ganoderma cheese and lava tart were in front
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    Chapter 02 Why Was She Her
    About ten o'clock the next morning. Kane had just finished a meeting, when he returned to his office, his secretary was waiting for him to sign the documents. Kane leafed through it. But when he saw the last documents, his expression became increasingly somber. Hervey lean stood aside. He explained in a hurried, "As usual, the bonus to the Jackson family will be paid every quarter. These are the financial statements and checks of the financial department. Please review them. The bonus of the Jackson family every quarter was promised from the beginning of the marriage. When he thought of this, Kane was scowling. He closed the documents with the checks inside and pushed them to Harvey. "This is her family's business. Let her send it herself." His deep voice was cold and emotionless. Harvey instantly understood what Kane meant. He quickly picked up the documents and nodded, "yes, Mr. Lavelle." When Amelia received the documents from Harvey, she was sipping the hot water. She mi
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    Chapter 03 Marital Discord?
    All eyes were focused on the silver sedan. They stared breathlessly at the woman in the back seat, including Olivia. Kane stated at the outline of the woman in the car. He scolded with fury like a storm. Olivia looks at her with a sarcastic smile, excited by her arrival. But she pretend to be depressed. She held Kane's arms lovely and whined, "Kane, why is she here?" For a moment, Kane's face was ghastly. Olivia put on a pitiful and frightened look. She was trying to arouse Kane's feeling of affection. Kane stood still, glancing at Amelia as she slowly stepped out of the car. She was wearing a beige ankle-length dress and wedged heels. She was pregnant but very sexy, with a charming smile. Kane quickly looked away, with cruelty on his unfeeling handsome face. The surrounding press cheered that the two daughters of Jackson were all together. This would be tomorrow's front page. The reporters were so excited that they rushed to ask Kane questions with their microphones. "M
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    Chapter 04 Would He Believed You
    The sumptuous dinner party was full of wine. Amelia had been born out of wedlock, but she'd also been born into a wealthy family. But she never likes such occasions. Especially since she'd lost her voice, she'd become more withdrawn. Amelia felt her face stiff for smiling too much as Kane dragged her around the crowd and listened to all the compliments. Finally, they met hector Leach, Kane's best friend. The two men went drinking together. Amelia took the opportunity to a quieter place by herself. No sooner had she breathed a sigh of relief than a woman's shrill voice came to her ears. "You must be lonely here." Amelia turned and look at Olivia, who was walking in her direction. They have the same father. Olivia was adored by her parents, but she was ostracized by everyone. "It was Kane's great generosity that allowed your mute bast*rd to be here. Do you understand?" Olivia was puffed up Like a flaming fire. Olivia approached with a mocking smile and a delicate goblet. The
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    Chapter 05 I Will Make You To Living Death
    The dinner party was still going on. The light was shining, and the people were dancing and toasting. But there was no need for Amelia to stay longer. She was disappointed because of the coldness and hurriedly left the back of the hotel without the notice of anyone. The back door was just connected to the underground parking lot, and occasionally the car drove out. It was so quiet and desolate that it was destined to be difficult to take a taxi. She was alone. When she was about. To leave, she caught a glimpse of a pretty figure not far away, who was walking toward her, and the high kneel clacked on the ground. "You can't get the love of man. Like a stray dog." With a look of disdain, Olivia walked up to her. She looks cozy and complacent. Inexplicably irritated, Amelia clenched her slender finger. "I told you that Kane will never love you, why are you forcing yourself on him." Olivia sneered coldly as if she was the winner. "Even if Kane doesn't love me, he will never love O
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    Chapter 06 Disappointed
    "Kane." Olivia held Kane's arms. Her voice sounded so sweet and caring, "How is my sister? Will she lose her baby?" Her words astonished Mae. "What did you say?" Olivia quickly explained, "Sorry, Mrs. Lavelle. I was just telling the truth. My sister had been pregnant for months. If something happened, she will lose the baby." There was an undetectable gleam of joy in her sweet voice. But Mae traces that perfectly. "What are you talking about? The baby is the child of the Lavelle family and it will be the successor of the company. If you dare to keep up your curse, just get out of here!" Mae said angrily. Olivia was afraid. She pretend to be sorry and pulled Kane's arm miserably and apologized, "I don't mean anything else. Don't be mad at me Mrs. Lavelle." She looked so innocent that Kane couldn't bare to blame her. Finally, he said, "Both of you stop talking." At this time, the doctor walked out of the emergency room. He took off the mask, "The patient was fine for the time
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    Chapter 07 I Told You To Get Away
    Amelia didn't know that Hana was there.Standing at the door, Hana shakes the snack she holds and smiles.Harvey looked at her and had no idea what to say."These are all healthy stuff," Hana said, "I'm sure they won't do the baby any harm."Harvey felt a little awkward, so he left immediately and shut the door.Hana then put the snack on the desk. "You happy?" She asked Amelia.Amelia was a little overwhelming."You didn't get it?" Hana said, "Or did I do my work too well?" Amelia was more confused, asked her what happened in sign language.Hana then proceeds to tell her the whole story.Hana saw Olivia insults Amelia, so she knocked Olivia out, disgusting as Olivia, and hit Amelia with Olivia's car.She then finished the job by dumping the car two blocks away.After Olivia woke up, she found herself in the driver's seat and couldn't remember a single thing. That's why Mae panicked when she asked her where she was at that time.Amelia was shocked, she couldn't believe what Hana had
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    Chapter 08 She Was An Angelic Bitch
    It was past nine o'clock in the evening when Desmond arrived at the blue light club. After three rounds of shots, Hector held two beauties in his arms and started to sing Galway girls.Seeing Desmond coming, Hector stopped his singing and sat down beside him at once, "it's been a long time, Desmond."The two of them were always closeted. Hector had been loquacious all the time, but Desmond lit his cigarette and said nothing at that moment."I haven't seen you for so long, I missed you, do you miss me too?" Hector patted him on Tue back and pick up the glass shot.Desmond pushed his lip and leaned back with his leg crossed. He said in a deep tone, "f*ck off."They saw each other in the office yesterday.Hector hummed and take a shot. A bunny invited him to dance. As he answered, he got up and said, "By the way, she's back."Desmond keep smoking l, and his indifferent eyes were calm and cool.As Hector finished singing, Desmond's cigarette burned out. When he tried to toss it aside, a d
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    Chapter 09 I'll Give You A Prank
    When Desmond reached out his hand and open the door. The woman sitting in the coach heard the sound, and she know someone was at the doorstep, she turned to look at the person, but her eyes turned bright when she saw Desmond."Desmond, you drunk last night."Lilia got up. She had pretty makeup, and her long hair was loose. She saw in a new Givenchy dress that show off her figure.Hot and sexy, she had quite the figure."It was okay." In a deep voice, Desmond moves past her to the desk to drop the paper on the desk.Lilia looked at him, "you need to drink less in the future, of it will be bad for you. I saw that in your action that alcoholic is not part of your friend please stay away from it."He looked at her, and his cold eyes were unchanged. He suddenly said, "how much do you plan to stay this time?"Lilia thought for a Monet before she give him the answer to the question he asked. "I don't know, maybe I won't leave against at all."Desmond turned around, his eyes fixed to a point
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