Chapter 16 Kneel and Apologize

Jiang Sese spent the entire morning buried in work, quickly forgetting what had happened earlier. She didn't see Jiang Nuannuan and Lan Sichen again.

That made her think that they had already left.

At noon, He Lin asked her out for lunch but she turned it down. She went to the washroom instead.

To her surprise, she ran into Jiang Nuannuan reapplying her makeup when she walked out of the toilet stall.

Briefly stunned, her eyes soon turned dark. She slowly walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

The two of them stood side by side.

Jiang Nuannuan observed Jiang Sese through the mirror, her red lips forming a sneer. "We meet again, my dear sister."

Jiang Sese didn't even spare her a glance as if she didn't hear her.

Jiang Nuannuan wasn't bothered. "I thought something happened to you when I didn't hear from you for five whole years. I never expected you to be hiding in a small company like this. Sister… you're still living as poorly as before!"

She let out a mocking chuckle.

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Allegra Kalabwe
did you buy this book or is it your own written book
goodnovel comment avatar
Jazsime Angeles
What horrid vile people, they ruin her life and still talk to her like they are better than her. I hope someone finds out what a terrible woman she is. What a miserable way to treat her sister.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ellaine Tabanas
Continue please

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