Chapter 11 New Plan

It was obvious whose handiwork it was.

Her tactic, however, was simply vile.

Jiang Sese didn't frown for long. She didn't let this upset her.

On the contrary, she was pretty happy.

This way, she would be able to fully take charge of Xiaobao's birthday celebration.

The kid was so sweet that she wanted to give him all the best things in the world. So, she wanted to design an unforgettable celebration for him.

If all the information was gone, all she had to do was research again.

Since the previous proposal had been destroyed, all she had to do was draw up a new one.

Xiaobao's birthday celebration had to be one of a kind!

He Lin had no idea what was going on in Jiang Sese's mind. Upon seeing the torn-up proposal, she flew into a rage. "I can't even point out one good attribute of Yan Yifei aside from her ability at work! What a witch to leave you such a mess!"

"I know, right? If she's looking for something to blame, it has to be her big mouth. She dared to call the little prince an illegitimate child. She's just reaping what she sowed."

"This proposal is our hard work, too. She sure has it easy, destroying it just like that."

The rest of them echoed He Lin's words in unison, all of them filled with resentment.

Jiang Sese comforted her colleagues at once. "Don't worry. So what if the information is destroyed? We can put it together again. I've checked. We can restore at least 70% of it. But I don't think we have to follow the original proposal. To be honest, after interacting with Xiao… Little Young Master Jin over the past few days, I think we need to adjust some details in our proposal to perfect the celebration," she said. "So… do you guys have the confidence to work on this with me?"

"That goes without saying. Even if we don't trust you, we still have to work on this with you. You're the person in charge. Our job is to make things easier for you."

He Lin teased her. It was obvious that she was very happy to work with her.

The rest also agreed with smiles. "Sese, our bonus next month is all up to you now."

"I've had my eye on a bag for a long time. You mustn't disappoint me."

"I need a ring for my proposal. My happiness is in your hands."

Jiang Sese relaxed considerably after hearing all the teasing and joking around her. She also became filled with enthusiasm to do a good job.


Yan Yifei sat inside the Head of the Planning Department's private office with a gloomy expression. She looked like she would explode at any time.

Her assistant, Xiaoai, watched with fear. She didn't dare provoke her.

Gnashing her teeth, Yan Yifei swept all the documents on her table to the floor. "Jiang Sese! What right does that woman have… What right does she have to steal my project?!"

She had spared no time and effort in obtaining this project. If it succeeded, the company's Best Employee Award would surely be hers.

She would then have the chance to transfer to their overseas subsidiary for training and embark on a smooth-sailing career.

Who knew that Jiang Sese would ruin her plan at the most critical moment?

How could she not be furious?

Xiaoai remained silent, but couldn't help mocking her boss in her mind. "If Yan Yifei could have kept her mouth shut, she wouldn't have ended up like this."

Her silence only angered Yan Yifei further. "Did you die? You're usually full of dirty tricks, but why are you so quiet at such a crucial moment?"

Xiaoai's expression nearly faltered after hearing her rebuke. As unhappy as she was, she didn't dare to show it. "Manager, you're too impatient! She's just an intern who has been here for two months. Do you really think she can pull this off? Think of how majestic the celebration for the Little Young Master Jin will be! One little mistake in the details alone is enough to cause grave consequences."

"Besides," she added, "even if she really pulls it off, we can still sabotage her. One little intervention and we can damn her for eternity. You don't have a reason to worry right now."

Yan Yifei's expression steeled as she considered what Xiaoai said.

Moments later, she found that she couldn't refute her words.

Master and Madam Jin considered their little prince as precious as their lives. They would never tolerate any mistakes during his birthday celebration.

All Jiang Sese had to do was slip up, even just a little, and what awaited her was...

Yan Yifei's dark mood scattered and a joyful smile crossed her face as she thought of how miserable Jiang Sese would be. "Huh, I let my emotions get the better of me. You're right. I don't have to do anything. All I have to do is watch how Jiang Sese digs a grave for herself."

The two of them laughed wickedly. Outside, Jiang Sese was already fervently burying herself in work.

The evening arrived in the blink of an eye.

While the rest were packing up and preparing to go home, Jiang Sese showed no signs of wanting to leave.

He Lin walked up to her and asked, "Sese, are you joining us for the movie later?"

Jiang Sese didn't even look up at her. "Maybe next time. I still have some information to sort out," she replied, smiling.

He Lin patted her. "Who knew that you had the potential to be a workaholic? It's just the first day."

Jiang Sese explained with a smile, "That's not it. I just want to finish this up. I have just a few pages left. It won't take me long."

"All right. But leave soon, okay? We're leaving now. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

Jiang Sese waved goodbye to He Lin and continued sorting out the information.

Before she knew it, the office was empty and the sky outside had also darkened.

Then, at around 8:30 p.m., she realized that she seemed to have forgotten something.

Before she could figure out what it was, she heard her phone's cheerful ringtone.

Jiang Sese picked up her phone and saw a string of unfamiliar numbers displayed on the screen.

The moment she answered the call, Xiaobao's childish voice entered her ears. "Auntie Sese, why aren't you home yet?"

Realization swiftly hit Jiang Sese on the head.

"That's right!"

She forgot about her promise to meet Xiaobao tonight.

Jiang Sese felt so guilty that she apologized at once. "I'm so sorry, little darling. I forgot. Are you at my door? Wait for me. I'll come back right away."

She stood up as she spoke, wanting to pack up and rush home.

To her surprise, someone took over the phone and asked, "Where are you?"

The low voice carried an inherent grandeur and yet not the slightest hint of coldness. It was very pleasing to the ears.

It was Jin Fengchen!

Jiang Sese replied instinctively, "I'm still in the office."

"Got it. Wait there," Jin Fengchen replied. He then ended the call without waiting for her response.

Jiang Sese was dumbfounded, not comprehending what he meant when he asked her to wait there.

Was… was he planning to personally fetch her?

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