Chapter 1422 Completely Disappeared

“Crimmings, I’m being serious with you. Please respond in kind!”

Crimmings slowed down his tone when he saw that Shangguan Qian was really angry and said, “President Shangguan, I know you hate Jin Fengchen very much but we cannot rush things. We have to plan our next steps to give the Jin Group a serious blow!”

“If that’s the case, let’s continue this conversation in another place.” Shangguan Qian was prepared to stand up after she finished speaking.

“We can have this conversation here.” Crimmings pressed him back into the sofa and put away the carefree attitude that he had just now. He continued speaking in a serious manner. “The land that we want has been taken away by the Jin Group, so we shall snatch away other projects of theirs.”

They looked at each other.

“How do you plan to snatch it from them?” someone asked.

“Now that Jin Fengchen has started to fight back, they must have sent people to observe our every step. If that’s the case, we shall openly snatch them. As long as
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