Chapter 1176: We’ll Wait For Good News From You

The next day.

Jiang Sese told Madam Jin she was going to the Capital, but Madam Jin immediately stopped her.

“Your wound hasn’t fully recovered, what are you going to the Capital for?” Madam Jin’s tone was a little heavy, and she seemed rather displeased.

“Mom.” Jiang Sese held her by the shoulders, “Don’t you want Fengchen to come back sooner?”

“Of course I do.” Madam Jin took her hand and held it before she sighed softly, “However, your body is just as important. Leave Fengchen to Fengyao and the others to handle, you should just wait patiently at home and recover.”

“Mom, I need to go and see Shangguan Qian myself, or else I won’t be able to sit still at home.”

Jiang Sese was adamant. She really wanted to see Jin Fengchen, and she wanted to know how Fengchen was immediately.

Madam Jin hesitated.

If she were to let her go, and any problems developed with the wound, it would be bad.

However, if she refused, Jiang Sese would also be unable to be at peace at home.

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