Chapter 10

Rex could barely hold his attention in his class, the only thing he could think about was dinner plans, what meals he wanted to try, dining setup, he was putting a lot of thought into trying to make the night memorable.

The sound of the end-of-class bell brought him back to reality, quickly packed up and he made his way to his bike. Nothing had made him this happy in a long time, he was not going to ruin it!

Rex peddled quickly as he made his journey home, wanting to give himself as much time as possible to be prepared.

Galloping into the house after dropping his bike off he was that preoccupied he nearly ran into Iris.

"What has you in such a hurry!!??" She cried out just being able to jump to the side in time.

"I'm going to need your help gran, I have a visitor coming for dinner tonight!!" He chirped.

Must be an important person Iris thought, "who is this visitor?"

Blushing a little, he said sheepishly, "It's a girl from school."

"My my is that so?" Iris grinned, "what do you
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