Chapter 1294 The Result Was Quite Favorable

Fang Xueman was concerned about Jiang Sese and wanted to stay with her.

She was denied.

“I'm fine, Mother. Youngest Aunty will be here with me. Don't worry.”

“That’s right, Sister. You’re not in good health. I would need to take care of you too if you stay.” It was not that Shang Ying did not want to take care of her, but only by saying this would she go home.

“That’s…” Fang Xueman thought about it seriously and finally decided to go home.

Before leaving, she specifically told Shang Ying, “Yingying, if anything happens, remember to tell me. Don’t hide anything from me.”

Shang Ying smiled helplessly. “Very well, I will.”

Fang Xueman then left at ease.

“Look at how worried your mother was. You have to stop acting so impulsively in the future, understand?” Shang Ying looked at Jiang Sese with a serious expression.

Jiang Sese nodded. “I will.”

“Rest early. I shall accompany you tonight,” said Shang Ying.

“Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” Shang Ying moved forward and helped cover h
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