Chapter 1498 Deny

“Chairman Li, Chairman Jin from the Jin Group is here.”

Li Xi and Jiang Cheng were very surprised when they heard the secretary's announcement.

They were not expecting Jin Fengchen to show up at JR.

"There must be something up for him to come here all of a sudden. You had better watch yourself."

After Jiang Cheng said this, he walked into the lounge room and closed the door.

He walked over to the couch in the lounge and sat down, picked up a laptop from the side, and put it on his lap. He then turned on the surveillance cameras in Li Xi's office.

Although he and Jin Fengchen had never met, due to the incident with Shangguan Yuan's arrest, Jin Fengchen had asked people to investigate him, and he knew Jin Fengchen had information on him.

If Jin Fengchen saw him and Li Xi together, he would definitely doubt Li Xi's identity.

Therefore, it was best to avoid him.

Li Xi looked up at the surveillance camera in the corner of the room. She knew that Jiang Cheng must be staring at the m
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