Chapter 472 I Just Want My Wife And Children

When Gu Anran returned to Mu Zhanbei's ward, the man was still motionless on his bed.

"Has the doctor been here?" Gu Anran asked.

Li Ye nodded, "The doctor said that it was difficult to explain what is happening to Eldest Young Master Mu, even from a medical's perspective.

"The doctor also mentioned that he would wake up if we have enough faith in him, and when he is willing to wake up."

"Faith?" Gu Anran sat on the side of the hospital bed as she looked at Mu Zhanbei. His face was pale due to excessive blood loss.

"You will have to make him feel as though he would still have a bright future when he wakes up."

A bright future! That was what Eldest Young Master Mu had talked about. He could have whatever he wanted. Was that not as bright a future that anyone could ask for?

Gu Anran lowered her gaze to look at him. There was a frown on his face even when he was unconscious. She understood what Li Ye meant. However, she dared not make any promises.

"Miss Ranran, I can't force you
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