Chapter 1148 Deceive You?

“Get off!” Bo Gelian snapped coldly.

Lisa’s expression changed, and she let go of him unhappily. She kept her gaze on her cold, handsome face. Even if she had prepared herself, she could not help but feel nervous.

“Why are you being so fierce with me?” Lisa maintained her composure as she whined at him.

“Why didn’t you return to Italy?” Bo Gelian asked sharply.

“I…” Lisa’s eyes shifted, and she pulled out an excuse, “I couldn’t bear to leave you, so I did not return.”

“Is that so?” Bo Gelian did not believe her at all.

She was not unwilling to leave him at all, but rather she could not get over her grudge with Jiang Sese.

“Of course.” Lisa lifted her head arrogantly, pretending to be offended.

Bo Gelian laughed coldly. “Lisa, you don’t need to pretend in front of me. We both know what you’ve done.”

What did he mean by that?

Did he already know about Jiang Sese’s injury?

Even though Lisa started to feel guilty, she still forced her confidence to say, “I don’t know
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