A Game Of Chess

A Game Of Chess

By:  Psycho-chan  Ongoing
Language: English
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What is a queen without her king? Technically more powerful.Callisto is young, beautiful, intelligent but all a deadly poison. Callisto is patient wanting one thing her sister begs to sacrifice...a throne.It's now a gamble, a game on who can tame the wild lioness who functions without a pride before she tames them?

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32 Chapters
"Callisto come child." Father said as I stood up from where I studied, following father who carried himself like the Greyjoy he was. A blue blood loved and adored for our famous unique green eyes and service in the royal family.Eight years old, young and foolish people always called me but strangely, wiser than any man at forty without a grey on my red hair. I was a glutton like the wizard Merlin in the legends was known to be.Father was a handsome man no lie. Tall, brunette with little grey hairs that proved he was older than he appeared. Green eyes so corrupted, I felt stained staying by the man who raped my mother to conceive me before tricked my pitiful and weak mother's family into letting him take her as his second wife.Who could blame the man? He was foolishly in love with my mother who was in love with a slave and in spite, he just took what he believed was his. Every thinks I don't know about the history of my birth but as the say, the walls have ear
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"Lips as red as blood, hair as soft as wool, skin as pale as snow, hair darker than ebony, that was the woman, Sasha Lovelle was." My teacher taught as I stared at my half sister, Hildegard who seniored me with three years.Hildegard, pretty little thing she was, with a mixture of my father and her mother, Cecile. Blonde hair that was always braided like she was a lonely maid, style so simple and face breathtaking with green eyes that shimmered and showed an unhealthy innocense for the rich and corrupted life she was born.I felt pity for her that she had been born a Greyjoy as a peaceful peasant life was better than her fate in a corrupt monarch that will take pleasure ripping that predictable and easy smile on her face."What do you think was Sasha Lovelle's greatest weakness girls?" Mrs Marquis, a French woman who had crossed borders with her family to live a better life asked."Sasha trusted the wrong people and that was why she died a tragic death wi
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"Lady Callisto, it's time for you to..." My maid attendant, Gwendaline paused as she saw me brushing my unruly red hair that was very difficult to tame."Always early to rise, my lady." Gwen said as I nodded."Brush my hair Gwen." I instructed as she bowed politely and took the brush from my hand.She stroke my hair softly as I stared into the mirror and stared into my green eyes that unlike my father were undescribable to me. "Is anything wrong my lady?" Gwen asked as I picked up a chess pawn on the table."Do you fear me Gwen?" I asked as she paused in action then continued. I studied her body language as I waited for her answer response."I consider you as my lady, an intelligent, strong and confident woman not to waste time on trivial matters. Plus I admire you for that." Gwen spoke honestly as she blushed a little before I held her hand.We stared into each other's eyes and even with the silence, I could hear Gwen's heart b
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I smiled with a cup of tea in my left hand and a book in my other. The mansion was in disarray and chaos with Hildegard's mysterious disappearance."Callisto!" Father screamed angrily as he stomped towards me as an excited smile pasted on my face. This was going to be marvelous."Lovely weather we're having. Don't you agree father?" I asked as he stood before me in the pavilion.Silence broke as the environment reminded us of life with it's soft and delicate sound.Father raised his hands in dares to slap me but I I raised my hand putting his motion to pause before I dropped my book and stood up."Where is she?!" Father asked as I folded my hands and walked away from him."Who?" I asked politely as I batted my lashes.Father took a step closer and gripped my hand, pulling his face closer to mine."Where is your future queen?" He asked with his voice dangerously low and hostile as I angered but maintained m
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I stood in the most beautiful dress, picked out by my family as I and my family stood before the royal family which included King Henry, the two princes, August and his younger brother Arthur, Duchess Ariana, their eldest sister and her husband Duke Alexander Danish. My family as well as myself bowed as my eyes went to the husband I was to wed.Arrogant, proud, tall, handsome and muscular. He was truly attractive but what can I say common men didn't catch my attention especially one whose hid his cowardily nature behind a crown. I guessed he must be heir because he is most easy to manipulate and that is what the king's court needs.A coward who will bend his head and do their biddings till he shrivels in old age and dies in regret, unable to see his children to tell them to live the life of a free man, a rebel.My eyes remained fascinated with his younger brother Arthur. He was more man, more bold and daring than his brother. Dark brown
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I was irritated as I walked the halls of the palace to my quarters. Visibly I appeared to be unapproachable and childishly thinking but everything in my head was other than petty things.I had wasted five years planning to have myself as the bride of his highness ever since father had mentioned Hildagard's marriage and suddenly when I have the crown an arm stretch from me, I have lost it to a homosexual crowned prince.I wasn't opposed to the thought of loving one of the same gender especially after having a sexual affair with Gwen as a parting gift but the idiocy to hold on to a lover and still hold the throne while being the submissive of the relationship disgusted me.I had gotten closer to August in just a day and it wasn't much work to realize he was no king. He had no kingship in him not because he was in love but because he was too much of a child to have his hand stained in blood for a kingdom he would rule.He enjoyed to be controlled than contro
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I sat with the royal family as we ate breakfast together in silence as our cutleries did most of the talking to us.Arthur kept looking at me sneakily while August was bold and proud as he shamelessly looked at me.King Henry was drinking himself drunk again though he was tipsy as he patted his fat belly with a cup of sweet wine in his hand and a gleeful smile that had me disgusted.I needed to pay the Greyjoy manor a visit, it's been over three months since I started living here as the Prince August's bride to be. The wedding would be in three months from today and as much as I should be happy, I wasn't. I needed it to be sooner if I wanted Prince Arthur to seat on the throne that deserved to be his."Father-in-law may I be excuse and allowed into town to see my family. It's been three months and I dearly miss them especially my dear father." I said as I held my cutleries down."Have you discussed this with your fiancé?" King H
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Dear readers, this is my second book on this platform and I must say I am grateful to be a writer on this platform but unfortunately I am not very confident in my writing nowadays. I request that for everyone who has gotten this far in my book should please review and rate this book and tell me your honest opinion. I plan on submitting this book for Goodnovel's 2020 contest and I want to know which is better. Thank you so much.The days I spent in my father's house was thirty days and I was grateful I did. The household was secretly in a mess that I had to put everything to order especially with father.Father didn't want me gone but he had no choice because I was no longer his, I was another man's wife to be but at least he was better. He was sane and much more than the day I had arrived and more ready to help me the problem was...I had deceived father.I hadn't told him of my little change in plans but ignorance was bliss for someone
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Everything was going wrong. Nothing seemed to be going right at all but I wasn't worried. I was okay and I was calm because if you didn't have a flaw in you, you aren't human or wish to be.I expected that Ingrid would be cautious of me after I realised he was smarter than he seemed but I guess you can't expect all brawns to be born without brains though Ingrid is quite a man I would love in my harem but his totally uninterested in woman.Sad but we can't always have what we want.I stayed in the library as I studied battle strategies by generals, deceased who had fought wars, won and defeated.History was an interesting subjected but if it hadn't been for too much numbers and series of events followed shortly after it had been recorded, later generations would have been interested.This just shows that the quality of education is degrading as life gets easier but it matters not to me unless I have need for it.I quite frankly missed Arthur
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Today was the day I would wed August. Everything was finally falling into place, I was going to have the life I deserved and no one could stop me not even myself.I smiled weakly as I stared into the mirror that reflected my pretty face. I wasn't one for makeup but on a day like this, it was acceptable.The door opened as I stared at the mirror to see Arthur. He looked handsome in his suit, tailored by the finest seamstress who commented he and his twin were natures of art. How gratifying."You look beautiful my queen." Arthur said as I chuckled softly."Haven't you heard it's bad luck seeing the bride before her wedding?" I playfully asked as Arthur brought his lips to my neck, blessing it with kisses as I leaned closer to his warm lips."Unfortunately for me my love, I don't believe in superstition especially when it comes to a beautiful woman such as yourself." Arthur praised as I giggled before pushing his head away softly."Highly unfor
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