Chapter 9 Skills in Tooting Your Own Horn

Xu Yi glared fiercely at Ye Shaotang. She looked at him like he was a sworn enemy and said coldly, "If my Chinese zodiac was a dog, I would eat you alive and chew you like a piece of bone. So that you'll know not to provoke me, Xu Yi.”

Ye Shaotang replied in an equally cold voice, “How ridiculous. I’ve never seen such a rude and unreasonable woman like you. I’m telling you now. You refused when I asked for a divorce, and now, I’m also refusing your proposal to a divorce. We’ll just drag this on. I want to see if I’ll be the one who could not stand this first, or you’ll show your true self first!”

Xu Yi scoffed. “I’m not afraid to tell you that even if I showed my true self, I would take you down with me. Ye Shaotang, I can look past the fact that you bullied the Xu Yi from before, but now you still want to bully the current Xu Yi. You’re truly overestimating yourself.”

Seeing that Ye Shaotang was about to retort, she mocked, “Ye Shaotang, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. Your mom is very dependent on me now. If you dare to wrong me in any way, don’t blame me when I don’t do anything when something were to happen to her in the future.”

Ye Shaotang gritted his teeth and mumbled, “Only women and small-minded men are hard to deal with.”

“Yeah, not only am I a woman, but I’m also a small-minded woman. What’s wrong? You’re unable to handle a person like me, someone who is not only a petty woman but is also the pettiest of all women? The solution is simple, get a divorce!”

Xu Yi looked at Ye Shaotang arrogantly. She taunted, “But too bad, you need me to coax your mother so you don’t have the balls to divorce me. You’re scared that you can’t handle her the next time she has an outburst.”

Compared with Xu Yi’s radiance, Ye Shaotang was calmer. He was watching Xu Yi like she was a retard trying to get his attention. In the end, he closed his eyes and ignored Xu Yi.

No matter the time and place, it should only be appropriate to find someone on par if one were to engage in a match.

Ye Shaotang sat there with his arms crossed. It was obvious that he did not want to give in to Xu Yi’s taunts. He was trying to find inner peace.

Looking at Ye Shaotang, Xu Yi was unsatisfied, but she could only stare at Ye Shaotang and do nothing. In the end, she also imitated Ye Shaotang. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. She did not want to pay attention to him.

Initially, she just wanted to rest her eyes, but perhaps she was too tired from today, she fell asleep.

When Ye Shaotang poked her awake, Xu Yi only noticed she was already in front of Ye Shaotang’s mansion.

She glared at Ye Shaotang and said peevishly, “Get me back to the Xu family mansion. Who asked you to bring me here?”

If it was before, Ye Shaotang would not care if Xu Yi wanted to come here or go to the Xu family mansion, as long as she was not an obstacle in front of him.

But today, Ye Shaotang wanted to oppose Xu Yi. He stared at Xu Yi and crossed his arms. He chuckled coldly, “You are my wife and you’re always at your family’s home instead of ours. Why? Do you want the paparazzi to see this and say that I, Ye Shaotang can't even control his wife?"

Xu Yi jabbed Ye Shaotang’s chest rudely and mocked, “Why? Since when did the young master become so fearful? Come to think of it, those poor paparazzi. Those people with power will seek revenge from them if they put out fake news. But if they were to report the truth, they’re afraid that they’ll provoke those rich and famous. If it were up to me, Young Master Ye, don’t blame me for not telling you the way. How nice would it be if you were to divorce me? We should go have fun separately, in that case, no one would bother you anymore.

“You want a divorce? Dream on!”

Ye Shaotang opened the car door and walked out. He purposely circled the car around to Xu Yi’s side. He opened the door and ordered, “Get out!”

Xu Yi also has her temper. She sat firmly in the car. “No!”

Ye Shaotang became silent for a while. When Xu Yi thought Ye Shaotang wanted to compromise, his arms reached inside the car without warning.

Xu Yi did not dodge in time. Ye Shaotang grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the car.

When she remembered Ye Shaotang used to treat Xu Yi roughly as well, Xu Yi could not suppress her anger. She lifted her knee without a second thought and aimed it at Ye Shaotang’s crotch just like what she did to the frigid bastard, Zhang Shaodong.

“You rude and barbaric shrew!” Ye Shaotang dodged the attack and used this opportunity to fling Xu Yi onto his shoulder. He walked swiftly toward the entrance of the mansion.

Xu Yi had never been treated like a burlap sack in her whole life before.

Xu Yi was shocked, angry, and shameful at the same time. She did not hold herself and roared at Ye Shaotang, “How dare you say that I am rude and barbaric. You should look at how gentle and docile the previous Xu Yi was. Ye Shaotang, you killed the previous Xu Yi. Who are you to say the current Xu Yi is rude and barbaric when you’re a murderer.”

Perhaps it was because of the sudden outburst of emotions that was brewing inside of her, Xu Yi’s tears started falling from her eyes uncontrollably. In the end, she started wailing loudly.

Ye Shaotang started to feel curious about this woman when she started crying right after behaving like an invincible female warrior. He slowed down his pace.

Xu Yi was in her own world. She did not notice the difference in Ye Shaotang. She was crying while wiping her tears from her face. She roared at Ye Shaotang furiously, “I’m telling you, the gentle and virtuous Xu Yi won’t be coming back. Prepare yourself to face this rude and barbaric Xu Yi. If you can’t stand me anymore, just get a divorce. I will agree with it instantly.”

After Ye Shaotang opened the door, he placed Xu Yi down. Seeing how she ran away without hesitation so that he could not grab her, Ye Shaotang laughed and said, “The Xu Yi before was indeed gentle and virtuous, but that fake demeanor looked extremely disingenuous. On the other hand, this rude and barbaric Xu Yi looked more genuine.”

Xu Yi did not think Ye Shaotang would comment that. She gritted her teeth and said coldly, “Hmph, you’re taking it for granted. From this day on, you won’t be treated gently anymore. You missed out on the woman who loved you the most, you selfish idiot!”

Ye Shaotang never had a good temper, but since his interest piqued for Xu Yi, he could bear with her a little bit more.

When he heard Xu Yi said that, his face darkened. He chuckled coldly and said, “I’ve seen a lot of people boasting about themselves, but I’ve never seen one like you. Your skills in tooting your own horn still needs some polishing.”

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