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Carina Dawson is a very hardworking beautiful Burnett from a humble but broke family. She struggles hard to make ends meet for her family after dropping out of school at the age of sixteen due to a bad circumstance. Her life was going a little well even though they don't have enough. That was until he came into her life. Or she made him come in. Drake Sunders is the most recognized and most famous young business tycoon in the whole of America. He's fearless and has his own gang with a lot of rivals and enemies. He's cold hearted and rude too. What happens when poor pretty Carina makes a silly mistake and is not forgiven? Drake grows interested in her and refuses to let go no matter what she does to get away. Her life changes and a deep truth is revealed. . Don't miss out on this intriguing story. Keep reading to find out more. . .

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CHAPTER ONE - A tight situation
CARINA.Thursdays are always very hectic for me as I always have to work overtime because more people come in the restaurant on this day. More customers come here because we have a special delicacy, a special recipe made by me. It used to be my grandma's secret recipe which she passed on to me. Everyone has tried to know the secret but I never gave it out even to my family members. By the way. My name is Carina Leslie Dawson. I'm a young Burnett, twenty-three, a cook and a single mom to my beautiful angel Fiona.    Fiona is the love of my life, she's six now and she's doing very well in school. She's everything to me and I'd never let anyone take her from me. I may have given birth to her under strange circumstances but I've gone past that now. I just can't wait to get home and see my baby. I live in a remote area with my parents and little sister with my daughter. We are not rich but I'm trying my
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              DRAKE    She looks like she's gonna shoot me any minute but her hands are saying otherwise. They're shaking, and I happen to recognize the gun she's holding. My gun. How on earth was she able to do that? I only got out not too long and she already took the gun from where I hid it. I'm impressed.         "Do you have any idea what you're doing and who you're doing this to?." I asked.       "I don't care who the fvck you are! You better behave or I'll blow your freaking head off!." She yelled.    I raised my hands in surrender even though I could take her if I wanted to. This whole thing is getting me excited and I want to know what she really wants. I want to know more about her and why she could dare stop me.       "Fine. What do you want?." I asked in a calm tone. &
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       CARINA    We eventually got to see Rosa yesterday though she was still sleeping. Mom stayed at the hospital while Dad, Fiona and I went back home. I woke up early and dressed Fiona up for school. Dad had to go to work so did I.Mom owns her own little business so she doesn't really have a problem.I dropped Fiona off at school and went to work. I saw a very expensive sports car parked right in front of our restaurant. The owner must be really wealthy. I shrugged and went inside only to meet the shock of my life. He was seated on the customer's seat and there's no one around. My feet went numb and my heart threatened to pop out of my chest. My hands started to shake. This is what I was so afraid would happen.       "You don't look happy to see me darling. Didn't you invite me?." He smirked.      "What are you doing here? I never invited you." I asked not knowing what
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CHAPTER FOUR - She's my slave
         DRAKEThe next day I went to work as usual and ordered my driver and one bodyguard to go get Carina to the mansion. I called her to inform her to get ready and not make me lose my patience. No one messes with me and actually goes scot-free. I was working on some files in my office when someone barged in. I know who always does this. Joe Reuben. My crazy best friend. He sat on the chair in front of me and stared without saying anything. I always get suspicious when he looks at me like that.       "Tell me everything I need to know right now. What did you do to that pretty girl? Did you kill her? Is she being held captive and punished? Are you sure you're not yet out of your fucking mind?." I sighed and palmed my face.       "You asked me more than one question at once Joe. Can you just calm down and let me explain." He scoffed and fold
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CHAPTER FIVE - Becoming his Slave
 CARINA.I got a text from Drake for me. He said he couldn't come pick me up but he's gonna send his driver to do it this evening. He also asked me to pack my things as I'll be living and working for him until he decides to change his mind. Not that I can't go but I'll have to beg him to let me check on my family at least. I can't let him know about my daughter because he may use her as a way to get to me. I'm scared to leave my daughter too but I don't have a choice. I already talked about it with my parents today. I lied about getting a new job as a cook at for a very wealthy couple and I need to move in with them. It was a bit hard getting them to believe me and agree to it but in the and I made them see reasons enough for them to let me go. I told them the pay was very good even though I don't know if he's going to pay me well considering the fact that I'm a thief. I'll just use the rest of the money as my upkeep till
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CHAPTER SIX - Cold and Heartless
   CARINA    "Where are the ingredients kept?." I asked her. She pointed towards a door, I walked towards it and opened it. Whoa. I walked in the store which looks like a market and took all the ingredients I needed. I'm making my special meal. The one I never tell anyone about the ingredients. Gina helped me cut some of the veggies as I cooked. But she never saw me make my special spice. I am very fast in cooking and I finished within thirty five minutes. I quickly served everything and took it to his special dining room upstairs. The place has a bar and its made of pure glass showing the view of the large garden and swimming area. Gina went to call him while I waited for him to get there. He came in already dressed in another white long sleeved shirt. I avoided his gaze as he sat on the chair. I didn't say anything as I began to serve him.         "Sir can I leave?." I asked in
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CHAPTER SEVEN - I'm not attracted to her
DRAKE    I got so angry when my mother told me about that man called my father. I can't believe she's being gentle about this whole thing. There's no way I'm ever letting that man into our lives. When my driver brought her home yesterday, I watched her get down from the car and into the house. She must be seeing such a house for the first time in her life because she kept staring at everything including me. I don't know why I feel somehow strange around her. I want to be wicked to her yet I'm holding myself back. There's no way I'm going to let her go after tasting her food. I didn't want to show her how much I loved the food she prepared yesterday. That's the first time I'm tasting something like that. Even this morning she surprised me by making coffee that is exactly the way I want it to be. And the food she prepared this morning is also good. Why am I even thinking about her anyway? I should not be thinkin
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CHAPTER EIGHT - In my thoughts
      CARINA    Thanks to Gina and the other maids, I was able to finish today's work on time. I've never been so used and drained. I keep thinking about my daughter Fiona. I miss her so much. After cleaning, I put a call through to my mom while preparing his dinner.         "Mommy?." I heard her little sweet voice from the other end.       "Yes baby its me. How are you doing?." I asked.        "I'm fine mommy. How are you?."       "I'm doing great darling. Where's mom and how come you're the one picking her call?."        "Mom quickly went home and left her phone for me to call grandpa if there's any emergency. I'm watching over aunt Rosa." She explained.        "How is she doing now?."       "She's better and she misses you. I miss
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CHAPTER NINE - Saved his life
        CARINA    After he threatened to make me suffer by using my family to get to me. I really began to truly fear him. He's really heartless and cold. I won't ever let him know about my daughter. I pray he doesn't find out about her. The lesson he knows about her the better for me. I don't want my baby to get into this mess. I can't bear to see her getting hurt. I woke up as early as I should and prepared his coffee. I took the coffee to his room and knocked. I didn't want to make the mistake I made yesterday so I waited for his reply. I don't want to do anything that will make him say hurtful things to me. I'm only going through this because of my sister. After waiting for a while with no response, I decided to go in before the coffee gets cold and I get another problem. I walked in and saw the boss still sleeping on the bed. This is unlike him because I heard he always wakes up early even if he's not goi
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CHAPTER TEN- Thank you and sorry
        CARINA    I dressed up after getting an emergency call from my dad that more money needed to be paid for Rosa's treatment. They're considering doing a bone marrow transplant but they're still monitoring her condition for now. I quickly went to pay the hospital bills, then I went to my daughter's school to check on her. Drake's driver kept driving me wherever I wanted. So I decided to get some ice cream for my daughter before going back. I was waiting for Drake's driver at the ice cream stand because he went to refill the gas. I didn't know where this car came from and splashed dirty water on me. It stopped. I got angry and went to knock it. The person at the back seat whined down meeting me with a surprise.          "Harry?." I called unable to believe my eyes.  He smiled at me. Then he got down from the car. He hugged me.     &nb
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