Chapter 1505 She Will Understand When She Grows Up

Jin Fengchen instructed Gu Nian to deal with the matter of Yao Yao and did not think much about it.

As long as Yao Yao would no longer be an influence to Tiantian, he was not concerned with anything else.

The next day, Gu Nian contacted the person in charge of the pre-school and asked them to have Yao Yao replaced.

“Why?” asked the other party.

Gu Nian thought about it, and replied, "Tiantian’s parents do not like her."

He believed that, if he said that, the other party would understand what to do.

The other party was silent for a while before replying, “Very well, I will re-arrange for another teacher to take over Tiantian’s class."

"Thank you.”

After hanging up, Gu Nian headed into the Chairman's office and reported to Jin Fengchen.

“Young Master, the pre-school has agreed to change the teacher."

Jin Fengchen nodded. "Make sure the pre-school follows through on this matter."


As Gu Nian turned to leave, he suddenly thought of something and turned back to look at Jin
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