The Alpha That Couldn't Remember

The Alpha That Couldn't Remember

By:  Naomi D.  Updated just now
Language: English
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Mona wakes up, trying to stab Kai and not remembering anything past the age of six. Instead of killing her, Kai rejects Mona as his mate and banishes her. But not before blaming her for the death of the people closets to her. Years later, Mona isn't the girl that couldn't remember. She is now Alpha Moon, the Alpha of the Wolvin pack, a group of former rogue women and a few men. She still can't remember everything from her past and every memory she gains leaves her with more questions. How could she do all these horrible things in a former life? And how can she protect her pack from new threats and old ones?

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58 Chapters
1. Memories
“Mate!” a male voice I didn’t know shouted. I looked down and saw myself holding a long thin silver knife. Why was I holding this knife? And why was he covered in blood? “What are you doing?!” the man growled at me. Did I hurt him?! He threw me off him and got out of the bed. What! The man was naked. Some part of me liked seeing him naked. He had this body that looked really strong and had a lot of muscles. Like a lot, lot. I stayed on the cold floor. Making myself as small as possible. I didn’t understand anything. “Where is my mama?” I asked the man, who was putting some pants on. “Your mama?! What the hell is going on with you.” He took the knife from my hand and took a good look at it. “This. This is the same knife that killed my sister. The same type of knife that killed your mother. It was you?! You killed them all?!” The man roared. I don’t understand. My mother isn’t dead, I just saw her yesterday? Was it yesterday? She made pancakes for me and tied my hair in bows.
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2. Witch or Bitch?
Moon's pov “Moon? Alpha Moon? Are you okay? Did you remember something?” I opened my eyes and stretched. “I’m okay, Mary. It was the same memory, from the night I was brought here. Nothing new sadly. Nothing helpful.” “I’m sorry, Alpha. Do you want me to get you some tea?” I nodded, “thank you, Mary. You’re a good friend.” Mary smiled at me, “anything for the woman who saved us all.” I didn’t save them all. I merely took over for Alpha Racheal when she was getting too weak. And I might have led the attack on a group of feral wolves three months ago. This pack was finally becoming something more than just a group of rogue women. I had even allowed a few man in. Mary left and shortly after the tent opened once again. “That’s quick, even for you.” I said. “It’s not Mary, my dear.” Rachael said. “She told me you had another nightmare. You should really stop using these herbs to jog your memories. Maybe they’re buried for a reason.” Racheal was like a mom to me. She had taken me
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3. Mona
Kai’s pov “Come back to bed, Raider.” Clara said looking seductively. She was looking really good, wearing some sexy red lingerie. We had been dating for a year now and she just moved in, but I think she was more invested than I was. Dad had told me I could only become Alpha was if I took a Luna. He thought it might help me and my wolf, Ronin. He also thought it would make me calmer. “He is wrong.” Ronin growled. “I need to check something out, Clara.” I said, kissing her deeply, “but keep that on, I will wake you up when I come back.” A rogue was captured near our border. Dad and Beta Norman were letting him rot in the dungeon for a bit, until they would interrogate him. I would give it a shot myself, I needed to let go of some of the anger I felt today. It was exactually seven years since Kimiko died. No, since Kimiko was murdered by Mona. Mona hadn’t just taken my sister, she had taken so much more from me. My relationship with Ronin was absolute crap, my dad refused to make
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4. Make Me Forget
Moon’s pov Shit, I shouldn’t have done this. I was the Alpha of this pack and I had a responsibility to them. Right now, I just wanted to crawl into bed, cry and never come out. “Get yourself together!” I shouted at myself inside my head. Angela shushed me, “don’t be so hard on yourself. You think Alpha’s can’t feel things? Can’t have hard days? That’s why you have a Beta and other packmembers to help you.” My Beta Jeanne was currently busy making sure the border was save and I didn’t want to bother her. I was already bothering Mary and Racheal with this. “They’re your family. They don’t mind.” Angela reassured me. But I didn’t feel reassured at all. If I could have killed Kimiko, maybe Kai was right and I did kill my own mother. And if I could kill her, the woman I had loved more than anything?! Then I must be evil. “You want to rest a bit?” Racheal asked me “I think I will just shift and hunt.” I said, needing to release some of this stress Would the memories hunt my dreams
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5. Visitors
Moon's pov Andres kissed me, while Lukas touched my breasts. Andres hands went lower, his fingers finding my nub in between my folds and he started rubbing it, while Lukas kissed my breasts. We moved to the bed, while their hands and mouths stayed on me. Lukas kept touching my breasts, while Andres put his head between my legs and started sucking and licking me. I moaned and arched my back when Lukas softly bit my nipple. Andres kept going, while Lukas explored my breasts. I didn’t touch the men. They were here to please me. Andres really knew what he was doing and when he inserted a finger and started moving it inside and out me, faster, I shuddered and came. I pulled Andres up and placed him on his back. I grabbed a condom from my nightstand and put it on him, getting some other things out for later. I placed the condom on his erection and I lowered myself onto him. I sat up straight, riding Andres who held my breast in his hands. I wanted to be in control of my body, because
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6. Freshly Baked Bread
Moon's povHow could it be Kai. I didn’t even remember him being the son of the Alpha. Or was he the Alpha now? What was his dad's name? Talon! Alpha Talon. His dad was named Alpha Talon, his mom Luna Asuka and he was the Alpha next in line. Would that have made me his Luna? I got pulled out of my thoughts when Kai growled loudly.“I told you to never call me that again, Mona.”He said my name as if it was something dirty. I wasn’t Mona. I wasn’t the girl he rejected that couldn’t remember anything. I was Alpha Moon and I was strong. And I needed to get my packmembers back.I growled back, still really naked and walked towards him. I didn’t miss his eyes going to my chest and my neck.“My name is Alpha Moon.”“That’s our mate!” Angela said, excitedly.No, he used to be our mate, but he had rejected us. I hadn’t rejected him back. At first I was too busy and then I didn’t want to. I know, it’s stupid. It’s not like I wanted Kai. But I had hurt him enough and rejecting him was really pa
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7. Negotiation
Kai’s povKai. That name was something only she had used. Growing up my mom used to call me by my middle name, Kaito. It was hard for Mona to pronounce, so she called me Kai. It had stuck for some reason.Fuck. I never thought I would see her again and especially not like this. She looked good, healthy. Shit, she looked really fucking good. Standing in front of all of us, butt naked and she didn’t even seem to care. The confidence this woman had, it was nothing like the Mona I knew. She had this aura that even made some of my men bend their neck. The Mona that I knew was shy and sweet. But well, I didn’t really knew that Mona either. That Mona was a serial killer. A lying monster who killed my sister, her own mother and two guards.I had rejected her and I hated her, but yet she had a hold on me. And she smelled so fucking good, like caramel. Only when I got into the car with her, I smelled something else. Someone else.“Well, turns out Moon is much freakier than Mona ever was.” My w
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8. First Time
Moon’s povIt surprised me how calm Kai was during the meeting. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. It looked like he was trying to help me. Well, not me, my people.“Can I have time to think about it?” I wondered out loud.One of the other Alpha’s, Alpha Damian spoke “we will be here for two more days. With permission from Alpha Paul of course, you are welcome to stay and tell us your answer by the end of that time.”Alpha Paul swallowed. Apparently he didn’t want people to know what I had done to him. He couldn’t just tell everyone I wasn’t allowed to stay or he would have to explain why.“She and two of her people can stay. The rest will be sent home.”Two, okay. That was not enough people to defend myself, but to be honest the four people I brought weren’t enough either. This whole place was crawling with soldiers and alpha’s. If I wanted out of this packhouse, I needed to either leave now or trust that they wouldn’t kill me.“They won’t kill you,” Angela growled. “I’ll kill as many of them a
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9. Lies
Moon's povI quickly freshened up. I put the dress on from yesterday, reluctantly. I really should have packed a bag before coming here.I went downstairs to eat breakfast, but every seat was already taken. Except one near Alpha Paul and his Luna. I looked around for another seat, but the Luna called out to me.I couldn’t remember her. It was obvious she was his Luna, by the seat she had taken and the way she acted around Alpha Paul. But I had no idea if I had seen her before.“Come, come! There is a seat here.” She said.She sounded nice, which made me feel even worse for trying to seduce Alpha Paul.“You’re Alpha Moon, right? My name is Luna Barbara, it’s nice to meet you.”I smiled at her and shook her hand, “nice to meet you too, Luna Barbara.”“Have we met before?” she asked, looking at my face intensely. “You seem familiar, but I’m sure I would remember a female Alpha.”I saw Alpha Paul swallow hard and shake his head no at me.“No, I guess I just have a common face.” I replied.
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10. Evil
Kai’s povI thought hurting her would make me feel better, but it didn’t. Losing my sister had been one the most painful thing I had ever lived through. The only thing that felt worse, was knowing it was the woman I loved, my mate, that had killed her.Yet, when she cried, all I wanted to do was hold her. Fucking mate pull was driving me crazy. Her scent was fucking everywhere. On some of the men of her pack, on the woman that came out of her room?! And now her scent had been outside of the conference room, eavesdropping on us.Why did she continue telling these lies?! It wasn’t like it mattered anymore. We needed her, so she could just come out and tell the truth. But here she was lying to Luna Barbara, to me, to her pack.“Maybe she isn’t lying,” Ronin said. “Something else is going on, I’ve been trying to tell you this for years.”I ignored him. Every time he came up with another reason why Mona wasn’t evil. How could my own wolf not see what was right in front of him?! That these
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