Chapter 17 I'd Only Kneel for the Dead

The order to kneel and apologize stunned everyone. Yan Yifei, however, wanted nothing more than to see Jiang Sese in trouble. Her eyes were filled with joy at the latter's misfortune.

Lan Sichen frowned, but didn't express anything else. He had evidently given his tacit agreement of Jiang Nuannuan's demand.

Li Sheng was the only one who hesitated. "That… that's a bit improper, isn't it?"

It would be too humiliating for Jiang Sese to kneel and apologize!

Jiang Nuannuan widened her eyes and said indignantly, "What do you mean, President Li? Then it is proper for me to be slapped by your employee?"

Li Sheng said fearfully, "That's not what I mean."

"Since that's not the case, then what else is there to say?" Jiang Nuannuan redirected her gaze to Jiang Sese, her expression frighteningly cold. "Jiang Sese! Right now, immediately! Kneel and apologize to me!"

Jiang Sese looked at her disdainfully. "I'd only kneel to the dead."

Jiang Nuannuan was so furious that her entire body was sha
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