Chapter 1423 Taking You Down with Me, Even In Death

“According to insider news, Gu Shaoting’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide overseas last month and she was pregnant when she passed away. It’s suspected that the reason was due to Gu Shaoting…”

The news in the television was reporting about matters regarding the young master of the Gu family, Gu Shaoting. Jiang Sese originally was not paying any attention. However, she put down the book in her hands and raised her head to look at the television when she heard what the reporter said.

The news was talking about how Gu Shaoting toyed with that young girl’s feelings and did not want to bear the responsibility. The girl had no other option but to commit suicide.

“What a b*stard!” Jiang Sese frowned. “He should live in regret and guilt for the rest of his life!”

“Why are you so angry?” Madam Jin came over with a plate of fruits. She frowned after taking a glance at the television. “Isn’t this the playboy of the Gu family?”

“Mother, you know about him?” Jiang Sese asked curiously.

“I kno
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