Master Ou's Surrogate Ex-wife
Master Ou's Surrogate Ex-wife
Author: Blue Mountain Mist

Chapter 1 Do I Need to Make it Clear?

'Yao Yiyi, I'm back! Qingheng is mine, so if you're willing to quit the game, I'll give you 20 million as compensation fees.'

The corners of Yao Yiyi's lips curled up when she saw the message on her phone screen. Apparently, this message had been sent by Ou Qingheng's lover who had left him four years ago due to personal reasons. After this, Yao Yiyi had the honor of serving as her surrogate.

Yao Yiyi took the phone and went into the bedroom. She stood there infatuated for a while, fully captivated by the tall man who was standing by the bedroom window. After some time, she snapped back to reality and walked swiftly towards him. She then wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered softly, "President Ou, Miss Yang sent me another message just now. Should I give her a call and make our relationship clear to her?"

"No need," Ou Qingheng replied in a cool tone, "I've asked my lawyer to draft out a divorce petition. All you need to do is sign the papers when it's done."

Faking a sad expression, Yao Yiyi said, "That's sad, but congratulations, President Ou. You can finally be in the arms of the one you love."

Even without looking at her face, Ou Qingheng caught the briskness in her voice.

If this woman ever felt sad, it would shock him as much as if he were to see the sun rising in the West.

Yao Yiyi was about to take her hands off his waist after saying this, but the man quickly grabbed a hold of it before pulling her into his broad chest.

Nestled in his arms, Yao Yiyi raised her chin and welcomed his kiss.

Panting slightly, she murmured while leaning into his chest, "President Ou, Miss Yang, the woman whom you always think of, is coming back to you soon. Aren't you afraid that she'll be jealous after seeing us like this?"

"For now, you're still Mrs. Ou." In other words, as long as they were not officially divorced, she was still obligated to carry out her duties as his wife.

Raising her chin, his lips fell onto hers once more.

Honestly speaking, he liked Yao Yiyi very much. Apart from looking very similar to the woman he loved, he was especially attracted to her hot and curvy body.

Men are visual creatures. Unless they really love a woman, the most important feature of a woman is their physical appearance. After all, all men would love a hot and gorgeous-looking woman, not a weary, old lady.

"President Ou, I just got home not long ago, and I'm drenched in sweat. I'll go and have a shower first." Yao Yiyi said while sliding out of Ou Qingheng's embrace like a snake.

Looking at her with an indifferent expression, Ou Qingheng asked, "Should I join you?"

Giving him a wink, Yao Yiyi stepped into the bathroom and leaned out slightly before replying, "President Ou, I like taking showers alone." With that, she closed the door.

Four years ago, his beloved woman had left him due to a misunderstanding and did not show up for their wedding. After this, he found a woman who looked just like her to act as a replacement, even going so far as to marry her. In doing so, he greatly surprised the others by revealing that his bride was no longer the daughter of the Yang family.

Everybody said that he had embarrassed the daughter of the Yang family, but both families knew that it was Yang Kexin who had dumped him. In reality, the Yang family even felt sorry for him. However, since he loved her so much, he did not take revenge against the Yang family, but instead, found a materialistic woman to be her replacement instead.

The Cinderella who was brought into the spotlight was none other than Yao Yiyi.

After having a shower in the bathroom, Yao Yiyi changed into a newly bought dress, did some light makeup, then went downstairs.

She walked towards Ou Qingheng, who was in the middle of his dinner, and gave him a light peck on his cheek before smiling at him. "President Ou, why didn't you wake me up for dinner?"

"I didn't want to. You were sleeping soundly." Ou Qingheng put some food on his plate and said.

Giving him another kiss on his cheek, Yao Yiyi turned towards the kitchen and called out, "Aunt Wu, I'm hungry."

A short while later, a chubby, middle-aged woman with a happy face was seen walking out of the kitchen with a few dishes. "Young Master just said that Young Mistress might sleep a little longer as you seemed tired, so he asked me to save some dishes for you. I didn't expect Young Mistress to be up so soon."

Yao Yiyi sat down with a smile. Seeing that Aunt Wu had prepared all of her favorite dishes, she complimented her, "Aunt Wu, you're the best. These are all my favorite dishes."

"Please eat more, Young Mistress. You're finally back home, and I expect to see you putting on some weight. You look a bit thinner now since the last time I saw you. It's a good thing that you're back--I'll prepare your favorite dishes every day from now on," Aunt Wu replied with a smile.

Ou Qingheng had almost finished eating when Aunt Wu went back to her work. He wiped his mouth and said, "Go home and accompany mother tomorrow. Dad is on a business trip, so she must be bored alone at home."

"Yeah, sure."

Looking at Yao Yiyi's sweet smile, Ou Qingheng was temporarily dazzled. He knew that she looked a lot like Yang Kexin, but he did not expect her to appear even more like her when she smiled. Compared to Yang Kexin, she also had her own unique personality.

"Be a good girl to Mom."

"Yes, President Ou."

When she saw Ou Qingheng getting up from his seat, Yao Yiyi got up too. She then pointed at her cheek playfully and said with a smile, "President Ou, I want a goodnight kiss."

Ou Qingheng glanced at her before walked towards her and giving her a light peck on her cheek.

"You'll have to have dinner alone. I still have some unfinished work."


They were like an old couple who had been married for years; a pair who had gotten used to each other's lifestyle. Although there were no pretty flowers or fancy dresses to make it obvious, one could see that they got along pretty well. Who would have thought that their marriage was actually on the verge of divorce?
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