Chapter 5: Dalton's bitch

Chapter 5

“Hey, Dan. What's with the buildings that caught your eyes for about thirty minutes now?” Alec, who's sitting on the front of Daniel's desk asks, as he plays the pen on his fingers. He raises a brow when his boss doesn't seem to hear him.

Daniel on the other hand stays in his position, as he keeps his eyes wandering the busy street. Something in his mind won't stop bothering him, as his heartbeat runs fast. He can't tell if it's good or not, but all he knows is he can't stop himself from smiling. Daniel lets out a sigh before he turns back to his deck, only to see Alec grinning at him.

Daniel raises a brow, as Alec wiggles his brows. “What's with your face?” Daniel asks, earning a chuckle from Alec.

“That's my question too, Dan. What's with your face?” Alec repeats as he flashes his teasing smirk.

The not-so-clueless Daniel continues to walk towards his desk. “What do you mean?” He asks innocently before sitting on his swivel chair.

Alec shakes his head in disbelief. It's obvious that Daniel knows what he's talking about. “It's been a while since I've seen you smile like that, Man. Your smile is like ‘Ooh, I had seen a girl.’ look, Dan.” 

Daniel's forehead creases and his brows meet, as he speaks. “Really?” He asks, and Alec nods.

“Uh-huh,” Alec mutters in response.

Daniel's lips curve into a smirk. “Well, I actually had seen a woman.” He says, leaning his back on his swivel chair, causing Alec's grin to widen even more.

“Ooh, mind telling me about that ‘woman’?” Alec asks with anticipation.

Daniel's chest heaves, bringing a sigh of relief to his lips, as he thinks about the ‘woman's’ fine looks that seem to stay in his head. But then he remembers something about her, as he decides not to bring it up. 

Daniel narrows his eyes at Alec before he speaks. “I can't tell you much because I didn't really see her face.” He says, wanting to cut the topic.

“You didn't see her face? Man, where were you staring at? Her booty? Hmmm, I knew it.” Alec rambles, as he massages his chin using his right hand.

“I'm not like you, Alec.” Daniel chuckles, as Alec nods teasingly.

“Hmmn, okay. We'll see about that when you see her again.” Alec says as he averts his eyes to his watch. “Oh, son of a pie crust! I didn't see the time.” 

Daniel raises a brow, seeing the shock on his face. “What about the time? Don't tell me there's a meeting, again? Are you really a secretary?” Daniel asks as he massages his temples.

“No, you have no meeting today, Dan. But this is more important…” Alec says.

“Then what?” 

“It's lunchtime, Dan. I'm hungry.”



“Mmm, strawberry cheesecake is the best.” Vicky lets out a moan, catching the attention of the people eating at the Cafe, where they decided to eat.

Anastasia chuckles at her, as she takes a bite on her sliced vanilla cake. “Easy, girl. Don't moan here. There are kids staring at you.” She says, noticing the giggling children.

Vicky turns her head to look around, only to see some men looking at her ‘friend’. “Oh, well look at their fathers. Look—I mean don't look! They're looking at you, girl.” She hisses, as she taps Anastasia on her arm.

Anastasia raises a brow, and says, “The blame is on me then.” as she looks at Vicky. “Anyways, mind telling me about your job? You're the what?” She decides to ask, wanting to know more about her.

Vicky lets out a sigh, as a frown drops on her face. “I'm actually Sir Dalton's secretary, but he told me to do the work because the supposed assistant manager is ill, and Sir Dalton doesn't like having someone in his office, just like Sir Daniel.” She rambles, making Anastasia widen her eyes.

“Okay, you can breathe you know,” Anastasia says, jokingly, as she shakes her head.

“Sorry, ahem.” Vicky mutters as she sips on her iced coffee “So, your turn. Tell me about you, being a writer.” She asks, somehow making Anastasia stop eating.

After a couple of seconds, she speaks. “It's not that much. Just write and write. It's my, um my—one of my passions.” She stammers. “I was a kindergarten teacher a year ago, but it was boring so I decided to resign after the school year. I like writing more than teaching those crybabies.” She explains, huffing.

“Oh, well I don't blame you. I almost sold my brother online because he's so annoying. Always pulling stupid pranks on me. He always says it's his responsibility to annoy me.” Vicky grumbles before an awkward silence drops in their direction, only to be cut by a ringing phone. She raises a brow when she sees the message on her phone.

Without a second, Vicky clears her throat “Hey, girl. I need to get going now. Thank you for the lunch. I'll see you around.” 

“Oh, wait…” Anastasia mumbles, unsure. “Nothing, I'll see you around.” Shaking her head, Anastasia waves her hand before Vicky makes her way out of the Cafe. 

She sits there for some minutes, her eyes blank with a thin smile on her lips. Breathing a sigh, she decides to stand up, putting a good tip on their table. And as she walks towards the exit, she can feel uncountable eyes, boring into her, bringing a smirk on her lips. 

Making it out of the Cafe, Anastasia finds her way back to the company's parking lot, where she left her car. She immediately hops inside, and without wasting any second, she starts the engine. It seems like the simple conversation she was having with the girl she befriended, touches some part of her heart.

“Yeah, that's it, b*tch. Suck it good.” Dalton grunts, as he thrusts his hips to her face while he's pulling her from the nape, making the head of his c*ck reach the back of her throat.

The sound of the girl's gagging fills the car, as Dalton continues to abuse her mouth, pushing his c*ck into her abused throat. 

Dalton smirks as the girl looks at his pleasured face, as he doesn't stop thrusting at her face. “I'm close. Do not f*cking spill any drop or you'll be jobless after this. You get me?” He says gruffly, threatening her while he's hardening his grip on the girl's nape.

The girl's eyes widen in shock, but she immediately nods her head, twirling her tongue on the base of his monstrous shaft. “Keep your hands on your back,” Dalton says between his grunts, as he fastens his pace, making the girl gag even more.

He decides to choke the girl before shooting his load straight to her throat while keeping her face in place, shoved into his pelvic. He shivers for a second lifting the girl's face. He smirks. “Get out of my car now.” His words sound deadly, making the girl shiver in fear.

Feeling agitated, the girl speaks. “But I haven't cummed yet.” She says, begging for attention.

Dalton on the other hand can't help but chuckle in pity, as he caresses the girl's cheeks. “Oh, this isn't about you. Now, get out of my car.” 

The poor girl's jaw drops in disbelief, as she opens the door on her side. Without any second, she hears the car engine, starting, bringing tears to her eyes.

Dalton smirks, as he stuffs his shaft back into his black pants. He immediately leaves without looking back at the girl. His phone suddenly rings, and he picks it up.

“Thanks for bringing my car here, Man,” Dalton says, as the man on the other line chuckles.

“Just don't hop on a stranger's car when you're drunk. Anyways, you f*cker, there was a f*ucking blood on your bedsheets.” Dalton hears his best friend hisses.

“Oh, did I screw the slut that hard? I'm hanging up now, I'm driving.” Dalton chuckles before he hangs up, not waiting for his best friend to respond.

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