Chapter 628 Old Mister Yallaton Is Dying

The first person to realize that Old Mister Yallaton had fallen on the ground was the housekeeper, after he took the coffee from the storeroom. Following that, he anxiously ran downstairs and opened the study room door.

Right then, Wilfred was still on a call with the construction staff in Harbour City. He heard a voice shouting in panic from the back. “Mister Yallaton, Old Mister Yallaton just fell down…”

About twenty minutes later, Old Mister Yallaton was sent to the hospital’s Emergency Department by an ambulance.

Before the doctor entered the operating theater, he appeared worried and sympathetic. “Your father has recovered pretty well this year, but the accident today doesn’t look promising. Please prepare for the worst, Mister Yallaton.”

Wilfred looked down and clenched his fists. After the doctor walked far away, he gently hummed and leaned on the wall at the side.

At this time, the housekeeper who stood at the side blushed. His body trembled as he complained, “Mister Yall
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