"The Final day of the Harvest has arrived," the announcer says, and the crowd explodes as I shift a little in my seat.

After watching the rest of the battles with the beasts and spending hours thinking, I am more confident than ever that I can have a happy life with Terrax. Putting my past behind me completely will be challenging, but I trust the people around me. I trust the male aliens more than I could ever trust a human male.

"Each champion may challenge anyone they choose, and the fighting will continue until only one remains. Audience, join me one last time in welcoming this Harvest's Champions," the announcer says, and the sound around me becomes deafening.

I place my hands over my ears right as the line of males come running onto the field, smiling. They wave at the crowd as they pass, and I smile when Terrax's eyes make a beeline for my face.

He looks so beautiful, almost like a dream. His pale yellow skin and ice-blue eyes look too elegant to be paired with his manly
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