As planned I went to my class room and sat beside sonia on which she gave a confused look and the girls started to gossip.

Man!! Can't they focus on their own work for once.

"Umm Hii" I said initiating a conversation.


'Damn it's really much more difficult than I thought it would be. May be the boys were right. ' I thought.

She looked up from her book and nodded her head in acknowledged.

God!! Her doe eyes.  Man!! they were mesmerising beautiful.

She had a thick layer of khol applied in her eyes. She always did that. It was her regular make up just a thick layer of khol.

Which actually complimented her big brown-black eyes. Her eyes and her hair colour were same as her eyes brownish.

Her brown butt length hairs were always tied up in high pony tail and her sharp features , her fair complexion completed her look. Over all she was beautiful and admirable.

" how are you are?"I asked, not wanting to end our conversation.

" m good Howz you " she replied with a soft smile.

" I m good too." I replied shyly . I didn't know why but I was feeling so shy all of sudden. I looked up and saw the boys coming in class.  They nodded their head towards me and smiled knowingly . they came and took  their seat on our regular place.

"Ain't you going to sit with them?" asked sonia tilting her head.

" umm no I-

I was about to answer some excuse but cut off  in between by my buzzing phone.  I took it out of my trouser pocket. It was a text from Ayaan.

" Howz things going on? ???" It read.

" not well:'(" I replied.

"Why??? What happened? "He asked.

"She is not willing to talk with me. The book has all off her attention. "I replied sadly.

" then capture her attention. "He replied I can imagine his smirk.

"How??" I asked confused.

How could I capture her attention from that stupid book.

stupid book!! God I hate books.

" dude talk to her don't sit like an idiot.  Make a conversation. Use your charm.;-)" he replied.

Well thank you genies but I think I was trying to do the same. ….Nalayk.

I locked my cell phone and turned my attention towards Sonia again .-'Yes dude just capture her attention you can do it'

" umm sonia I was thinking if you could help with consignment chapter of accounts I am having some difficulties in solving it. " I said giving her my best excuse to spend time with her . And she looked.

Good shot surya. I patted my back mentally.

" ya sure why not" she replied with a smile.

Freak!!! Her smile is gorgeous.

I turned a little to capture boys reaction and they made some faces and mouthed loser, idiot, gadha to me.

Namakools! !

And next second my phone again buzzed. I opened it.

" what are you doing idiot.  Consignment seriously! !! That's the best you can come to. You are the biggest dumb surya. I really wonder how we became friends even." It read with a lots of punching and angry emo.

" than what should I talk.?" I asked. I meant what's the problem in consignment.

"Anything except studies.  Dude compliment her girls love complements. :-);-)  " it read.

Compliment ???? How?? I thought .

Yes!!!got it. With that I turned towards her with a big goofy grin.

"Hey sonia your dress is looking very beautiful. It suits you a lot. You are looking very pretty in it." I said smiling cheekily.

I turned a little see thier reaction and they face palmed themselves and harsh showed me a punch.

And about sonia she gave me confused look.

What! ! Girls love compliments right and I gave it to her.

" you are a biggest idiot you know. " My inner voice mocked at me . and I ignored him

" today I am ashamed to be called your inner voice. " he stated .

" Stop taunting me Ullu and tell me what did I do." I asked him.

And he laughed at me.

" you complimented her on her school uniform Gadhe. " he replied as matter of fact.

And I realised my mistake.  I turned towards her slowly and looked at her. She was still giving me a confused look.

" wo you tied yours hairs differently na that's why and it's looking good with our school uniform. " I defended myself.

She just nodded her head and again focused her attention to her book and breathed a sign.

Man!! I really sucked when it came to women.


The lectures went by smoothly and I spent a lot of fun moments with sonia we decided to meet in our city's library at 3:00 for studies on Friday.

It all felt like a fairy tale to Me.  Indeed the starting was a bit of line due to my nervousness but later I actually became a little brave & started a smooth conversation on my own ignoring my continues buzzing cell phone.  We talked about studies, books , new movies, of course our upcoming exams of 12th board and our future plans too.( Nerds!!)

Overall I came to know her more and things were going on right track.

She said she wanted to do MBA from california university as it was her dream after her dida's explanation.

She also shared her little family moments and they were quite funny. I shared mine too.

Luckily we got a free period too and it gave us about 50 minutes of spare time to stay together and we talked our heart out.

The boys acting really genius and left us on our own. 

!!!! I am grate full for that  .

That new growing friendship bound was really overwhelming for me.

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