Chapter 1416 Felt Uncomfortable!

At the director's command, the shooting began in full swing.

Xiaobao felt bored, and he shook off Su Yang's hand vigorously, “Watch it yourself, I'm going back to the classroom.”

“Jin Beichen!” Su Yang was reluctant to look away while not wanting him to go.

This was the first time he had seen the filming of a movie scene.

“I really don't want to watch it,” Xiaobao repeated finally and turned around to leave.

Suddenly there was a ‘crash’ behind him.

Immediately afterward, there were gasps.

Xiaobao turned back to look and saw that someone had fallen to the ground on the basketball court.

The Director did not yell out ‘cut’, but kept on filming.

It should be part of the scene.

“You guys broke the rules!”

‘He obviously fell on his own, it had nothing to do with us?"

There was a conflict between two of the basketball players. They pushed and shoved each other. Someone cussed and the two sides immediately started a fight.

The people standing around were dumbfounded. Thinking tha
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How can you be so cruel to kids?

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