Chapter 1502 Taste The Pain Of Losing A Loved One

That evening, Jin Fengchen called Jin Fengyao to the study to tell him what happened that afternoon.

“Sese was followed this afternoon."

"What?" Jin Fengyao's eyes widened in surprise. "Are you sure? Could it be a false alarm?"

“Sese tried to lose them, but they stuck close to her. She was clearly tailed.”

Jin Fengyao frowned. "She was indeed being followed then. But, who was it?"

"I have asked Gu Nian to investigate, and I should have some information soon."

Jin Fengchen sat down and his dark eyes narrowed, revealing a stern expression. "The matter of the perfume has not yet been resolved, and now Sese is being followed. It's hard not to think that these two incidents are related.”

"Are you suspecting Li Xi?" asked Jin Fengyao.

Jin Fengchen remained silent.

Jin Fengyao frowned. "Didn’t Li Xi deny it? Maybe it was someone else?"

"Who else could it be?" Jin Fengchen raised his eyes to look at him.

Jin Fengyao scratched his nose. "I don't know. However, Li Xi must still be avo
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