Chapter 1144 Never Meet Again

“She’s bringing some uncle to see my aunty.”

Anan’s reply made Jiang Sese rather curious. “Aunty?”

“Yeah, my mom’s elder sister, my aunty.”

Of course Jiang Sese knew that, she asked in confusion, “Isn’t your aunty…”

She recalled that Liang Xinwei had mentioned before that her sister had passed on a few years ago.

“Yeah, that uncle was my aunty’s friend back then.”

Jiang Sese instantly understood and smiled, “I get it now.”

She looked around and changed the topic, “Why don’t we decorate the place, so that your mom will have a surprise when she gets back?”

Anan’s eyes lit up, “Sure.”

Jiang Sese then turned to Gu Nian to say, “Go and get some balloons and streamers as soon as possible. We need to decorate the place before Weiwei gets back.”

“Alright.” Just as Gu Nian was turning to leave, he suddenly remembered something crucial. He turned and said, “Young Mistress, if somebody knocks at the door, you best not open it.”

Jiang Sese chuckled. “I know, I’m not that dumb
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