Chapter 1291 Throw Her Out!

Seeing that Jin Fengchen’s expression was off, Shangguan Yuan panicked and took the initiative to speak first.“Jiang Sese, he has forgotten you and his past; how could he live this life with you? What's more, the person he loves now is me!”

Hearing this, Jiang Sese laughed sarcastically. “You’re very good at deceiving yourself. Does he really love you? Isn't he marrying you out of gratitude?”

“He loves me!” Shangguan Yuan's voice rose, as if to hide her lack of confidence.

“Really?” Jiang Sese looked toward Jin Fengchen. “Say it. Do you really love her?”


Jin Fengchen wanted to answer, but he hesitated when he stared into Jiang Sese’s clear eyes.

“Fengchen, quick. Tell her that the person you love is me!” Shangguan Yuan tightly grasped Jin Fengchen’s arm and urged, “Say it!”

Jiang Sese sneered. “He doesn't love you. What do you want him to say?”

“Nonsense!” Shangguan Yuan glared coldly at her. “He loves me. Don't try to destroy our relationship!”

“Your relationship?” Jian
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