Chapter 1146 He Is My Life

Jiang Sese gripped the phone tightly, the room was so quiet her breathing was audible.

“What do you think?” Bo Gelian’s voice was light as a feather.

Jiang Sese closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. After a long while she finally spat out one word, “Fine.”

Bo Gelian laughed lightly, “That’s great. I’ll be waiting.”

After he said that, he hung up.

Jiang Sese put down her phone and sat on the bed for the longest time before she got up and walked out of the room.

Fang Yuchen was exiting the study after finishing his work to see Jiang Sese walking out of her room.

“Sese, didn’t you say you wanted to… go to sleep?” When she got closer, Fang Yuchen noticed that she had a grim expression. His smile instantly evaporated and he asked worriedly, “What’s the matter?”

“Bo Gelian contacted me of his own accord.” Jiang Sese stopped in front of him and recounted what had just happened.

Fang Yuchen frowned deeply when she finished, “Do you intend to acquiesce?”

“I don’t see any oth
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