Chapter 1181 Retreat

Shang Ying turned and stared at Jiang Sese silently.

Jiang Sese felt uneasy being stared at, and she barely forced a smile, “Aunty, why are you staring at me like that?”

“Sese,” Shang Ying finally spoke.


“Could you please keep your personal thoughts in check?” asked Shang Ying.

Jiang Sese was a little puzzled and asked blankly, “What thoughts?”

“Did you intend to matchmake your cousin with Liang Xinwei?”

Jiang Sese pursed her lips without answering.

She did indeed have this thought but not anymore. After all, since her cousin had already said as much. It would be pointless now if she continued to match him with Weiwei.

Shang Ying sighed, “I told you, I want Yuchen to find a wife that could help with his career and not a widower who is dragging a child along.”

A widower dragging a child along?

It seemed that her Youngest Aunty had a huge misapprehension of Weiwei.

Jiang Sese felt it was necessary to set the record straight but was stopped by Shang Ying before she
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Angela Stevens
What the he'll Ye Zhang, Fengchen and Sese no more plotting against these two people they have children and that stupid Shanguan Yuan get her out of the story. My God leave these 2 people alone and go back to finish other storylines in the book.

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