Chick-lit novels are a kind of literature which is written by women authors for females. This kind of novels usually takes women aged in twenties or thirties as their main characters to tell various stories from the perspective of females with a modern background. Chick-lit novels can be traced back to the end of 1990s when they topped the best sellers list in countries speaking English. Elements covered by chick-lit novels are massive, including romance, horror and so on. The market of chick-lit novels is in expansion although it is still a niche one now.

GoodNovel offers a vast collection of popular chick-lit novels and books online. Here you will read various stories about how females grow up gradually.

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Her Path of Thorns
Aarti Shankar
Tears were flowing through her cheeks from her blood shot eyes. Sniffing painfully she sat on the edge of bed. Her tears filled eyes were stuck on the shattered photo frame which she throw out of anger and pain. It was their marriage photo frame, the same photo which she used to admire once. But now, the same photo disgusts her whenever she looks at it.It sometimes the things which gives you happiness, the same things can give you pain too. Their whole room is a mess, just like her life. Wiping her tears Koushalya looked at those torn dairy pages along with few photo lying on floor , in which her husband was kissing another women. Love was visible in his eyes, sad thing is the love wasn't for her, it was for another women. Nothing can be more painful then, knowing your loved one loved Someone else more than you. She trusted him wholeheartedly, and now when she found out his secret , he lost the trust which she had on him. Koushalya, blankly stared the floor, her mind was telling her to leave him but her heart was begging her to stay. Somewhere, between her mind and heart she lost herself, her soul. Will she ever able to find her lost soul in that dark world of Sanjiv ? **** Meet Koushalya, Women with passion and broad thinking. Everything was perfect about her until she met Sanjiv, who showed her how does it feels to die slowly without letting anyone know. Somewhere between her husband Sanjiv and the fear of society she lost her own self. Will she find herself again ? -- I, Aarti Shankar welcoming you all in life of koushalya. To know further read the story and leave a review/feedback after reading it.
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