Chapter 18 Breaking Her Promise

Thanks to the trouble Jiang Sese got herself in, Li Sheng decided to have her pack up and leave after much deliberation. He also returned the Jin Group project to Yan Yifei's hands.

Jiang Sese wasn't at all surprised.

After all, the other party was a famous corporation. It didn't make sense for the company to offend them for the sake of a lowly employee like her.

He Lin was in low spirits upon hearing that she was leaving. She hugged Jiang Sese and said, "Sese, I know that you will be able to find a better job. Work hard and don't lose heart."

A shred of warmth entered Jiang Sese's cold husk of a heart.

The rest of the space, however, was filled with regret.

She… would have to break her promise.

She had lost the chance to design an unforgettable birthday celebration for Xiaobao!

Remembering that adorable child gave her the urge to cry. She didn't know how to vent all the guilt that was overwhelming her.

Unable to control her emotions, she fished out her phone to give him a cal
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